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Friday, July 12, 2013

Delightful Devilish Love

I'm your fallen angel
My wings have been clipped from high above
So hold me tight
I'm yours tonight
Your delightful devilish love
Use me
Abuse me
Make me your slave
Baby you're the sand
And I'm the wave
Pull my hair
Tell me I'm yours
Pound into me like no one before
Come on baby
Give it to me more
Hold on

We've just begun
Time is on our side
Saddle me up 
And take me for a ride
I've fallen from above
I'm your delightful devilish love
In your eyes
I'm always the star
Say it like the French do
Ooh la la
I'm not so innocent now
Begging for things I never thought somehow
I would want or desire
My heart is on fire
And you're flying like a white dove
I'll always be your delightful devilish love
Baby you know what it is I like
And with your hands on my hips
We can go all night
Spank me hard
Til I feel bombarded
My desire can not be gotten rid of
Remove my wings
I'm your play thing
Don't stop til you get enough
Baby I'm your delightful devilish love


  1. Very erotic, very dark, very powerful piece. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This feels very personal yet at the same time almost like a poetic version of one of your erotica stories. Either way, great read.

  3. As Jim Carrey once said "Smockin'"

    1. Don't you mean "Smokin'"?

    2. D'oh! Yes, that's what I meant. This poem was "SMOKIN'" ;-)

  4. Interesting poem. What was the inspiration behind it? It feel as though you're telling a story and delivering it in a poem as opposed to one of your very well written short stories.

  5. I agree with some of the other comments; this felt really personal yet at the same time managed to be distant enough to pass off as a poetic story.

  6. Very nicely worded poem. Love the pic at the top too :)