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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Voice

You can control it, you're stronger than this. 

Phil's heart beat uncontrollably as he sat at the kitchen table staring at the atrocity before his eyes, trying to block out any thoughts of what the voice had made him do. The kitchen knife lay there with Jessica's blood slowly dripping off it onto the polished wood surface following his visit over there to her apartment, a stark reminder of just what he had become. A man in his young twenties, Phil was very much the successful up-and-coming businessman he had always worked hard to be and quite a hit with the ladies. His pristine appearance would always catch the eye of the ladies, his swaying brown hair, muscular prowess and a silver tongue that could make even the most defiant of women show an interest. He was very much the gentleman too; his work colleagues always acknowledging how kind-hearted he was and constantly uttering how he would never even hurt a fly - how they could see him now...

Jessica's misfortune came that very night in Fusion, the newest club in town where Phil had been specially invited by his best friend, Duncan. With Duncan being forced away due to a family emergency, Phil was left to his own devices and soon met this stunning blonde. Short, yet by no means lost in the crowd, Jessica was a secretary with ambitions of becoming a television star, Phil soon found out, her beauty emanating both visually and from within, and instantly catching Phil in her net. After a few drinks, one thing led to another and Jessica's invitation back to her place was fondly accepted.

The night's events were looking to head into further positive realms as Jessica's friendliness during the taxi ride home indicated that he would not be sleeping at home, but then came the turning point for the young man. The voices reappeared as they had just a few days back. Eating away at him, they carved a place in his mind and stayed there like a caged animal, breaking free at any moment, before heading back under lock and key. It was like a plague to him, suffocating him from a normal life and almost hypnotising him whenever they reared their head.

Faint whispers would begin the process, before a full blown voice of evil would command him; the kind of voice you'd imagine the devil to possess. An acid-like tongue, booming to the extent that it rocked Phil to his very core, eating at him from inside and unleashing a brittleness in his bones. He could not control it no matter how hard he fought, and somehow he had to hide it from those around him.

She's beautiful isn't she. You want to slay her Phil, you want me to feast on the sight of her insides and kill again. I know your every desire Phil, you know what to do when we get back to hers, right?

The voice inside his head wouldn't go and forever had this hold on him. At this point Jessica was so intoxicated and ready for a sexual encounter that she didn't realise Phil's sudden change in colour, from an alcohol-fuelled redness in the face to the colour being completely sucked from him to leave but a pale man haunted by something deep inside.

The taxi pulled up outside and both Phil and Jessica stepped out, Phil giving the driver the cash plus a tidy tip. For all the good deeds he had done in his life he felt plagued by this tormenting spirit inside him, unable to do anything about it. They stepped inside as Jessica pushed him up against the wall and began kissing him almost violently, igniting the voice inside his mind.

She's getting a bit forceful Phil, you better show her what you've got, tell her who's fucking boss here! Take her to the kitchen and finish this before it gets even harder to let her go!

Phil's determination to eliminate this threat from within was quickly quelled as his possession took full control as they took their ongoing sexual acts into the kitchen. With Jessica sat on the table awaiting Phil, he caught glimpse of the knife rack on the kitchen side and the voices commanded him.

Haha, there's our instrument of choice tonight Philip! Now it's our time to have a bit of fun!

With that, he involuntarily grabbed for the largest knife and before Jessica could even let out a cry for help he plunged it into her windpipe, the cracking of bone coupled with gushing blood somehow bringing a wry smile upon his face as the demon inside enjoyed yet another taste of carnage and murder. He had been fully taken over, his every sense and emotion raging with a lust for blood and evil overcoming every bone in his body. As if like some new-age Jekyll and Hyde, Phil had become a new person, murdering yet again.

The lifeless body of Jessica drooped over the wooden table, blood engulfing the floor of the kitchen, baring the reflection of a once innocent Phil as he gripped tightly onto the knife.

