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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Firsts - A First From Hazlo

Trent Alexander Faulkner here folks with an impressive story from a young man who wishes to be known as Hazlo. An erotic story that challenges Rhiannon Irons' work in oh-so-many ways. It's worth the read, and if the comments are good, maybe we shall see more of him.

If you have any stories that want us to publish on here, regardless of what they're about, then give us a shout at and we'll post them for you - Trent.

The train ride to your place is slower than I remember it being. Maybe it’s because I’m distracted, thinking about you next to me and what we’re going to do, maybe the train has pulled into an extra stop or two and I haven’t noticed. Probably the former. I look over at you, see your nervous smile and meet it with my own. It’s difficult not to feel a bit flighty, like a kid again holding hands with someone for the first time. I can feel the excitement burning a hole inside me like a droplet of acid. Though it seems like it was much longer, the train soon pulls into your station and we walk back to your house.
The street is dark, the sun having made its way below the horizon over an hour ago. We walk quickly, knowing each step gets us closer to your door, your room, your bed. We round the last corner, metres away, feet, we’re there. You open the door quickly into a dark house, no-one else home, no-one due back for a few days, housemates having gone on holiday together. We go inside. While you fumble around in the dark for the switch, I can’t get the smile off my face.

The lights come on in your room, the pink shade bathing us both in rose coloured tones. Still both a little nervous, we look at each other and share a laugh before we step in to kiss. I put my arms around you and draw you in tight; I can feel your body heat, your hair on my face, your scent filling my nose and it makes me kiss you harder. I feel your soft, warm lips pressing on mine, your beautiful body in my arms and I think Finally!
I start to unbutton my shirt, then think again, grab your hands and get you to undress me. I get little shivers as your fingers brush against my chest and run over my shoulders, a trail of goosebumps rising from the trail of your touch, my shirt dropping to the ground. I find the edges of your top and start pulling it up and off you, revelling in the reveal of your body. I want to take my time with this, I really do but your breasts are suddenly there in front of me, enticing nipples dark and starting to harden beneath your bra. It makes me breathe faster; I feel hot flushes and my cock starts to jump and strain in my underwear. I reach behind you and unclip the straps of your bra, slowly remove it and drop it to the ground and my heart skips a beat or two. I feel your hands dancing magically on my belt buckle and my pants suddenly loosen.
I move over to your bed and taking a seat on the side, kick off my shoes. I reach around and pull you close again so my head is level with your chest; I can’t get naked fast enough, I have to have your breasts in my mouth now. I circle my tongue on your right nipple first, flicking it like it was a light switch. My right hand massages your other breast, cupping, holding and caressing. My left though, is still trying to work at the zip at the back of your dress; it takes a moment but I get it and snake down my hand, stripping it off you. I stop to take a small breath, kicking my pants off and I stop for a second, drinking it all in – here we are, standing here together, naked except for our underwear and then… there they go too.

You’re glorious naked, do you know that? I think you do. I pull you back in close, caressing you, exploring you, learning you. It’s my turn to leave a trail of goosebumps as I trace up along your arms, one hand winding slowly down your back and the other across your chest, underneath each breast and down your stomach making you gasp a little, kneeling lower as I go. As I cup your plump curvy ass and pull you in still closer, your thighs part slightly ready for my touch.

My finger slides reverentially down, light but firm, slightly trembling as I run along your pussy, drawing your wetness to the surface. I feel you quivering as I draw it back up again, next to but not quite across the juicy bud of your clitoris and I take a moment, teasing it a little, your breathing coming faster and deeper now. When I slide into you, I know the whispered moan from your lips will stay with me forever.

I have to taste you in that moment and my tongue reaches out to join my hand, playing in harmony with gentle licks and making your quivers turn to shakes. I stay there savouring you, your hands running through my hair, pulling and teasing at it, driving me on. I feel a sheen of sweat breaking out on the small of your back and I know you’re close, your hips pushing against me, my finger deep inside you now, circling your g-spot while my tongue bathes and lashes along your clitoris. The sounds coming from your perfect mouth make me look up and seeing you like this, your orgasm dancing on my tongue, the scent of you filling me up and the desire in your eyes - it’s more than I can bear, my cock straining to be inside you.

