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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Yearly Exam

I went to the doctor for my yearly physical. 

The nurse started with certain basics.  "How much do you weigh?" she asked. 

"135," I said. 

The nurse put me on the scale.  It turns out my weight is 180. 

The nurse asked, "Your height?"  "5 foot 4," I said. 

The nurse checked and saw that I only measure 5' 2.

She then took my blood pressure and told me that it was very high.  "Of course it's high!" I screamed, 'When I came in here I was tall and slender! Now I'm short and fat!" 

She put me on Prozac. 

What a bitch.

Jungle Fever

She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Her hair was black as oil, her skin was olive and her eyes were the most gorgeous shade of ocean blue he had ever encountered. And she was naked.

Jonas stood still, not daring to move. He had been hiking through the jungle for more than four days, convinced he was the only human to be wandering through the wilderness. Until now that is. 

He licked his lips, shifting his weight, his erection straining against his shorts, begging for release. He stood still, watching the naked beauty before him, his dark eyes studying her.

She was standing under a waterfall, facing him, no older than thirty, her hands exploring her body as she rinsed herself, fondling her supple, perky breasts and running her hands through her dark locks of hair. She was beauty in every sense of the word.

Jonas unzipped his fly, his eyes still trained on the young woman. She turned around, giving him a birds eye view of her perfect ass. He reached into his shorts and wrapped his hand around his cock, which jumped at his touch. He began to masturbate, stroking firmly, imagining it was her hand that was performing the hand-job.

He panted as he watched her bath under the beauty of nature. Everything was so erotic from the water that washed over her body, to the lily pads that floated beside her. Her hair was matted to her back, caressing the tender skin as her hands ran through it, getting tangled in the dark curls.

She then turned around again, eyes closed as the water washed over her, giving Jonas a spectacular view of her breasts. He licked his lips, wishing that he could close his mouth over her nipple and suckle, tasting her flesh, his tongue running rampant over her body.

Her eyes opened. Jonas ducked his head, peering out from the ferns and trees, hoping against all hope that she didn't see him. It would be bad enough having to explain what he was doing there watching her, but with his dick hanging out it was just plain embarrassing.

Her eyes lingered over the jungle growth, as though searching for something. Jonas stayed hidden, not daring to breathe. His hand was still wrapped around his cock as he watched the gorgeous native. He issued a sigh with relief when she dived into the water. He hadn't been spotted. 

He tucked himself back into his shorts before standing and making his way towards the lagoon. The trees swayed in the wind, sweat dripped down his nose and his cock twitched in his pants. He licked his lips, scanning the water for the beautiful woman.

As if on cue she bobbed up from under the crystal blue waters, shaking her head, spraying him. Jonas cried out in surprise. He knew she was there but the sudden reappearance of her shocked him. She gasped, her hands instinctively covering her breasts.

“I'm awfully sorry,” Jonas said, holding out his hand to show he meant no harm to her. “I didn't mean to frighten you.” She stared at him with her cool blue eyes, her head slightly tilted, her lips parted as though she were trying to understand him. Jonas paused for a moment before asking if she spoke English. She nodded, her hands still covering her luscious breasts. Jonas felt his eyes begin to linger a little too long. “I'm Jonas,” he said, extending his hand for a handshake.

She stared him curiously before dropping one hand from her breasts and shaking his hand. “Nala,” she replied. Jonas melted. Her voice was a gift from Heaven just like her body. Sweet, angelic, and gentle. “So, Nala, what brings you here?” he asked, looping his fingers into his belt hoping that she wouldn't look down and catch a glimpse of the bulge in his pants.

“Swimming,” she replied, her pink tongue darting out and licking her lips. “The question is, what is a British man doing in this jungle?”

Jonas smiled. Nala was very well informed of the outside world. She had picked up on his British accent quickly. “Research,” he replied, sitting down on a mossy rock. “I'm looking for a temple that has been hidden for centuries. The temple of -”

“Sarabi,” Nala finished for him, her eyes still focused on him. “You've heard the story?”

Jonas grinned. “Who hasn't? The temple of the native goddess Sarabi is legendary. It's location has remained a mystery for centuries and the power it supposedly holds...No words can express how powerful the temple is suppose to be.”

Nala licked her lips again, brushing a few water droplets away from her face. “You have come to find it?” she asked, her hands no longer covering her ample chest, but rather making small circles in the water that surround her thighs. Jonas nodded and gulped as he took in the sight of her body. Bronzed, toned, sexy. Her breasts were a handful, literally. Her deep brown nipples stood erect begging him to touch them. His erection was a painful reminder that he hadn't had sex since his girlfriend, Natalie, decided to leave him.

“And what makes you think you will be able to find it when all others have failed?”

Jonas shook his head, forcing himself to look upwards at her. Her face was perfectly symmetrical, her nose straight and narrow, her hair so long it reached the curve of her ass. Her eyes were evenly spaced and he caught a glimpse of a slight freckling across the bridge of her nose.

“Simple, my dear. I have something they didn't have. I have you.” Jonas smiled, his dark eyes twinkling wishing he could have Nala in more ways then one and they all involved the mossy rock under the waterfall. Nala giggled. Her laugh was like peeling bells, and he noticed how her eyes danced as she took in the stranger that sat before her.

“If I help you find the temple, what do I get in return?” She arched her eyebrow, an amused look crossing her face. Jonas fumbled through his pack, searching for something to give her. He pulled out a gold necklace that Natalie once owned.

He dangled the necklace in front of Nala and watched her eyes. She showed no interest in the jewellery. She pouted, her eyes flicking back to him. Jonas bit his lip, his brow creasing. She was no fool, he noted. She wanted something more than a pricey piece of gold jewellery.

Nala leaned in close, her wet hands resting on Jonas' muscular thighs. She pressed her lips against his ear. “If you want my help,” she whispered. “Then come on in.” With that she turned and dived back under the water.

Jonas sat there, stunned. It didn't take long for him to spring into action though, ripping his shirt off and discarding his shorts in rapid succession. 