Our work is done for yet another night little puppet. Now we must go home, rest up and let the slaying begin again tomorrow.   

This was the point at which the voice disappeared, as if a collaborator fleeing the scene of a crime and leaving their partner to clean up the situation. Covered in blood and holding the weapon that had seen the end of this innocent young lady, Phil's heart raced at the thought of the repercussions. Where would he hide were he to go on the run? How would he clean up this carnage before his eyes? Too many questions and no answers...

Unable to pull himself together, Phil fled the apartment, still covered in blood and unflinching in revealing his blood-stained clothes to the public. By this time it was around 4am so the cover of the night and the silence shaded his dark secret as he paced through the streets like a man on a mission until he reached the solace of his home. With every street that passed he could see Jessica's face, engulfed in blood; her lifeless body over the table and the memory of each plunge of the knife into her torso as painful as that which Jessica must have felt.

His hand shook rapidly as he looked to insert his key into the front door, the sheer sight of the blood on his hands a reminder of the murder he had just committed under the influence of a demon from the depths of hell. Running up the stairs, Phil couldn't comprehend the thought of being punished for the sins he had committed. No-one would believe his crazed explanation of voices and possession, but how else could he explain it all?

He sat down at the kitchen table, much like the one he had just committed a heinous crime upon, and lay down the knife he had concealed on his swift journey home. The blood a stark reminder of the terrors that had taken him over, Phil's mind contorted with thoughts of suicide, giving himself up and even who his next victim may well be. His predicament was now one of a true murderer; save lives and kill himself or embrace the darkness inside him?

You don't want to end this, Phil. You and me have only just got started in our little game and you wouldn't wanna upset me would you, we're just beginning the fun! Look at yourself and tell me this isn't what you want. We're destined for greatness the two of us, you'll see... 

Phil could picture himself plunging the knife deep into his chest, ending this hell he was living and saving those who would potentially be next on his list.

Get those thoughts out of your head, you're mine now.

The voice grew stronger with every word as Phil picked up his phone and checked his text messages. Scrolling through, he clicked on the messages from Duncan and proceeded to reply to his last message.

'Mate, hope everything's ok. You need to pop over to mine, I've got an emergency of my own.'

Phil pressed send and placed the phone on the droplets of blood left by the knife on the table.

"We've got our next next subject..."

I knew you'd warm to me Phil! I've got great plans for Duncan's death.

Phil laughed with the voice as he sat back in his chair and placed his arms up in the air. All he had to do now was wait for a text message and his next killing was all scheduled...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Delightful Devilish Love

I'm your fallen angel
My wings have been clipped from high above
So hold me tight
I'm yours tonight
Your delightful devilish love
Use me
Abuse me
Make me your slave
Baby you're the sand
And I'm the wave
Pull my hair
Tell me I'm yours
Pound into me like no one before
Come on baby
Give it to me more
Hold on

We've just begun
Time is on our side
Saddle me up 
And take me for a ride
I've fallen from above
I'm your delightful devilish love
In your eyes
I'm always the star
Say it like the French do
Ooh la la
I'm not so innocent now
Begging for things I never thought somehow
I would want or desire
My heart is on fire
And you're flying like a white dove
I'll always be your delightful devilish love
Baby you know what it is I like
And with your hands on my hips
We can go all night
Spank me hard
Til I feel bombarded
My desire can not be gotten rid of
Remove my wings
I'm your play thing
Don't stop til you get enough
Baby I'm your delightful devilish love

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hunting Season 3: The New Pet Part 2

When Roxanne awoke, she was still locked in her cage.  Except her cage was now in the basement of the home she shared with her boyfriend.

Confused, she looked around.  The walls were dark stone and the floor was slate tile.  They had a spare bedroom and bathroom built into the basement when they first moved in but the remainder of it was to be his workshop and office which was off limits to her.

Now she found herself caged in what was suspiciously looking like a dungeon.

