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Saturday, November 5, 2011

All I Need

A smile from you is all I need
To get me through today
Then the thoughts of harm and doubt
Simply go away

A hug from you is all I need
When things are looking blue
Wrap your arms around me
Come on, you know what to do

A kiss from you is all I need
When the clouds are rolling in
A lingering one on my lips
Or dusting them along my skin

In any event you are my stars
You are all I need
You are the moon and sun aligned
You are the air I breathe

You are everything that I will ever need
You are everything I could ever want
You are the reason my world revolves
Please don't let it stop

And as I sit here
Alone in my room
I begin to think
About all the times we've been through

A smile creeps to my face
My heart begins to dance
I want to say "Thank you"
For taking a chance

A simple smile is all I need
An embrace is all I need from you
A kiss is all I need
Because no one else will do

1 comment:

  1. Aww this is so sweet and filled with love. Compared to the nightmares you wrote before, this is so different but my response is still the same. Loved it!