Naked, he stood on the muddy banks of the lagoon, scanning the water with his eyes, searching for Nala. Her head appeared near the waterfall, her eyes locked onto him. He waded into the lagoon, before diving under the water.

The water was cool against his hot skin. The jungle heat had gotten to him. Of course, watching Nala for the past twenty minutes had added to the heat.

He emerged, breaking the surface. Nala was smiling at him, her eyes dancing with delight. “Follow me,” she said, diving beneath was the rippled water. Jonas obeyed, following the beauteous creature down into the depths of the lagoon.

Nala was a fast swimmer and Jonas found himself struggling to keep up with her. His eyes focused on her glorious backside while he struggled to hold his breath. 

Nala turned back, making sure he was still following before leading Jonas into a cavern. Nala began to swim upwards, heading for the surface. Jonas eagerly followed, unsure of how much longer he could hold his breath.

Jonas kicked his legs powerfully. His head broke through the surface of the water and Jonas gasped. 

They were inside a cave, its walls lined with gold and jewels. Emeralds, rubies, diamonds, sapphires and amethysts covered the sandy shores. “What is this place?” Jonas asked, freestyling his way over to the shore where Nala was sitting.

“You wanted to find the temple of Sarabi and here it is,” she replied.

Jonas climbed out of the water and took in the marvellous sights. He had never seen so much treasure in his life. He knew the temple was hidden but he would never have guess it was located under the waterfalls of the jungle.

Nala watched him carefully. She admired his toned body, the way his muscles rippled underneath his tanned skin. She watched as a single bead of water slid down his back. She licked her lips. It was now or never.

She grabbed his arm as he reached out for a large ruby that sat along the shore. Jonas looked at her with confusion before she kissed him. Her tongue massaged his, her hands running through his blond curls. Her body was pressed against his, her breasts crushed against his chest, his hands on the small of her back.

Nala felt Jonas sigh into her mouth, his hands pulling her closer, his erection bumping her leg. He was so hard that it hurt her. Releasing his hair from her fingers, Nala reached down, wrapping her slender hand around his cock and began stroking him. At first the pace was tender and slow, but she soon quickened her movements, causing guttural grunts to come from him.

Jonas wasn't sure how much he could take. He grabbed Nala, bending her over what seemed to be an alter and drove himself into her fiercely, causing a cry of surprise to escape from her lips.

Nala gripped the alter, her knuckles turning white as Jonas continued to pound into her like a man possessed. His hands gripped her hips, his nails digging into her flesh, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Nala craned her neck, turning to look at him. His eyes were closed, his lips parted. His body was in control, driving him forward with each thrust of his hips. 

She gasped as one of his hands left her hips and began to stroke her clitoris. She rocked her hips a little, matching his intensity.

Jonas felt the build up in his lower abdomen. His body had that familiar tingle that started with his toes before shooting up his spine to the very tips of his hair. With an animal cry, Jonas felt his body serge, his cock exploding inside Nala. Her head shot back, her mouth open in a silent cry as her body shook from the force of his orgasm combined with hers.

Nala smiled as she felt Jonas collapse on top of her, his weight covering her, trapping to her the top of the alter. 

Jonas' chest heaved. His eyes fluttered open. Nala was gone.

Confused, Jonas sat up. A canvas tent greeted his open eyes. There was no gold, not riches beyond his wildest dreams. No emeralds, or rubies or diamonds. Jonas rubbed his eyes. Sweat fell from his forehead, trickling down his nose, his hair drenched from perspiration.

Throwing off the covers, Jonas scrambled to his feet, emerging from the tent. The jungle loomed before him, taunting him with its secrets. People scurried back and forth, chatting to themselves.

“What's going on?” Jonas asked.

All eyes turned to him. “Ahh Jonas, you're awake. How do you feel?” asked an elderly man, his grey hair and beard peppered slightly with black streaks.

“Fine. Confused. What's going on?”

The elderly man smiled and ushered Jonas back inside the tent. Once they were seated, the elderly man told Jonas that he had been suffering from jungle fever for three days. “We found you near a crystal blue lagoon, naked as the day you were born, talking to yourself about the greatest treasures you had ever seen. The local doctors said you had gone mad. They said you were suffering from jungle fever.”

Jonas shook his head. “Nala?” he asked. “Did you see Nala?”

The elderly man shook his head. “Son, you keep asking for her, but we found you alone. There is no Nala and according to the village residents, Nala doesn't exist. Not physically anyway.”

Jonas stared up into the man's eyes. “What do you mean? I was with her. I touched her! She was real!”

The elderly man shook his head again, sighing. “No, Jonas, you couldn't have. The only Nala that exists in this jungle is in the spirit world. According to the locals, Nala is the descendant of the goddess Sarabi.”

“What?” Jonas couldn't believe his ears. 

“The legend states that Nala is Sarabi's daughter. That's all she is. A legend. A protector of the jungle. Jonas, my boy, you couldn't have possibly seen, or touched, Nala.”

But Jonas wasn't listening. His eyes were focused on a couple of small palms outside the clearing. Leaning against the tree, the sunlight playing on her naked, bronzed body, was Nala.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Personalised Letter From Rhiannon Irons

Now, due to some misconceived ideas, this is not a suicide note.  It is a personal thank you to everyone for all your love and support.