Out the corner of her eye she saw his feet.  Raising her glance she stared up at him.  His eyes were focused on her, his hands clasped in his lap and he was leaning forward slightly.  He smiled when she caught his eye.

“Did my little fox enjoy her nap?” he asked, arching an eyebrow.

Roxanne felt her mouth go dry.  Her hair fell in front of her face as she slowly lowered her head to see the fox tail had not been removed from her tight, well-rounded ass.  She felt her head and sure enough, the headband with the ears fixed to it was still there proudly adorning the top of her head.

She glanced back up at her boyfriend.  Beside him, sitting on her side, was the Brazilian woman, still wearing her fox attire.

The collar around her neck was made of leather and attached to it was a pet leash.  Roxanne wasn’t sure how to feel about what she was seeing.  She was his girlfriend.  She was his pet.  Why was this other woman allowed to sit at his feet?

He stood up, and moved over to the cage.  Roxanne narrowed her eyes at him and turned her head away as if to say “I’m not talking to you.”

Kneeling down, his finger slipped in through the bars and began stroking her shoulder.  “Come now, my pet,” he whispered, smiling at her.  “You’ll have plenty of fun with what I have in mind.  Now lie down on your back.”

Roxanne didn’t move. 

Sighing he took a riding crop from off the wall and slammed it against the bars.  The noised frightened Roxanne and she quickly obeyed. 

He grabbed the leash and led his other pet over to the cage, opening the side near Roxanne’s head.  “Get in,” he ordered, unclipping the leash and urging her in. 

“Stand over her,” he ordered, watching as the two pets positioned themselves, Roxanne on her back, her head near the other girl’s pussy.

“Good.  Now pleasure each other until I say otherwise,” he said, taking a seat back down in his comfortable chair.

Roxanne glanced over at him and caught sight of the large bulge in his pants.

Lifting her head slightly, Roxanne stuck out her tongue and began licking the moist folds of the other ‘fox’ while she in turn did the same to Roxanne.

Gripping her hips, Roxanne’s tongue explored the other fox.  Up and down, parting her lips and flicking ever so gently over her clit.  When the other ‘fox’ let out a low moan, Roxanne smiled to herself and continued to inflict more teasing of her clitoris.

Roxanne bucked her hips as the other ‘fox’ slid two fingers deep inside her as she sucked Roxanne’s tingling clit into her mouth.

The familiar feeling of an orgasm building swelled in the pit of her stomach as she continued to trace her tongue up and down the moist and highly aroused sex of the other woman. 

In unison both foxes tensed.  Roxanne felt her thighs contract, the muscles growing tight.  She bared down on the anal plug that had her tail attached as she gave into the wave of pleasure sweeping over her. 

As she let out a cry, the other ‘fox’ came hard, juices sliding out of her and dripping onto Roxanne’s face.

Roxanne’s eye caught her boyfriend’s.  He was leaning forward in his chair, watching with interest.  He hadn’t said stop, so as the other ‘fox’ continued to tremble due to the orgasm that washed over her, Roxanne continued to trace her tongue all over her soaking wet pussy, teasing her clitoris with soft laps.


Roxanne stopped and turned her head.  Her boyfriend had risen to his feet and opened one end of the cage, leading the other fox out by her hair. 

“Come on, pet,” he motioned.  Roxanne sat up and shimmied her body towards the opening.  She crawled out, aware that he was still holding the riding crop in his hand.  She certainly didn’t want that whipping across her backside.

Instead she crawled towards him, rubbing her naked body against the leg of his pants, licking her lips to remove any traces of the other woman that still might have been visible.

He lowered his hand to her head, patting her hair.  She was his pet and though at times she protested, she knew he was boss.

He removed the leash from the other ‘fox’ commanding her to stand.  She did, refusing to look him in the eye.  He handed her a wad of cash before thanking her for her time.  She smiled, thanked him and told him if they ever wanted to do something like this again, she would be more than willing.

