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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Angel Of Death

They say right before you die she appears.
They say she guides you into the light.
They say she takes your life.

Her spirit is all around us, watching, waiting. Her wings are as black as the night sky and her eyes twinkle like the stars. Her body can hypnotize you and her voice is heavenly. She is dangerous to know. Her smile is wicked and you know you should look away, but you can't help it. You have to stare at her, paralysed. Unable to blink.

As she approaches, you swallow hard. Her eyes bore holes into your soul and she ever so slightly tilts her head to right. "Hello," she greets, adding your name.

"How do you know my name?" you reply, almost instantly, as if it were written. She gives you that smile, her teeth shining brightly like the full moon above. "I've been watching you," she says. "And I know everything about you. It's your time."

You try to move but your feet are firmly rooted to the spot where you stand. The whiskey bottle that you hold falls from your hand, smashing on the ground, it's liquid amber oozing into the sidewalk.

She takes another step towards you. "Do not be afraid," she whispers. "Everyone's time comes at some stage. Right now, it's yours." She touches your cheek, her fingers softly gliding across your bone structure.

"I don't want to die," you say, your lips trembling as a long black nail traces them.

For the first time since you met her, her eyes soften. "Nobody wants to die," she says. "But everyone does eventually. It's painless. You won't even know." Something in her voice makes you stare into her eyes.

Then, just as quickly as she appeared, she is gone. The whiskey bottle lies at your feet, whole, full. The amber liquid inside beckons you. Taunting, teasing. You pick it up, your mind wondering what just happened.

Unscrewing the cap, you happen to glance up. There she is, sitting, waiting, watching. Though she sits far away you can still see her eyes. They gleam brightly. Your hands tremble. You glance down at the bottle. It had solved all your problems before but now it looks more like a demon.

Hurling the bottle as far as you can, a smile crosses your face when you hear it smash against the side of the building.

You glance upwards. She's no longer there. She has spared you. Given you another chance. 'This time', you think as you walk merrily down the alleyway. 'I'll do things right. It's my time to shine.'