Truth Be Told

I don't care
What you do anymore
I've finally gone my own way
Guess you really didn't care
'Cause there's nothing left to say

I guess it was just meant to be
Now I know nothing comes that easily

Truth be told
I no longer want to hide
All the pain and suffering you caused
That's building up inside
Truth be told
As long as I hold on
To what I believe is true
I really can't go wrong

I can't believe
How foolish I was
To think you were the one
Clearly I was wrong
You hadn't changed
Still the same as you ever were
Everything is becoming clear
Now I finally see
How foolsih and nieve I was
How much you hurt me

Truth be told
I no longer want to hide
All the pain and suffering you caused
That's building up inside
Truth be told
As long as I hold on
To what I believe is true
I really can't go wrong

We all have a weakness
And I can't forgive you for yours
Show me you're sorry or
I will show you the door
But whatever mistakes I've made
I've tried to make amends
Unlike you I haven't made them
Time and time again

I guess it was just meant to be
Now I know nothing comes that easily

Truth be told
I no longer want to hide
All the pain and suffering you caused
That's building up inside
Truth be told
As long as I hold on
To what I believe is true
I really can't go wrong

Never Wanna See You Again

All of my friends agree
That you were never
Good enough for me
You wasted my time
My money
Drove me out of my mind
And you won't look me in the eye

You were everything
I wanted in a man
Kind, considerate
But once again
You broke my heart
Now we're apart
And I never wanna see you again

They say true love
Is forever
But not when it involves you
You took your time
Now you lose
This is my game
Play by my rules
Or get out of my life

You were everything
I wanted in a man
Kind, considerate
But once again
You broke my heart
Now we're apart
And I never wanna see you again

You've made a desperate plea
I can see that
You still wanna be with me
But I can't take this no more
You've got to let it go
There's the door

You were everything
I wanted in a man
Kind, considerate
But once again
You broke my heart
Now we're apart
And I never wanna see you again

Update From Rhiannon Irons

Hello everyone!

Just a quick update as to what is happening on the writing front.  As you are all well aware, Ahlephia has taken a back seat for the time being.  I'm a little burned out on the story at the moment, but I assure you that I'll be stepping back into the world of fantasy soon.

In regards to my short stories that have been posted on here, my ideas are running thin.  I would love to just be able to sit down and write the first thing that pops into my head, but alas that's not how my mind works.  When I get in the mood again, I will be producing some new erotica as well as releasing another couple of short 'horror' stories from my personal vault. 

I am writing multiple novels at the moment.  Marooned, you can read the first chapter on here, is escalating well.  An Evening In Roma, which is my spin on a romance novel, is also coming along nicely.  Then there is my Price Of Fame series, which I am just beginning to create and, in theory, be the next story to be released after Ahlephia.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years.  I appreciate your kinds words more than I can say.  Also a big thank you to Dom, who sent Trent an e-mail regarding a new debate topic for me and Truly Disturbing.  Once my mind clears, I'll sit down and write it.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for everything.  And if you want me to create a personalised story for you, please don't hesitate to say so in the comments below.  I read them and take all your thoughts about my writing on board, whether it be negative or positive.

Hopefully we'll see more from both Hazlo and James in the near future.  Until then, may your days be filled with sunshine and happy thoughts.

Love always,
Rhiannon Irons : )

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bathtime Buddy - Part One

The elegant glow of candlelight flickered across her face. Rhiannon smiled, catching a glimpse of her bright green eyes in the mirror as she blew out the match. Her long blonde hair framed her face, her single pink streak very vibrant, even in the minimum lighting.

The bathroom was filled with candles, each one lit, casting a romantic vibe throughout the room. The scent of roses filled the room, mixed with the unmistakeable aroma of musk.

Rhiannon untied the black satin robe she wore, it slipping from her shoulders and gliding gently to the floor, crumpling in a heap at her feet. 

Kicking it aside Rhiannon turned her attention to the already drawn bubble bath. Red rose petals floated elegantly in the water, begging her to join them. Dipping a single toe in, Rhiannon smiled. The water temperature was perfect.

She climbed into the bath, sighing with content as she slid down under the bubbles, her body fully submerged underwater. 

She emerged, wiping her face with her hands, blinking as the water dripped down her nose. Her long hair was matted to her back as she leaned back, her head resting comfortably on the padded head rest of her bath.

Rhiannon picked up a rose petal, feeling its velvety softness between her fingers before releasing it back into the water. It glided away from her, gently floating towards her legs, sticking to her knee.

She smiled, closing her eyes. Her nipples were erect as the water lapped them gently. She touched them lightly with her hand before giving her breasts a firm squeeze. She rolled her nipples around in between her thumb and index finger, squeezing them tightly, wish that it was him.

Her head lolled back, eyes still closed, lips parted as a low moan of pleasure escaped her mouth. Rhiannon slid one hand down her stomach, past her bellybutton ring before reaching her moist centre. She rubbed her clitoris before sliding a single finger into her with ease. 

Rhiannon arched her back slightly, her eyes still closed. Her breathing was ragged, uneven as she drove herself into a fury of sexual lust.

The door opened. Rhiannon turned her head, withdrawing her fingers, and smiled, her eyes lighting up at the man standing in the door way. He smiled back, his grey-green eyes roaming over her features. He was fully clothed but with each step he took his hands began to unbutton his shirt.

Rhiannon licked her lips as his shirt fell to the floor reveal his muscular chest and broad shoulders. Oh, how she loved to be wrapped up in his well toned arms, her head resting comfortably on his pecks. His eyes watched hers as he unzipped his pants, dropping them.

Judging from the bulge in his briefs, he was just excited as she was. She stares up at him, shooting him her most seductive look. He almost let out an audible groan. He had never been one to resist that look. That look is the reason why the polar ice caps are melting, not global warming.

Rhiannon scooted forward in the bath, the bubbles obstructing any view he had of her breasts. She arched a perfectly groomed eyebrow and he got the hint. Hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs, he dropped them to the floor, his erection straining to full length.

She licked her lips again, her eyes trained on his cock. He stepped forward, keeping out of her reach. She batted her eyelashes innocently at him before leaning back, her head resting on the soft pillow, her hand tracing lightly over her breasts, her eyes not leaving his.

He gulped, his cock straining painfully. She was a sex kitten, in every possible way. What he wouldn't give right now to pull her erect nipple into his mouth and let his tongue swirl around it before biting down gently. He wanted to send waves of pleasure rolling over her, showing her what his years of experience could do to her.

Rhiannon grinned, noticing his fists clenched at his sides. She dropped her hand in the water, tracing her fingers lightly over her thighs. “Care to join me?” she asked teasingly, a hint of innocence in her voice.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Q&A With James Thompson

Greetings gentle readers,

A few days ago, Rhiannon Irons posted an update on her life, which also included a warm welcome to a new member of The Final Curtian team, James Thompson from Kent, England. As requested, I had already planned a new Q&A with Rhiannon. Then came the realization that you wanted to hear more from James.