Roxanne watched as the woman exited.

He knelt down and removed Roxanne’s velvet collar with her little silver bell.  He returned a few seconds later with a larger black leather collar which he promptly placed around her neck.  He clipped the leash to it and walked her around the room, admiring the way her tail swung from side to side with the movement of her hips. 

He asked her to stand.  Roxanne did, nervously chewing on her lip. 

Holding her tight, he bent her at the waist over the top of the cage, lining a large pillow under her stomach.  Carefully, he eased the tail out of her ass before replacing it with his hard cock. 

Gasping as she felt herself get filled, Roxanne wiggled her ass back against him, grinding against his shaft.

He moved slowly at first, getting her use to the sensation of him sliding in and out of her tight ass.  As she rocked back against him he upped the pace, his hands gripping her hips, his nails digging into her soft flesh.

Roxanne cried out, her body shaking violently as an orgasm ripped through her.  He grunted, feeling her body convulse around his cock, attempting to milk it.  He couldn’t hold it any longer.  Letting out a loud cry, he came, shooting his white, hot, sticky load up her ass.

He patted her back as he withdrew.  His come dripped from her puckered opening.  He replaced her tail and helped her to her feet.

“Enjoy that, pet?” he asked, his hand roaming over her ass, giving her a playful spank.

Roxanne nodded, unable to speak.

He smiled, tugging on her lead. 

“Come, pet,” he said, opening the basement door.  “Let’s go lounge on the couch for a while.  If you’re good then I might let you roam free for a while.”

Roxanne followed him up the stairs, a smile stretched out on her face.  This is how it was supposed to be.  She was his and he was hers.

Monday, July 8, 2013


I hope this nightmare keeps you awake
Too scared to close your eyes
Tossing and turning through the night
Knowing what's coming is an unwanted surprise

You told me it's all about me
That I need the spotlight to be happy
I heard what you said
And I hope it's nothing you regret
'Cause you ain't seen nothing yet

You close your eyes at night
Holding onto hope so tight
But you're going to get a fright

You're haunted
You see me in your dreams
And you just want to scream
You're haunted
You long to be free
But you still see me
Whenever you close your eyes
I'm haunting you
There's nothing you can do
So take my advice
Leave me alone
This relationship has shown
That I wasn't wanted
Now you're the one that's haunted

Did it make you feel like a man?
Was getting caught a part of your plan?
Are you feeling guilty for what you did?
If you think you're hurting now you ain't seen nothing yet

Don't stand there and lie to me
You must think I'm as stupid as can be
I will never forgive and forget
You're the one living with regret
I'm no longer your pet

You close your eyes at night
Holding onto hope so tight
But you're going to get a fright

You're haunted
You see me in your dreams
And you just want to scream
You're haunted
You long to be free
But you still see me
Whenever you close your eyes
I'm haunting you
There's nothing you can do
So take my advice
Leave me alone
This relationship has shown
That I wasn't wanted
Now you're the one that's haunted

Is this nightmare keeping you awake?
Are you too scared to close your eyes?
Are you tossing and turning through the night?
Have you taken my advice?

In the dead of the night you scream
Waking, thinking it was all a dream
Don't call my name
Nothing will ever be the same
It's you that I blame

You close your eyes at night
Holding onto hope so tight
But you're going to get a fright

You're haunted
You see me in your dreams
And you just want to scream
You're haunted
You long to be free
But you still see me
Whenever you close your eyes
I'm haunting you
There's nothing you can do
So take my advice
Leave me alone
This relationship has shown
That I wasn't wanted
Now you're the one that's haunted

Sunday, July 7, 2013


I'm sitting here alone in my room
Wishing I could contact you
I'm feeling so lonely
I need to hear your voice
To know everything's alright
And that we're okay

