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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tattoos = ?

The other morning I picked up the newspaper.  Of course, the devastation in Haiti was obviously dominating the media.  But as I continued to read I found a small article about tattoos and, according to the person who wrote it, they are suited to thugs and criminals who have a low to none education.

As someone with a couple of tattoos, I found the article rather appalling.  I work in a bank, I have a decent education and, let's be honest, do I look like a thug?

Take my brother for example.  The man is a highly respected defence attorney and is covered in tattoos.  He has a large gargoyle on his back, his children's names on his bicep as well as a few others.  That doesn't make him any less intelligent nor does it symbolize that he will turn into a criminal.

I guess this article proves one thing; we live in such a narrow minded world that a person who chooses to be different (whether it be in clothes, tattoos, piercings or hair colour) is criticized and ostracized.  Don't be afraid to be different and please, let me know what you think of the article mentioned above.  I'm already penning a reply to the editor and it would be nice to have other people's opinions.

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