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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bathtime Buddy - Part One

The elegant glow of candlelight flickered across her face. Rhiannon smiled, catching a glimpse of her bright green eyes in the mirror as she blew out the match. Her long blonde hair framed her face, her single pink streak very vibrant, even in the minimum lighting.

The bathroom was filled with candles, each one lit, casting a romantic vibe throughout the room. The scent of roses filled the room, mixed with the unmistakeable aroma of musk.

Rhiannon untied the black satin robe she wore, it slipping from her shoulders and gliding gently to the floor, crumpling in a heap at her feet. 

Kicking it aside Rhiannon turned her attention to the already drawn bubble bath. Red rose petals floated elegantly in the water, begging her to join them. Dipping a single toe in, Rhiannon smiled. The water temperature was perfect.

She climbed into the bath, sighing with content as she slid down under the bubbles, her body fully submerged underwater. 

She emerged, wiping her face with her hands, blinking as the water dripped down her nose. Her long hair was matted to her back as she leaned back, her head resting comfortably on the padded head rest of her bath.

Rhiannon picked up a rose petal, feeling its velvety softness between her fingers before releasing it back into the water. It glided away from her, gently floating towards her legs, sticking to her knee.

She smiled, closing her eyes. Her nipples were erect as the water lapped them gently. She touched them lightly with her hand before giving her breasts a firm squeeze. She rolled her nipples around in between her thumb and index finger, squeezing them tightly, wish that it was him.

Her head lolled back, eyes still closed, lips parted as a low moan of pleasure escaped her mouth. Rhiannon slid one hand down her stomach, past her bellybutton ring before reaching her moist centre. She rubbed her clitoris before sliding a single finger into her with ease. 

Rhiannon arched her back slightly, her eyes still closed. Her breathing was ragged, uneven as she drove herself into a fury of sexual lust.

The door opened. Rhiannon turned her head, withdrawing her fingers, and smiled, her eyes lighting up at the man standing in the door way. He smiled back, his grey-green eyes roaming over her features. He was fully clothed but with each step he took his hands began to unbutton his shirt.

Rhiannon licked her lips as his shirt fell to the floor reveal his muscular chest and broad shoulders. Oh, how she loved to be wrapped up in his well toned arms, her head resting comfortably on his pecks. His eyes watched hers as he unzipped his pants, dropping them.

Judging from the bulge in his briefs, he was just excited as she was. She stares up at him, shooting him her most seductive look. He almost let out an audible groan. He had never been one to resist that look. That look is the reason why the polar ice caps are melting, not global warming.

Rhiannon scooted forward in the bath, the bubbles obstructing any view he had of her breasts. She arched a perfectly groomed eyebrow and he got the hint. Hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs, he dropped them to the floor, his erection straining to full length.

She licked her lips again, her eyes trained on his cock. He stepped forward, keeping out of her reach. She batted her eyelashes innocently at him before leaning back, her head resting on the soft pillow, her hand tracing lightly over her breasts, her eyes not leaving his.

He gulped, his cock straining painfully. She was a sex kitten, in every possible way. What he wouldn't give right now to pull her erect nipple into his mouth and let his tongue swirl around it before biting down gently. He wanted to send waves of pleasure rolling over her, showing her what his years of experience could do to her.

Rhiannon grinned, noticing his fists clenched at his sides. She dropped her hand in the water, tracing her fingers lightly over her thighs. “Care to join me?” she asked teasingly, a hint of innocence in her voice.


  1. This is such a sweet story, but I know you way too well. It's going to get much hotter in part two :-)

  2. Can I take a bubble bath with you? Pretty please?

  3. So sweet and sensual. Very sexy. Can't wait to see where this leads.