Instead all I hear are the voices in my head
Telling me I'm better off dead

I'm feeling unwanted by you
Unappreciated and unloved
Wishing something from above
Would give me a sign
Have my stars alined?
I'm unwanted
Your moods freeze me out
And I'm left holding the pieces
Of my shattered heart
I'm unwanted

You don't answer my calls
You don't reply to a message
Even though you know I'm crying
Inside slowly dying
You don't seem to care
This isn't who you are
I know there's more at play here
And I can't help but wonder
If I've pushed you away

The voices in head
Keep saying "I wish I was dead"
But I know that's not true
I just want to hear from you

Because I feel unwanted by you
Unappreciated and unloved
Wishing something from above
Would give me a sign
Have my stars alined?
I'm unwanted
Your moods freeze me out
And I'm left holding the pieces
Of my shattered heart
I'm unwanted

Friday, July 5, 2013

Hunting Season 3: The New Pet

Roxanne stirred in her sleep, feeling his hands caressing her soft flesh.

It had been a while since they had been together.  Work had kept them apart.  But now she was where she belonged, curled up in his arms, her ass pressed against his morning erection, her body wrapped up in the black satin sheets of his king size bed.

She felt his hands cup her breasts, tweaking her nipples until they became hard little peaks.  Roxanne groaned, and wiggled backwards, bumping his erection with her ass, feeling it harden as it pushed against her.

"Would someone like to be my little fox again?" he whispered, his teeth nipping her ear lobe.

Roxanne nodded and mumbled a response but didn't open her eyes.  It had been too long since one of their sexual adventure games. And she hadn't been his little fox since their trip away to the cabin.

She felt him move away.  The bed creaked as he fetched her tail, ears and black velvet collar with a little bell.

When he came back he moved her hair, kissing her bare shoulder as he secured the collar around her neck.  Absent-mindedly, Roxanne's fingers immediately began batting at it, listening to the jingle it created.

He parted her cheeks, his finger tracing small circles around the puckered opening.  Carefully he eased the plug for the tail into her, feeling her body respond to the invader.

Her eyes opened and she half sat up, resting on the palms of her hands and her hip.  She glanced down at her fox tail as he ran his hand through her hair before pushing it back with a headband that held her matching ears.

Roxanne bit her lip as she glanced at him, her blue-green eyes searching for any indication of what he was going to do to her.

He picked her up and lifted her right off the bed, putting her down on her hands and knees on the carpet.  Roxanne watched as he moved to the end of his bed.

At the foot of his bed there was a large box.  He had told Roxanne it was a seat.  Apparently it was fashionable to have a bench at the end of your bed.

Roxanne felt her cheeks burn with blush as he removed the front and side panelling of the wooden box.  It wasn't a seat at all but rather a large cage that spanned the length of his bed and came up to the height of his knee.

"Come on, pet," he said, opening the cage.

Roxanne craned her neck.  Inside he had made it as comfortable as possible for her.  The floor was padded with a thick layer of foam while decorative satin pillows lay about for her to rest on.

Roxanne got her to feet.  His eyes darkened as he ordered her back down on her hands and knees.  "Pets are on four legs, not two," he told her sternly.

Feeling foolish and a little embarrassed, Roxanne crawled towards him.  He ushered her inside the cage and promptly closed the door behind her, locking it with a small padlock.

She protested, stuttering that he couldn't keep her locked up.  He just smiled and grabbed some clothes from his dresser.  "I can do what I like," he told her, watching her fingers wrap around the bars of the cage.

She watched in despair as he went into the bathroom for a shower.  He was joking.  He really wouldn't leave her like this.  She shook the bars.  She was stuck.  She slammed her foot against the door he locked.  Maybe if she hit it hard enough it would open.

No such luck.

The water turned off and she waited with baited breath, wondering if he was going to open this cage and let her out.  Instead, once he was dry and dressed he walked straight passed her.

She screamed in frustration as he closed the bedroom door behind him.

