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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ahlephia's Top 13 Most Iconic Halloween Moments

Greetings everyone!

As the holiday of Halloween approaches I thought it was only fitting to dissect my favorite movie of all time and give you a Top 13 list of moments that make this film iconic.

From the opening sequence to the end, John Carpenter's Halloween remains one of the greatest movies in horror history.  And I will issue a warning now: There will be spoilers.

So, without further ado, take a step back to 1978 as I bring you my Top 13 Most Iconic Halloween Moments.  How do your favorite movie moments stack up against mine?

13)  Michael's Costume And The Missing Beer

Towards the later half of the movie Lynda sends her boyfriend, Bob, down stairs to get her beer after they finished making passionate love.  When 'he' returns to the bedroom, he's wearing a sheet over his head, his glasses still perched on his nose.  Lynda teases him a little before getting cranky that he won't reply or hand over her beer.  What Lynda doesn't realize is that Bob is really Michael Myers.... Talk about a creepy moment.

12)  Lynda's Death

Following the above scene comes the death of Lynda.  Now, it may not seem exciting compared to today's movies, but Lynda's death is iconic because of the phone call that she made before being strangled by the telephone call.  If she hadn't called Laurie, Laurie wouldn't have gone over and faced off against Michael.  Besides, watching Lynda struggle for air, pulling the sheet off Michael and collapsing to the floor dead is brilliantly acted.

11)  "Everyone's Entitled To One Good Scare."

A line delivered by Sheriff Leigh Brackett that would be later repeated by Janet Leigh in Halloween H20, this moment is enough to send chills down the spine, especially after our leading lady has been spooked by Michael standing behind a hedge, driving past in a stolen car, and sitting outside her school.  I guess everyone really is entitled to one good scare...

10) Lester's Death

Now this may be a controversial moment, but the killing of the family dog stands out in my mind because it gives the appearance of pure evil.  Animals and, to a degree, children are both completely innocent.  Killing them in a horror movie (unless the animal is the antagonist like Jaws) is a harsh moment to be reckoned with. Watching Michael hold Lester's lifeless body took his dog count to two.

9)  Tommy Sees The Boogeyman

This moment really sticks out in my mind because it shows that there is danger lurking in the shadows.  Tommy peers out the window while Laurie is on the phone to Annie and he sees a shape of a man standing outside the house where Annie is babysitting.  At that moment this poor child knows that something deadly is going to happen.  Lucky for him he has one hell of a babysitter.

8)  Annie's Death

Trying to open her car without keys, Annie finds herself returning to the Wallace residence to find them.  Keys in hand, she returns to the garage and opens her car door....without the use of the key.  Once inside the car she sees that the window is fogged and the realization that she opened the door without the key hits her.  Michael Myers sits up in the backseat and proceeds to strangle her before slashing her throat with his kitchen knife.  I guess Annie should have checked the backseat... 

7)  Bob's Death

Without a doubt one of the most shocking moments in the film.  Michael leaps out of the shadows, wrapping his hand around Bob's neck before lifting him off the ground.  As Bob kicks and struggles, Michael plunges his knife through Bob's chest, pinning him to the kitchen cupboards   Once Bob sub-comes to the painful death, Michael stands still, tilting his head from side to side, admiring his work.

6)  The Opening Sequence

The movies opens through Michael's eyes.  Literally.  The audience is Michael.  We see him pick up a knife and move quietly through the house before heading up the stairs and picking up his clown mask.  He then kills his sister before turning around and walking out of the house, only to run into his parents who remove his clown mask to reveal a young boy...

5)  Laurie Discovers The Bodies

Poor Laurie.  It must be traumatic to discover your friends are all dead, their bodies neatly packed into one room.  It must be even worse to lean on a door frame, crying hysterically, and not notice the white mask materializing out of the darkness behind you....

4)  Dr. Loomis To The Rescue

Just when Laurie thought she was a goner, Dr. Sam Loomis shows up, gun in hand, to save the day.  He empties 6 rounds into Michael Myers, watching him fall off a two-story balcony before telling Laurie that she did indeed encounter the boogeyman.  As he walks to the balcony, his face changes.  Michael is gone.  And Loomis knew this would happen...

3)  Dr. Loomis' Evil Speech

Fancy words don't always work on authority, but Loomis' speech on how evil Michael Myers is kept Sheriff Leigh Brackett trolling the streets late at night.  "I met him, fifteen years ago.  I was told there was nothing left. No reason, no conscience, no understanding; even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, good or evil, right or wrong.  I met this six-year-old child, with this blank, pale, emotionless face and, the blackest eyes... the devil's eyes.  I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply... evil."

2)  Michael Unmasked

This moment caused more fear than intended.  As Laurie struggles in her final battle against The Shape, the mask is pulled off and we, the audience, get to see Michael all grown up.  Talk about creepy.  That brief moment installed more fear into the audience than expected and ranks highly on my count for being one of the spookiest moments in the entire film.