My inbox was flooded with questions so I fired the most requested questions over to James, whom I'm proud to say, replied to them within 24 hours. So, without further ado, let me present A Q&A With James Thompson.

Trent: How would you describe your writing style?

James: I would say that horror-related writing is my style. I like to keep the reader on edge, not give too much away and create an image in their mind that is both haunting and gripping.

Trent: What genre do you prefer to write?

James: The horror genre is a particular favourite. It is the one genre I feel where you can create such great characters and scenarios. Setting is massively important in creating the atmosphere and scaring people witless is always fun! I would also love to do a bit of sci-fi or even blend sci-fi and horror for some stories, films like Alien proved this to be successful.

Trent: How often do you check your posts to see if new comments have been added?

James: I couldn't put an exact time frame on it but I admit to looking back for comments a lot. There's nothing greater than getting feedback, positive or negative on your writing, it improves you as a writer. It also pleases me when comments begin to roll in as I then know people are acknowledging my work and (hopefully) enjoying it. 

Trent: How did you come to be a part of The Final Curtain blog?

James: I actually became part of The Final Curtain through Twitter, where I met Rei. We got talking and I loved her short stories so much I thought I would give it a try and have never looked back since. It's great to be a part of something so great.

Trent: What do you prefer to write?

James: Currently I love writing short stories although I find time constraints due to everyday things (work etc) make it harder for me to write more. Screenplays are a big passion too and I aspire to one day be a professional screenwriter. I also really enjoy writing reviews on my blog ( and for other sites on the web, film is my ultimate passion.

Trent: How much faith do you have in your writing?

James: I believe hugely in my writing but I am a big critic of my own work. I am always trying to get the best out of my writing skills and hope I will only improve further with more stories, screenplays, reviews etc. I do tend to ask friends and family opinions of my work to ensure it is of a good quality.

Trent: Rhiannon made an announcement that readers would soon get to see The Roommate as a mini movie and that you're adapting it for the screen. How is that coming along and how did you get involved in it?

James: The Roommate is a project I am very excited about. I offered to work on the screenplay after Rei told me she would love to take a new direction and make some of her stories into short films. I was greatly enthusiastic about this and would love to be a part of such a great visionary's work. I am still in the early stages but rest assured you will see some movement in this project in the near future. I want to thoroughly pick apart the story to ensure my screenplay does it justice.

Trent: Honestly, what do you think about Rhiannon Irons' body of work? - this includes her short horror, erotica and anything relating to Truly

James: As a whole I think Rhiannon is an incredibly talented writer who clearly has the magic touch when it comes to stories and her knowledge of horror films. Her stories, be it erotica or horror, are captivating and really put you in the moment which I absolutely love. With regards to her work on Truly Disturbing I am amazed at her passion and knowledge of the horror genre and wish I had so many amazing random facts!

Trent: How did you and Rhiannon Irons' meet?

James: I have a very bad memory so can't remember the exact instance but it was through Twitter we got talking and built a quick rapport and understanding of one another. We both have a passion for what we write and our love for horror helps us along too!

Trent: Do you have any advice for budding young writers or for people that want to start writing?

James: The best advice I can give is to enjoy yourself when writing, let your mind run free and no idea is wrong as long as you think it is worth putting on paper. Also advice Rei gave me was to believe in yourself and your writing.

Trent: How do you deal with stress in your everyday life?

James: To be honest I am not one of these people who get stressed that much, I'm a calm individual for the most. When stressed alone time is essential. Writing may be a stress reliever but I don't specifically think 'I must write' when I am stressed.

Trent: What's in store for you next?

James: Well, continuing with The Roommate and Blood Wars: A Brother's Redemption are on the list. I also have an idea of a new short story involving a ship containing an evil spirit along with my continuing film reviews. I just will keep striving to write my best and hopefully one day get that paid job I so badly want.

Trent: Where do you want you writing to take you?

James: As mentioned before I would love to work as a full time professional writer, whether it be reviewing films, writing screenplays or short stories. I have found my passion and I am willing to stick with it to get where I want to be.

Trent: Are you single?

James: No I am not. I have a girlfriend of 6 years and we live together with our cat Rocky!

Trent: Sorry ladies. One last question. You asked for an opinion on a vampire screenplay via The Final Curtain. How is that coming along?

James: Blood Wars is a project I am extremely optimistic about following some great feedback. The ideas have been rolling out and I am happy to say he screenplay is slowing coming into place albeit a slow process. I have all of the plans set, it's just putting it to writing now. This is one screenplay I have high hopes for so watch this space....

I'm getting chills with anticipation. A big thank you to James for answering all those questions. A big thank you to all of you who sent me those questions. We hope this interview has been informative and we wait with baited breath to see what else James will produce in the future.  Follow him on Twitter @thommoj03.

Keep checking back for my one on one with Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons.


Sunday, November 13, 2011


Her hair was like golden silk. Her eyes as green as emeralds, sparkling with delight as she took a seat in his lap, facing him, her legs parted as they draped over his.

She wasn't normally so bold, but time spent with him had been favourable to her. She tossed her head back, her long blonde hair cascading down her back. She looked at him with all the innocence of a school girl, wetting her lips, her pink tongue dipping out the corners of her mouth.

Her hand pressed against his bare chest, feeling his muscles stiffen at her touch. She smirked slightly, making eye contact with him. 

She was wearing his shirt with a simple pair of white lacy panties. After the night they had shared together, she felt comfortable enough to walk around in minimal clothing. His shirt, her panties, no bra.

She lent down and kissed him. Just pressing her lips against his. It was a sweet kiss, almost as though she was testing the waters with him. Although, after the way she moaned his name last night, he was certain all the waters were now charted.

He placed his hand on her lower back, feeling the curve of her spine, tracing it with a finger. He knew she was shy about initiating anything, but this was her game so he was to play by her rules.

He watched as her fingers went up to the top button of his shirt...and undid it. He licked his lips as the top curve of her breast was exposed. She bit her lip, eyes trained on him as she undid the next button and the one after that and the one after that, until his shirt hung open, exposing her creamy white flesh and gold diamond bellyring.