I sit down on the bed, pulling you down and on top of me. I’m throbbing now, I have your beautiful ass in my hands, I’m rubbing myself on your delicious pussy and am engulfed in your breasts; your groans are soft, but becoming more audible now as you feel first the head, then the shaft bumping against your clit. I tilt my hips and press it harder on you, heightening the sensation and forcing your eyes wider at the unexpected surprise. We rock like that for awhile, letting the sensations build, you’re so wet against my belly, so silken and smooth inside. I can feel your muscles start the tremors of another orgasm, your toes clenching and breath heaving now as you come again with long shudders of pleasure cascading through your body.

I lean back and pull you with me, kisses flying until our lips lock. I feel your hand guide me into you slowly and the first few seconds nearly make me come right then. You feel so good, so rightand I’m in you and you’re on me. I tilt my hips back as you push down, driving me deeper into you, your hands reaching out and rubbing along my chest. You look like a goddess perched above me, gentle rocking at first growing more intense as the rhythm of sex takes hold. I push further into you and hold there, rubbing your clitoris against my tensed stomach muscles. By the look on your face, this is very welcome and the quiet whimpers this encourages from you set every nerve in my body alert and tingling, a locus of energy quickly building as I feel my own orgasm electrifying through me.

I want to sustain this moment, draw it out and spin it round over and over, letting the waves of sensation flood through me like I’m a wire connected to a power source. I sit up again, the new angle bringing us both there as our groins pulse and jump together, tremors of the most powerful orgasm I’ve had in years ricocheting off the inside of my skin and I can’t hold back the moan that builds from deep within me as my eyes roll back. I hold you so close that we’re almost one being as we ride the waves of pleasure, the apricot colour of the afterglow settling through us like a gentle but persistent mist and we collapse down again, a mess of limbs and hair and sweat, huge smiles chiselled on our faces.

As we lay there together, nestled in, the air cooling once more, you look over at me and the glint of desire and mischief is still there in your eyes. It makes my cock twitch and stir again and I know we’re far from finished.

‘Seconds?’ I ask, and your smiles says ‘yes, and thirds and fourths and fifths,’ which gets no argument from me.


  1. Wow, I loved it. Great piece of erotica! Very entertaining. Now I wonder, has Mr. A now changed his name to Hazlo?

    Either way, brilliant story and very hot!

  2. Wow, erotica from a man's pov. Great story!

  3. I've got that warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach that is now drifting between my thighs. Finally a man who knows how to please a woman!

  4. I'm not gay by any means, but this speaks to men as much as it does to women.
    Great story. Loved how it was from a mans point of view. And if it wasn't for that little introduction, I could have sworn Rhiannon Irons had written this. Great work, Hazlo and welcome aboard the Final Curtian train.

  5. I thought Rhiannon and James were a dynamic duo when it came to horror but now I'd love to see a collaboration of Rhiannon and Hazlo for erotica. That was very sensual. Agreeing with CiCi, a man who knows how to please a woman. You must teach us oh great one!

  6. I can see the different writing styles from Halzo and Rei, but this had the same effect as one of hers does. Dick goes up, pants unzip.

  7. Thank you for the toasty welcome to the Curtain folks, my philosophy is a simple one - if it turns me on, then (hopefully) it will turn you on too.

  8. And just to confuse you some more Paige, no, Mr A is not Hazlo either.

  9. Ohh boo! OK, I officially give up. I have no idea who the hell Mr. A is and now I don't care.

    Hazlo, great story anyway. It certainly got a reaction from me ;-)

  10. Nice story. Agreeing with Tom. I want to see a James and Rhiannon colaboration in horror and a Rhiannon and Hazlo colaboration in erotica. With writers like this, there's no hope for anyone else. Great stuff!

  11. Great story. It's nice to read something from a mans POV. Welcome aboard Hazlo, here's hoping to see more from you

  12. sexy story i 2 wanna c a colaboration btween rei and hazlo now that wood b hoooooottttttt

  13. Great story. It oozes experience and knowledge. I love having a man write something like this. It adds to the sexiness. Fantastic, Hazlo! Can't wait to see what else you got!