1)  The Closet

How can I create a list of the most iconic moments in Halloween without including the closet sequence?  When people think of Halloween, this is what they remember.  Poor Laurie is trapped in the closet while Michael searches the room, looking for her.  Then the doors to the closet start to jiggle before his fist comes through it.  That eerie moment is replayed in Halloween H20 as a flash back in Laurie's nightmare.  That alone is the reason this ranks at number one.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekend Away - Part Two

Emily’s eyes opened slowly, her lashes fluttering.

She glanced around the room, taking in her surroundings. 

She was lying on his bed.  Her wrists felt heavy and her mouth was dry.  She tried to sit up but something stopped her.

Glancing down at herself, Emily let out a startled gasp.  She was chained to the bed.  Forget the soft restraints he had her in the previous night, she was now wearing metal cuffs on her wrists and ankles.  A matching metal collar was locked around her neck with a chain running from it, securing her to the wrought iron bed frame.  From the collar ran a second chain, this one linking to her wrist cuffs, while another chain ran the length of her body before linking up with her ankle restraints.

Emily didn’t mind being bound.  In fact, it was a pleasure she enjoyed immensely and often wished she could spend more time tied to his bed.  What she minded was that somehow, during the night, while she was sleeping, her boyfriend had managed to put her in black latex thigh high stockings and matching elbow length gloves.  He had even been considerate enough to place her in a latex thong that was without a doubt the most uncomfortable thing she had ever worn.  She even had on a pair of impossible heels that if she even attempted to walk in, would see her break her neck.

Emily pulled at her restraints, hearing the chains clink together.  Panic set in when she realised she was gagged with a simple piece of cloth and couldn’t call for him.

Just as Emily was plotting her escape, the door to the bedroom opened.  In walked her boyfriend carrying two large glasses of water.

He placed one down on the nightstand before moving over to her.

“Now, if I take this out, you have to promise me you won’t scream,” he said, his voice filled with a mocking tone.  Emily nodded her head quickly.

Carefully, he removed the gag before helping her into a semi sitting position where she would be able to drink.  He held the glass to her lips and let the water slide down her dry throat.  Emily’s chained hands rose, holding his, giving her a little more control.

Once she had finished the water, he promptly placed the gag back into her mouth.  Emily groaned, but was thankful it wasn’t that large ball gag he had used the night before.  Even as she thought about it, her jaw tightened.

She watched him, her blue eyes following him as he removed his shirt, revealing his toned features.  Emily felt her breath hitch in her throat as she watched him guzzle his water down.

He turned to face her.  “Now, what am I going to do with you?” he asked, teasingly, smiling at her.  Emily muffled a response, but she knew he already had plans for her.

Carefully maneuvering her onto her side, he lay down behind her and cupped her breasts in his hands, feeling her nipples harden as his palm grazed across them.  Emily felt her eyes close as he pinched and teased her nipples until they were taut buds. 

With each movement of his hand and manipulating fingers, Emily could feel her body respond.  The crotch of the latex thong was soaking with her juices as he continued to torture her body. 

Emily let out a surprised cry as his hand snaked around her throat, pulling her head towards him, arching her back.  His lips brushed her ear, sending shivers down her spine.  “You’re my little play thing, aren’t you?” he hissed, nipping her ear, his teeth grazing over her.  She nodded, swallowing hard as his free hand continued to maul her breasts. 

He released her neck for a moment before getting up from the bed.  She watched him as he moved around the side of the bed before returning with a key. 

Watching with interest, Emily saw him remove the locks on her ankles, releasing them from the binds of the chains before reaching up and roughly removing the thong that was almost like a second skin to her.  Once it was discarded on the floor of his bedroom, he replaced the chains, securing her once again to his bed.

Emily craned her neck to watch him remove his pants.  His cock was already hard, its head glistening with pre-cum.  She watched him as he stroked himself a couple of times before he lay back down behind her.

Emily felt his hardness press into the flesh of her ass as he gently rocked his hips back and forth.  He could feel her wetness slide down her thighs, the scent of her arousal flooded his nostrils.  He made a mental note to keep her tied to his bed more often as it clearly had a positive effect on her.

He parted her thighs, feeling her juices caress his fingers as he parted the lips of her pussy before plunging two fingers deep inside her.

Emily squealed, her legs clamping together as he began to rub her clitoris with his thumb.  Emily rocked her hips back and forth, feeling her orgasm build as he stroked her breasts with his free hand, fondling them, tweaking her nipples until they were hard like diamonds.

He parted her legs, pulling his fingers from her aching flesh.  Emily groaned, her hair falling in front of her eyes as she pleaded with him to continue touching her.