Roxanne laid down as best she could, propping her head on one of the pillow he provided her.  Her eyes grew heavy.  Just a quick nap until she could figure out a way to break free.

The doorbell woke her.  Her eyes fluttered open.  She wasn't sure how long she had been asleep for.  Maybe a couple of a minutes or perhaps an hour or more.

The bedroom door opened and in walked her boyfriend, leash in hand.  Roxanne arched an eyebrow, her eyes following the leash which lead to a gorgeous Brazilian woman with ample breasts, mocha skin and a gloriously rounded ass.  Atop her head were a set of grey ears and as she turned to face him, Roxanne gasped.  She too was wearing a fox tail, but rather than red, like the one Roxanne had, it was grey and white.

He removed the leash and unlocked the door to Roxanne's cage.  Eyeing the other 'fox' suspiciously Roxanne turned herself around and emerged from her prison.

He sat down on top of the cage, signalling to the other 'fox' to make a move.  She did, crawling over to Roxanne and running her tongue over her neck.  Roxanne gasped, freezing on the spot.  She caught her boyfriend's eye as the other 'fox' proceeded to lick and nip at her delicate skin.

He motioned for Roxanne to come to him before unzipping his pants.  Roxanne knew what he wanted and began tracing her tongue along the tip of his engorged head, her hand working his shaft.

Just as Roxanne found her rhythm she felt the other 'fox' run her tongue over her throbbing clitoris.  Gasping and letting out a little scream of fright, Roxanne turned to look behind her.  The other 'fox' held Roxanne's tail up and her tongue was probing into the sweet folds of her pussy.

Roxanne groaned, her eyes closing as the other 'fox' worked her over.  She could feel the juices of excitement trickle down her inner thighs, her clit throbbing painfully as her body begged for release.  She felt her boyfriend's hand on top of her head.  With much strength, Roxanne resumed licking and sucking on his rock hard cock, feeling him pulse in her mouth.

Moaning the whole time, Roxanne took his full length inside her mouth, her tongue twirling over the thickness of his shaft before tracing little figure eights on the sensitive head.

His hand gripped her hair as he pulled her away, telling his other pet to cease what she was doing.

He moved from the seat, taking off his clothes, discarding them on the bed.  He motioned for Roxanne to turn around.  She obliged, coming face to face with the other 'fox'.

He grabbed her throat, pulling her head back so he could nibble on her ear.  "Your turn to eat my other pet out," he whispered fiercely, before telling his other pet to position herself in front of Roxanne.

Roxanne licked her lips as the other 'fox' positioned herself on all fours, her ass pointed in Roxanne's face.  His hand pressed down on her head until she was only an inch away from this other girl's pussy.

Tentatively Roxanne stuck her tongue out, flicking it over the moist folds.  She could smell the excitement as her tongue danced over her clit, feeling it throb and pulse.  Just as she sucked it into her mouth, he entered her.

Her hips bucked back against his cock, forcing it inside her deeper, filling her completely.  His hand remained on the back of her head, making sure she wouldn't stop pleasuring the other pet.

Roxanne's body  rocked back and forth, her tongue ferociously working over the other 'fox' while trying to focus on him slamming into her.  She could feel an orgasm building inside the pit of her stomach.  With a cry of release, Roxanne tossed her head back, feeling her climax engulf her being.

The other pet's body spasmed, climaxing at the same time Roxanne did.

He smiled, his hand leaving Roxanne's head and gripped her hips instead.  He had a wicked idea for what these two pets could get up to.

Pumping himself with such force and fury, he climaxed inside Roxanne, feeling her body clench down and squeeze his come from his withering cock.

As he pulled out, he could see it trickle out of her.  He ordered his second pet to clean her up.  The other 'fox' obeyed, moving behind Roxanne and once again tracing her tongue all over her sex.  Roxanne groaned, her hips bucking as she felt the wet tongue probe inside her, lapping at the juices he left.