His shirt, whilst hanging open, concealed her breasts, her nipples hidden behind the cool cotton fabric. He smiled, his eyes lingering. They may have been concealed from view, but he could see them pressing against the material, hard, erect, begging to be touched, licked, sucked.

Slowly he reached his hand up, feeling the curve of her body before cupping her breasts, his thumb rubbing across her nipples, watching them strain against his shirt, hardening until they rivalled diamonds.

She watched him as he teased her nipples, before brushing the shirt aside and taking one of them in his mouth. She let out a low moan, her eyes closing as his tongue swirled around her nipple, flickering the tip of tongue over it before gently nipping at her. 

His free hand kneaded the other breast, tugging her nipple, pawing at her, gripping her hard as she had requested last night. He had taken her to new levels of ecstasy last night, giving her something no other man had; an orgasm. He had felt her body convulse as he lapped at her clitoris with his tongue, his finger driving into her. He held her in his arms while she had come down off Cloud 9, before bending her over and gently teasing her with his cock, rubbing the head against her moist pussy. She had groaned, pushing her hips back, begging him to enter her, which he did with one swift thrust.

A smile traced his lips as he remembered, his cock swelling in his jeans, as she rocked gently on his lap, her hands resting on his shoulders. 

He switched breasts, his mouth enclosing over the other one. Her breathing quickened, eyes closed, lips parted as an approving moan escaped her.

He let his hand drop from her breast, his finger tracing a line down her stomach to the waistband of her panties. They were damp and he smiled. He traced his finger over the crotch of her panties, feeling the moisture that seeped from her.

She pushed his head back, breaking his hold on her breasts. He caught a wicked glint in her eyes as she stood up, discarding the shirt. Her blonde hair fell across her nipples, concealing them from view. She motioned for him to stand, to which he obliged, moving over to her. “Take these off?” she questioned, although he could tell she meant it as a command. He knelt in front of her, the scent of sex hung in the air as he looped his thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slid them down over her creamy white thighs.

She stepped out of them, and watched with interest as he placed her discarded panties into his jeans pocket. Now she stood before him, naked, tiny beads of sweat beginning to matriculate on her skin, sliding in between her breasts. He stood up, his tongue eagerly following the trail, teasing her before his mouth pressed against hers in a passionate kiss. 

Their tongues danced together as he pulled her into his body. She could feel his erection pressing against her thigh. It was so hard that it hurt. She wrapped her arms around his neck, not wanting to break their embrace.

They parted and she whimpered. “Patience, pretty one,” he said softly, unzipping his jeans, letting them fall to the floor. He kicked them aside then proceeded to discard his briefs in the same manner. She bites her lip, her eyes lingering on his swollen member as a few drops of pre-cum form on the head.

She drops to her knees, her eyes trained on his. He sees that familiar wicked gleam in her eyes before she closes them as her mouth closes around his cock.

A low, animal-like growl escapes his throat, his head falling back, his eyes closed as her tongue does merry circles around his head before gliding up and down the length of his shaft before enclosing over his complete length.

Her eyes open, gazing skyward as she continues to tease his cock, tasting his flesh. She gives a soft chuckle as his hand runs through her hair, blonde tresses tumbling through his fingers.

His eyes open as he feels a small spasm passing through him. She was delightfully wicked, demonic at times, knowing exactly what to do to cause a reaction from him. All it took was a little prodding on his behalf.

He could feel his orgasm building. He didn't want to come just yet, but she wasn't really giving him a choice in the matter. His hand was still intertwined in her hair. He grabbed a handful and gave a gentle pull. She stopped what she was doing to look up at him, innocence dancing over her features.

He stood her up, dropping to his knees, lifting her leg over his shoulder, his hands holding her firmly in place. She was turned on, that was easy to see, as her juices swept down her thighs. He could feel the weight of her gaze on him as he tentatively flicked his tongue across her clitoris.

Tossing her head back, she let out a low moan. This encouraged him to further his ventures, his tongue dipping into her, her long French tipped nails digging into the flesh of his shoulders.

His hands held her as her body gyrated, determined to get off with just the aid of his tongue. A shiver passed down her spine, her hips rocking wildly as his tongue probed deeper into her body, his hands holding the curve of her ass. He flicked his tongue across her clitoris rapidly, as though he was turning on a light switch. It was this last action that caused her to convulse, her body shaking, her pussy twitching as she rode the pleasure waves of ecstasy. He continued to tongue her, prolonging the sensations that swept over her until she managed to weakly push his head away.

She collapsed in his arms, beads of sweat rolling down her back. He held her, talking soothingly, rubbing her back. Her breathing was slow and even, her chest raised and fell with each deep breath. She licked her lips, her eyes unfocused. She wanted to say “Wow,” or “That was fucking awesome,” but the words wouldn't form. For the first time in her life, she was speechless.

In one swift movement, he had picked her up in his strong arms and carried her over to the dining room table. After talking extensively last night, he had learned one of her fantasies was to do it on a pool table or on the dining room table. She had added very quickly that she'd clean everything afterwards which only made him laugh. 

He laid her down, spreading her legs, his thumb circling her clitoris, rubbing diligently. She thrashed her head from side to side, her body shaking. Her eyes opened, staring into his, pleading with him not to send her over the edge again. At least, not until he had gotten off.

Wrapping his arms around her legs, he entered her, her inner muscles grasping at his quivering member, squeezing him tightly as he trust into her over and over again. She scooted her ass closer to him, allowing him to go deeper inside. He lent over her, her ankles now resting on his shoulders, her hands playing with her breasts, tweaking her own nipples as she moaned in approval as his thumb returned to her clit, resuming the small, enticing circles.

From the pit of her belly another orgasm was forming. His hips bucking against her, her hips rocking back against him. With a guttural groan from him, she fell his cock spasm, the warmth of his juices flowing inside her. It was enough to cause a scream to tear from her throat as she came again, scratching at the table, his name on her lips.