As if agreeing to her command, he pressed his cock against her entrance and with one swift thrust, buried himself completely inside her.  Emily cried out, her body shaking with the rumblings of her first orgasm.

As the sensations slowed, he began working himself in and out of her, one hand wrapped around her neck, forcing her head back, the other resting on her hip as he slammed into her repeatedly.

Emily’s eyes closed as she felt his full length disappear inside her, his ridged shaft playing her body like a harp.  His hand on her throat added to the eroticism of it all.  There was no squeezing or choking.  Just the pressure of his hand forcing her head back was enough to cause her to come again.

As Emily caught her breath, he eased out of her before lining his throbbing member up with her tight ass.  Carefully, he worked the bulbous head into her hot little ass.  He felt her body tense as his cock slid into her.  With a hand resting on her hip, he asked if she was alright.  Emily nodded, her eyes closed, her breathing ragged.

Slowly, he began moving his hips, rocking them back and forth.  Emily grunted as she felt his shaft sliding in and out of her ass.  It was a little discomforting.  Her hands balled into fists as her head rested on the pillow.

Sensing she wasn’t ok, he reached around, parting her thighs slightly so he could rub her clit with his fingers.  As soon as his index finger touched her delicate little bud, Emily gasped, her eyes flying open as a bolt of pleasure surged through her.

Feeling her body convulse around his cock, and having her scent of arousal flooding his senses, he began stroking her clitoris fast, his body slamming into her, his cock buried in her ass. 

Emily’s gasps became more audible as his hand grasped her neck again.  With a sudden cry, her whole body began to shudder as a powerful orgasm washed over her.  Her thighs trembled, her shoulders shook and her lips quivered as she rode the pleasure wave.

Not being able to hold back, he shot his load deep inside her ass, as her body milked him for all he was worth.

Lying together, breathing hard, he pulled out of her.  Emily grunted as she felt him slide out of her.  Looking at him through parted eyes, she saw his eyes twinkle as he placed a vibrator deep in her quivering pussy before turning it on a low hum.

“We’re not finished yet,” he said, suggestively, before pulling on his pants and exiting the room, leaving Emily chained to the bed, eagerly waiting for round three.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


In the dead of the night
Hear me scream
On a night like this
Nothing is as it seems
The world around me
Is just like a dream
Every night should be

It's getting late
There's a chill in the air
The moon is full
A night of despair
A night of ghouls
Of ghosts and goblins
A night where the scares
Are never stopping
A night where werewolves howl
And vampires bite

All in the name of
Halloween frights

In the dead of the night
Hear me scream
On a night like this
Nothing is as it seems
The world around me
Is just like a dream
Every night should be

Standing alone
Under the pale moonlight
Something lurks behind you
Giving you a fright
Your heart is beating fast
As you see the terrible sight
Glowing green eyes

Of a monster in flight
You open your mouth
And let out a scream
Everything thing you feared
Becomes real on Halloween

In the dead of the night
Hear me scream
On a night like this
Nothing is as it seems
The world around me
Is just like a dream
Every night should be

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weekend Away - Part One

Emily exited the train, her suitcase in her hand.  Her blonde hair was tied neatly in a high set ponytail, her fringe falling softly over her forehead.  The sun was warming her face and though she was wearing sunglasses, she still squinted to see where she was going.

She had just travelled for two hours on the train to visit her boyfriend for a fun filled weekend.  She had spoken to him earlier that week, describing a sexual fantasy that she would love to fulfill.  While he agreed to it, Emily found herself a little nervous as she walked from the station to his place. 

Emily had confessed that she wanted to be dominated by him, but only to a certain degree.  She loved the idea of having a man use her for his pleasure, but didn’t want to fully enter a world of BSDM.  She just wanted to be lightly spanked, tied up, and maybe gagged to see if she liked it as much in reality as she did in her dreams.

By the time she reached his house, her panties were soaked with her desire as her mind toyed with the ideas of what he was planning.

She tentatively knocked on the door and rocked back and forth on her heels, waiting for him to answer. 

The door opened and Emily smiled.  Her boyfriend stood before her, minus his shirt, with a dopey grin on his face.

“Been waiting for you,” he said, ushering her inside the house and escorting her directly to his room.  He took her bag from her before passionately kissing her, his hands running over her body.

Their embrace broke as he removed her shirt and pushed her onto his bed.  Emily landed, her legs flying up as he removed her shoes and jeans before taking in the site of her in her hot pink and white lacy bra and panties set.

“Very nice,” he said, unclasping her bra and discarding it to the floor along with the remainder of her clothes.  “But they have to go for what I have planned.”  He lifted her legs, sliding her damp panties off her before tossing them over his shoulder.

Emily laid naked on the bed, watching him with baited breath.  What was he up to?

She didn’t have to wait long before he pounced on her, pinning her beneath him.  He sucked at her collarbone, pulling her arms to either side of her body and securing them to a restraint system he had set up the night before.