His hand lifted her head as his cock was pushed back into her mouth.  Roxanne lapped at it, feeling it grow harder in her mouth.  She wanted him to come again.

Her body twitched as a rapid orgasm took over.  His other pet stopped, pulling her head away before pushing two fingers deep within Roxanne.  This last action caused Roxanne to cry out as her third powerful orgasm took control.

Patting her hair, he whispered soothing words to her.  Roxanne stared at him, her eyes glassy with desire.  She felt weak, drained of all her energy.  He picked her up, her tail tickling his forearm as he had his other pet open the top of the cage.

Carefully he lowered Roxanne in, her head resting on one of the satin pillows.

He secured the lid and closed the door, locking it once again.

He turned to his second pet and ordered her to finish what Roxanne had started.

From her cage, Roxanne watched, her fingers tracing small circles over her own nipples before sliding down her belly to do the same to clitoris.  It was a turn on to watch someone else service him and knowing the entire time his eyes were trained on her.

As he came, she did too, her body shaking violently for the fourth time that morning.

Roxanne watched as he clipped the leash back on the other 'fox' and lead her out of the room.  Before he had closed the bedroom door, Roxanne was fast asleep, curled up in a ball inside her new pet cage. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

A week after my father-son fishing trip, I was channel surfing when a breaking news report flashed across my television screen.  Ten of the so-called super criminals were being transferred to Grimsville Prison on July fourth.

I froze, staring at the mug shots on TV.  These men were the most dangerous the city had ever seen.  They had raped, tortured and murdered their way to the big house and were now being transferred for their own safety.

I narrowed my eyes.  I had killed a lot of people, and yet I never got any recognition for my plans or my executions.  I had to step my game up a notch or three.

Later that evening, I pulled out a map I had of the city.  There were six hospitals within our city limits.  I circled them all with a red felt-tipped pen.  I knew that wouldn’t be enough to entice the police so I began cutting letters out from magazines.

By three o’clock in the morning I was still sitting on the floor of my living room, surrounded by cut out letters and a glue stick.  At the top of the map, directly over where my apartment block was, I began leaving a sinister message, warning the police that a ‘big bang’ was coming.

Smiling as I viewed my work, I couldn’t help but feel proud.  I was finally going to make a name for myself.  I was tired, my eyes dropping as I left the map on my coffee table to dry.  I stretched out on the couch before dozing off, having a wonderful dream of the city fearing me and my name being whispered on street corners.

When I woke, I carefully folded the map and placed it in an unmarked envelope before sealing it shut with my glue stick.  No way was I stupid enough to lick the seal.

I addressed it to the local police before writing From Anonymous at the top.  The cops would have a field day with this, guessing as to what I would do.

I walked down the street and dropped the letter into the post box on the corner.  Then entered the coffee shop nearby and got my usual.

Every night I sat by the TV, hoping and giggling with glee that tonight would be the night I was finally on the police radar. 

Almost a week had passed before I made the news.  The report spoke to the chief of police who was very worried about what was mentioned on the map.  They even showed my little gift to them on the air, hoping that someone would come forward with some information in regards to what was on their TV screens.

“We have no leads other than this anonymous tip that a madman by the name of Calendar Killer has threatened to plant a bomb in one of the six hospitals within the city limits,” the chief of police said, fiddling with his neck tie.  “All we know is that there has been a threat made against our hospitals for this coming Fourth of July.”  He paused before adding, “We will find you and we will stop you.”

I fought back laughter.  “I’m sure you’ll try,” I said to the TV as it flashed across my threatening message.  “You won’t succeed.”

As the Fourth of July drew closer, police stepped up their tactics.  Snipers were in high rise buildings overlooking hospitals.  No one went in without being scanned for explosives.  It was an amazing effort by the police force.  They even bought in outside forces to aid them in their desperate search for me.  It was all so very touching.

Before I knew it, the day was upon us.  I woke up extra early that morning.  I had so much to prepare. 