For a minute or two, they laid there, his cock still buried inside her. He stood up, withdrawing from her, watching his fluids mixed with hers trickle from her pussy and onto the table top.

She propped herself up on her elbows, her eyes still jade green. She licked her lips, her eyes roaming over his body, coming to rest on his cock. He followed her gaze and watched as his cock sprung back to life. She gave a wicked little smirk and arched her eyebrow.

“Up for round two?” she asked innocently.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Firsts - A First From Hazlo

Trent Alexander Faulkner here folks with an impressive story from a young man who wishes to be known as Hazlo. An erotic story that challenges Rhiannon Irons' work in oh-so-many ways. It's worth the read, and if the comments are good, maybe we shall see more of him.

If you have any stories that want us to publish on here, regardless of what they're about, then give us a shout at and we'll post them for you - Trent.

The train ride to your place is slower than I remember it being. Maybe it’s because I’m distracted, thinking about you next to me and what we’re going to do, maybe the train has pulled into an extra stop or two and I haven’t noticed. Probably the former. I look over at you, see your nervous smile and meet it with my own. It’s difficult not to feel a bit flighty, like a kid again holding hands with someone for the first time. I can feel the excitement burning a hole inside me like a droplet of acid. Though it seems like it was much longer, the train soon pulls into your station and we walk back to your house.
The street is dark, the sun having made its way below the horizon over an hour ago. We walk quickly, knowing each step gets us closer to your door, your room, your bed. We round the last corner, metres away, feet, we’re there. You open the door quickly into a dark house, no-one else home, no-one due back for a few days, housemates having gone on holiday together. We go inside. While you fumble around in the dark for the switch, I can’t get the smile off my face.

The lights come on in your room, the pink shade bathing us both in rose coloured tones. Still both a little nervous, we look at each other and share a laugh before we step in to kiss. I put my arms around you and draw you in tight; I can feel your body heat, your hair on my face, your scent filling my nose and it makes me kiss you harder. I feel your soft, warm lips pressing on mine, your beautiful body in my arms and I think Finally!
I start to unbutton my shirt, then think again, grab your hands and get you to undress me. I get little shivers as your fingers brush against my chest and run over my shoulders, a trail of goosebumps rising from the trail of your touch, my shirt dropping to the ground. I find the edges of your top and start pulling it up and off you, revelling in the reveal of your body. I want to take my time with this, I really do but your breasts are suddenly there in front of me, enticing nipples dark and starting to harden beneath your bra. It makes me breathe faster; I feel hot flushes and my cock starts to jump and strain in my underwear. I reach behind you and unclip the straps of your bra, slowly remove it and drop it to the ground and my heart skips a beat or two. I feel your hands dancing magically on my belt buckle and my pants suddenly loosen.
I move over to your bed and taking a seat on the side, kick off my shoes. I reach around and pull you close again so my head is level with your chest; I can’t get naked fast enough, I have to have your breasts in my mouth now. I circle my tongue on your right nipple first, flicking it like it was a light switch. My right hand massages your other breast, cupping, holding and caressing. My left though, is still trying to work at the zip at the back of your dress; it takes a moment but I get it and snake down my hand, stripping it off you. I stop to take a small breath, kicking my pants off and I stop for a second, drinking it all in – here we are, standing here together, naked except for our underwear and then… there they go too.

You’re glorious naked, do you know that? I think you do. I pull you back in close, caressing you, exploring you, learning you. It’s my turn to leave a trail of goosebumps as I trace up along your arms, one hand winding slowly down your back and the other across your chest, underneath each breast and down your stomach making you gasp a little, kneeling lower as I go. As I cup your plump curvy ass and pull you in still closer, your thighs part slightly ready for my touch.

My finger slides reverentially down, light but firm, slightly trembling as I run along your pussy, drawing your wetness to the surface. I feel you quivering as I draw it back up again, next to but not quite across the juicy bud of your clitoris and I take a moment, teasing it a little, your breathing coming faster and deeper now. When I slide into you, I know the whispered moan from your lips will stay with me forever.

I have to taste you in that moment and my tongue reaches out to join my hand, playing in harmony with gentle licks and making your quivers turn to shakes. I stay there savouring you, your hands running through my hair, pulling and teasing at it, driving me on. I feel a sheen of sweat breaking out on the small of your back and I know you’re close, your hips pushing against me, my finger deep inside you now, circling your g-spot while my tongue bathes and lashes along your clitoris. The sounds coming from your perfect mouth make me look up and seeing you like this, your orgasm dancing on my tongue, the scent of you filling me up and the desire in your eyes - it’s more than I can bear, my cock straining to be inside you.

I sit down on the bed, pulling you down and on top of me. I’m throbbing now, I have your beautiful ass in my hands, I’m rubbing myself on your delicious pussy and am engulfed in your breasts; your groans are soft, but becoming more audible now as you feel first the head, then the shaft bumping against your clit. I tilt my hips and press it harder on you, heightening the sensation and forcing your eyes wider at the unexpected surprise. We rock like that for awhile, letting the sensations build, you’re so wet against my belly, so silken and smooth inside. I can feel your muscles start the tremors of another orgasm, your toes clenching and breath heaving now as you come again with long shudders of pleasure cascading through your body.

I lean back and pull you with me, kisses flying until our lips lock. I feel your hand guide me into you slowly and the first few seconds nearly make me come right then. You feel so good, so rightand I’m in you and you’re on me. I tilt my hips back as you push down, driving me deeper into you, your hands reaching out and rubbing along my chest. You look like a goddess perched above me, gentle rocking at first growing more intense as the rhythm of sex takes hold. I push further into you and hold there, rubbing your clitoris against my tensed stomach muscles. By the look on your face, this is very welcome and the quiet whimpers this encourages from you set every nerve in my body alert and tingling, a locus of energy quickly building as I feel my own orgasm electrifying through me.