Licking my lips as I packed my bag with fireworks, I couldn’t help but smile.  The media already knew of Calendar Killer but I was still lost among the other news stories.  I had to be top priority.  After the Fourth was over, I would be the most feared thing since Ted Bundy.

I ran downstairs and climbed in my rickety old car.  It rattled and rumbled as I turned the key in the ignition and trundled down the street.

I followed the highway for almost sixty miles before turning off at an old abandoned camp ground.  I couldn’t remember why it had been abandoned; I just knew it was the perfect spot to execute my plan.

Shutting off the engine I climbed out of the rust bucket.  I grabbed my backpack off the passenger seat before making my way through the thick woods.

I reached a small clearing at the top of a cliff that overlooked a small country road.  I checked my watch, making sure I had the correct time.  Yes, only an hour to go.

Unzipping my bag, I began pulling out my fireworks and launcher, positioning it so it was aimed directly at the curve in the road.  Then I sat down to wait.

Sure enough, twenty minutes later, a faint rumbling of car motors assaulted my ears.  I sat up, straining my neck to see around the corner.  “Right on schedule,” I muttered to myself.

A cop car rounded the curved road followed by the prison van which was then followed by another police car.  Inside the van were the ten most dangerous super criminals this city had seen. 

I smiled as I checked the trajectory of the launcher.  It was perfect.  I loaded it and waited for the van to move into the correct alignment.  My finger squeezed on the trigger as the large rocket shaped firework shot out of the launcher and impacted with the side of the van.

There was a large explosion as the firework burst into a colorful array of flashing lights.  The van rocked so I fired another firework at it.  That did the trick.  I smiled in satisfaction as it rolled down the embankment.  The screams of the men inside were music to my ears.  The two cop cars were also dinted in the explosion but I had only managed to kill one officer.

The other three looked around wildly, their guns drawn.  The Prison Van had exploded as it reached the bottom of the ravine.  I wasn’t completely sure if all who were aboard it perished.  My main concern now was the cops on the road. 

I aimed a smaller rocket shaped firework at the three of them crowding behind a car door.  Even from a distance, I could see their hands shaking in fear.  I pulled the trigger and watched as the cops began running for cover. 

Too late.  The firework exploded into a sea of purple and yellow, setting the police officers on fire.

I placed a sour candy ball into my mouth and watched as they ran around the empty road, flapping their arms wildly as the fire swept over them.  It’s amazing how none of them stop, dropped and rolled. 

Sucking on the sour ball, I noticed they fell down the embankment, tumbling like the little fireballs they were.

I walked down the side of the cliff, being careful not to drop anything.  I reached the road, enjoying how close I was to the carnage.  It was beautiful.  I walked towards the edge of the road and looked down.  The fire was still roaring and I could make out the scent of burned skin.

To show how festive I was feeling, I launched another three rockets at the car, enjoying the colorful light show it put on.  Screams of pain and fear flooded my ear drums.  The explosions were musical, drowning them out.  It was beautiful.

I turned my head back to the cop cars that were stationed on odd angles along the road.  Reaching into my bag, I removed my second map along with my second note.  I placed it on the windshield of the car and made sure it would stick before walking off towards my car, whistling Small Town by John Mellencamp.

I got home just in time for the evening news.  Not long after I had fled the scene had the police discovered the grisly crime and had alerted the media hoping they might be able to shed some light on what had happened and why the ten most villainous mastermind criminals were now at the bottom of an embankment, charcoaled beyond all recognition.

The chief of police made a special note that I was toying with them as I had left a message for them to find.  I watched with glee as they unveiled my message of doom to the media.

I had warned you that something big would happen.  Freedom is what we celebrate today.  I freed these men from their chains and sent them to hell where they all belonged.  Now I am the one you should fear.  I will return soon enough.  Until then, I just want to enjoy today.  After all, what is the Fourth of July without a barbeque and a firework display? – Calendar Killer