I want to sustain this moment, draw it out and spin it round over and over, letting the waves of sensation flood through me like I’m a wire connected to a power source. I sit up again, the new angle bringing us both there as our groins pulse and jump together, tremors of the most powerful orgasm I’ve had in years ricocheting off the inside of my skin and I can’t hold back the moan that builds from deep within me as my eyes roll back. I hold you so close that we’re almost one being as we ride the waves of pleasure, the apricot colour of the afterglow settling through us like a gentle but persistent mist and we collapse down again, a mess of limbs and hair and sweat, huge smiles chiselled on our faces.

As we lay there together, nestled in, the air cooling once more, you look over at me and the glint of desire and mischief is still there in your eyes. It makes my cock twitch and stir again and I know we’re far from finished.

‘Seconds?’ I ask, and your smiles says ‘yes, and thirds and fourths and fifths,’ which gets no argument from me.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Rhiannon stirred restlessly. It was a hot Summer night. Her window was open and her ceiling fan was on full blast. The simple white cotton sheet that had been draped over her naked body was now crumpled in a pile on the floor.

She tossed and turned, her blonde hair was matted with sweat against her porcelain skin. Beads of sweat ran in between her breasts. She absent-mindedly traced the line with her finger, her French tipped nail gliding delicately over her skin.

Her eyes fluttered open. She had always loved her eyes and had deemed them as her best feature. Blue-green eyes with a flicker of yellow. Framed by long black lashes, her eyes constantly changed colour depending on her mood. Blue when happy, grey when tired and green when...

Her hand began to caress her stomach. Light, feathery touches. A slight smirk appeared on her lips. She knew that her eyes were now jade green.

The moonlight shone brightly through her lace curtain. Her bellybutton ring glistened as the light bounced off the diamond jewellery.

As her right hand began to explore her body, her left hand continued to play with her own breasts, tweaking her nipples until they were hard as diamonds. She licked her index finger, rubbing it slowly around her erect nipple, the moisture from her mouth causing it to harden even further.

She groaned as her right hand found her aching centre. Her index finger circled her clitoris, refusing to touch the delicate little bud for fear of coming too soon. She wanted to tease herself, to pretend it was him touching her.

Turning her head slightly, Rhiannon plunged her index finger into her moist body, her inner muscles gripping the intruder with enthusiasm. Rhiannon arched her back slightly as she added another finger, imagining the whole time that it was him.

In her fantasies she had a new playmate. He would tease her unmercifully before taking her with such intensity that she was convinced he'd split her body in two. She use to imagine him tracing over her curves with his tongue, his hands fondling her large, supple breasts, squeezing the nipples hard until she begged him to fuck her. He would always say no at first, teasing her to the point that she couldn't take it anymore and forcefully would grab him, pulling his body down so it covered hers and wrapping her legs around his hips, refusing to let go until he gave her what she needed.

Her breathing quickened as she continued to explore her body. Her head thrashed about from side to side on the pillow as she pictured his tongue making tiny circles on her most sensitive spot before biting down, nipping her flesh, marking her as his own.

She licked her lips, withdrawing her fingers which were now slick with her wetness. Her body was prime, every nerve alive and tingling as she reached for her night stand table drawer. Pulling it open, she reached inside, pulling out her eight inch vibrator. A gag gift from one of her girlfriends, Rhiannon found it most useful in times of deep frustration.

It had been three months since she felt a man's touch upon her body. Three long, agonising months. And this so called 'gag gift' was perfect for making her forget that atrocity...for a few hours at least.

Rhiannon licked her lips, imaging it was his erect cock as she opened her mouth. The tip of her tongue flickered the head of the shaft before she greedily sucked it into her mouth. She was determined to take the full length of her 'toy' as it was the same size as his, although he was much wider than the chrome vibrator was.

She relaxed, her focus one hundred per cent on sucking 'the beast' as she affectionately called it into her hot mouth. Tears formed in her eyes as her gag reflex kicked in, but she persisted before finally being triumphant with her task.

Rhiannon tweaked her nipple, rolling it around between her thumb and forefinger as she continued to perfect her blowjob skills. She felt herself cry out as an unexpected shudder ripped through her body. She really should have known better than to play with her sensitive breasts while she was on the verge of a climax. 

She relaxed her hand, letting it fall to the bed. She would have to show some self control. Although, self control and her never really did go hand in hand. 

Removing the vibrator from her mouth and flexing her jaw muscles, Rhiannon turned it on. Its low humming broke the silence of the night as she slid it in between her breasts, pushing them against it, feeling the vibrations which gave her skin goosebumps.

Squeezing and kneading her breasts like he would, she felt another spasm pass through her. Just a mild one, nothing too intense, but she knew if she wanted that Earth-shattering orgasm, now was the time.

She took the vibrator and turned it off. She playfully rubbed it against her clitoris before inserting it into her. 

In and out. In and out. In and out. As she inserted the full length of her toy into her aching body, she turned it back on. A scream tore from her throat as the vibrations pulsated, her inner muscles contracting, her clitoris throbbing as she came hard.

Rhiannon grabbed her pillow with such force her knuckles turned white as she arched her back high off the bed, her toes gripping at the fitted sheet as her orgasm passed through her body. She could feel it from her core to her feet. From her feet to her hair follicles. She felt like she was on fire.

Reaching down between her creamy white thighs, Rhiannon switched off her vibrator. Jumping a little as she removed it from her quivering pussy, she accidentally brushed it against her clitoris which sent another mini orgasm through her body.

Her face was flushed and her eyes were glassy as she put her toy away. Her breathing was short and shallow but she was completely satisfied.

She rolled onto her side, her eyes closing as she imagined him wrapping his arms around her, pulling her against his toned chest, holding her as she drifted off into a peaceful sleep

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Attack From The Deep

Sitting on his surfboard in the middle of the Pacific Ocean sat Sam Anderson. His shaggy blonde hair fell across his forehead, shielding his baby blue eyes from the golden rays of the sun. His toned physic and tanned chest had a light smattering of hair while his swimming trunks were so low on his hips that it left nothing to the imagination of passes by.

Sam's hand dipped into the cool water as his eyes scanned the horizon. There hadn't been many waves today but he was determined to catch one last one. 

Sam never use to be a surfer. By trade he was an accountant, but after a semi-violent breakdown that caused a co-worker a broken nose, Sam decided to take some time off. For a few weeks he sat around his house before finally deciding to venture out. 

He had taken surfing lessons at a request of his long time buddy, Rick Faulkner, who was as slick with the board as he was the ladies. Every night Rick had a new conquest, or two, and every morning he would delightfully spill the entire story to Sam, who had to fake an interest in what Jessica, Holly, Catalina, Kimberly, Sasha, Jennifer, Amber, Ashley, Riley, and Mackenzie had done the night before. 

Today had started no differently. Sam had risen first and barely made it to the kitchen before Rick had appeared, stretching and yawning with a stupid grin on his face. “Man, them Aussie chicks are fucking fantastic!” Rick declared as Sam put on a pot of coffee. Rolling his eyes Sam had a feeling he was going to need a pot of Irish coffee to get through this conversation.

Last night Rick had dragged him out to a bar, citing that Sam needed to get laid. Sam, who believed he was perfectly fine, politely refused any girl who approached him. So when Rick appeared with two Australian beauties, Sam forced himself to smile and even ended up buying the lovely ladies a drink.

Sam forced a smile to his face, leaning against the kitchen counter as Rick went into details about their sexual exploits for the night. “And I mean she could totally bend her body around and still manage to kiss me. Oh, and her tongue. Sammy, my boy, that woman knows how to use her tongue.”

Sam drummed his fingers along the counter top. “Do you even remember her name?” he asked. Rick looked a little shocked. “Of course I do. It was...Stacey?”

“Sally. And what about her friend?”

Rick looked thoughtful. “Julie? No, wait, Jamie.”

Sam shook his head. “Paige,” he replied, pouring himself a large cup of coffee. “Do you know anything about them?”

“OK, Sammy, I'm going to stop you there.” Rick held up his hands as though to defend himself. “I don't give a shit what these girls do for a living, nor do I care what their grandmother's name is. We had a good time and that's it. I'm not looking for a commitment.”


Sam took a sip of his coffee, the warm liquid pooling in his mouth before sliding down his throat. Rick's eyebrow shot upwards. “And what the hell is that suppose to mean?” he demanded, following Sam onto the deck.

“Women aren't objects that you just cast aside once you're done.” Even though he wasn't looking directly at Rick, he could feel his eyes boring holes into him. Rick opened his mouth to argue his case when a noise from inside had him swivel in his chair.

The two girls, tired and dishevelled, were scrambling to gather their belongings before attempting unsuccessfully to sneak out the front door.

“Ladies, there's a pot of coffee that's freshly made,” Sam called. Stacey waved her hand and shouted back that they were fine. Rick lent back in the chair, a broad smile on his face. “See? What did I tell you? They come in, have a good time then leave. It's the way the man upstairs intended it.”


“No, me.” With that Rick stood up, patted Sam on the shoulder then headed back upstairs.

Sam watched his friend move inside. Rick was insufferable at times. His macho no-nonsense ways were infuriating to Sam who respected women. Well, he respected all women except his ex-wife. His hands balled into fists as he thought about her.

Sam stood up and calmly walked back into the kitchen. He placed his coffee cup on the bench before pulling open a drawer. He reached his hand inside and pulled out a large kitchen knife. He turned his head as the shower upstairs turned on.

Sam closed the drawer and began his ascension of the stairs.

On the landing, Sam turned left, his head cocked slightly. He licked his lips as he made his way down the hall to Rick's room.

He placed his hand on the doorknob and turned. The door swung open. He could hear Rick singing in the shower. Off key as always.

Sam silent walked across the carpet, his hand outstretched. He flung open the bathroom door.

Rick was in the shower, his eyes closed, his mouth open singing some God awful TV commercial jingle. Sam opened the glass door, knife raised high in the air and drove it repeatedly into his roommate. 

Blood splattered across the white tiles, as Rick's face twisted horribly, his body contorting in a failed attempt to get away from the razor sharp knife.

Just like the scene from Psycho, Sam continued to stab at Rick until his lifeless body fell to the floor of the shower stall, the water rinsing the blood down the drain.

Sam smiled as the water from the ocean washed over his knees. He had carried Rick's naked body down the stairs and carefully placed it inside his surfboard bag, then carried him outside to the beach.

It was deserted. The white sandy shore gave way to the beautiful blue ocean. 

Making sure he was alone, Sam unzipped the bag and dragged Rick's body out. With more effort that he would like to admit, Sam placed Rick on the end of his surfboard and paddled out into the ocean.

He found a spot to relax, his feet dangling in the water. A quick glance over his shoulder showed that the beach was still empty, so with a heave, Sam pushed Rick's body into the ocean, then paddled a little closer back to shore.

As he sat there, the early morning sun playing on his face, Sam noticed something bobbing up and down in the water. He squinted, shielding his eyes from the sun with his hand. “Damn,” he said under his breath as he watched the body bob up and down like some kind of top.

He looked around wildly. An elderly man and his dog had appeared on the sand for their morning walk.

Panic rose in Sam's throat. If a big wave rolled in, he was screwed. Rick's body would wash ashore then he'd have to explain what the hell happened. And he hadn't even cleaned the bathroom yet.

That's when he saw something out the corner of his eye. He craned his neck. The water was smooth like glass, undisturbed by what was lurking beneath.

The body stopped bobbing. It disappeared altogether. Sam watched in amazement as the ocean turned red, chunks of human flesh floating to the foamy surface. Never once did it cross his mind to leave the water.

A long dark shape swum under his board, its fin scraping the underside. Sam carefully pulled his feet up. It was too late to make a break for it. Any splashing on his behalf would result in whatever was in the water to turn its attention to him.

Sam watched in both awe and fear as Rick's body was torn limb by limb in a frenzy.

Sam craned his neck to see what type of sharks they were. Not that he really could tell the difference anyway.

He leaned forward, getting onto his knees and peering into the water. The last thing he saw was the monstrous jaws of a Great White as it rocketed itself out of the water, taking his upper body into its gaping mouth with one quick sweep. As the beast hit the water, its jaws clenched, breaking Sam's back and tearing him in half.