Emily let out a surprised cry as she felt cuffs secure to her wrists.  She tugged, realising that she couldn’t break free.  Damn, he was good.

He grabbed one of her ankles and, out of instinct, Emily pressed her foot against his chest, kicking him lightly.  She watched as his blue eyes darkened. 

“Naughty, naughty,” he scolded softly, pulling her legs apart and securing them to opposite sides of the bed, leaving her completely open to him and his advances. 

Emily was breathing heavily.  She could feel her excitement trickling out of her and down her inner thighs.

She wiggled on the bed while his back was turned, trying to get a little more comfortable.  She was completely at his mercy and that thought alone had her body begging for release.

So when he sat down at his computer and started a game of World of Warcraft, Emily screamed at him, telling him that he couldn’t leave her like that.

Calmly he stood up, a ball gag in hand and thrust it between her lips, silencing her mid sentence. 

Emily glared at him as he returned to his desk.  Her icy stare turned to worry as he returned with a small butt plug.  She shook her head, pulling at the restraints, her eyes wide.

She watched him lube it up before gently inserting it into her back passage.  Emily’s eyes closed, her hands balling up into fists as she felt the pressure of it enter her. 

Emily’s eyes reopened when she felt something enter her soaking pet pussy with ease.  He was kneeling between her stretched open legs, pushing a large vibrator into her. 

“Hmm, something’s not quite right about this,” he said, tapping his finger against his chin.  His eyes sparkled.  “I know!”  He unclipped one of her ankles, securing it to the same side as the other ankle before tightening the restraints so that her legs were firmly together. 

Emily squealed when he reached down, turning the vibrator on a low setting.  She thrashed about, trying to dislodge it from her.  He just laughed and released one of her hands before locking it against the other so she was secured to one side of the bed.

“Much better,” he mused, admiring how she looked at him, her eyes wide as the vibrator hummed inside her.  The intensity setting of it wasn’t so bad but considering her legs were now together it upped the ante and her clitoris began to tingle.

Emily tugged at the restraints, her muffled pleads falling on deaf ears as he returned to his game.  She cried out with frustration, rocking back and forth, trying to get free so she could remove the vibrator.  Or turn it up until she came.

What Emily didn’t realise was that her movements was causing a friction that ended up having a pleasing effect on her body.

With a garbled cry, Emily’s eyes rolled back in her head as her body shock with her first orgasm of the afternoon.

Her breathing was ragged as her eyes opened, small tremors coursing through her body as she looked over at him.  He was watching intently, enjoying what he was seeing.  Emily could see the bulge in his pants.  She whimpered for him to release her. 

He stood up and moved across to the bed.  He knelt before her, his hand on her wrists as though he was going to free her.  Instead, he lent down, sucking her plump, juicy nipple into his mouth and letting his tongue flicker over it.

Emily groaned, her back arching off the mattress as his spare hand fondled her other nipple, pulling it until it was a taut bud.  He pinched it, watching her eyes roll back in her head as he continued his manipulations of her body.

The scent of her desire flooded his nostrils.  She was on the verge of coming again.  Despite her ankles being securing together, he had no trouble parting Emily’s legs so he could rub her clit with his fingers. 

Emily’s moans of pleasure became more audible and, though she was gagged, he could make out every word she said. 

As she came again, he reached down and turned off the vibrator, giving her a few moments of rest.  Her ivory skin was soaked in sweat, her blonde hair matted to her face.  He reached down, kissing her cheek, tasting the saltiness of her skin, as he moved a stray strand of hair from her face.

He undid the gag and she gasped, sucking in large quantities of air.

“Have we learned a lesson, pet?” he asked, stroking her breast with his hand in a loving manner. 

Emily nodded, shifting her body a little.  “Yes, I’ve learned a lesson,” she told him, her green eyes staring up at him with a mischievous twinkle in them.  “You’re a prick.”

His eyes darkened and he quickly secured the gag again.

He removed the vibrator from her dripping wet pussy before unzipping his pants and, with one swift motion, rammed himself into her.

Emily gasped, her hands gripping the bed as he drove himself into her repeatedly, his hips slamming into her thighs.

Staring up at him, Emily saw his eyes darken as his hand snaked through her hair, pulling on her ponytail until her head was up off the pillow.  His lip twitched into a smile as her eyes closed as her third orgasm washed over her.  He could feel her body convulsing, squeezing his quivering member, milking him until he exploded deep inside her.

He withdrew, smiling as his come trickled out of her.  He watched as she half opened a glazed eye.  Her chest was rising rapidly as she tried to get her heart rate back under control.

Grinning at her, he grabbed the vibrator and pushed it back into her before turning it on high.  For the added fun of watching her squirm, he grabbed a simple pair of nipple clamps and attached them to her sensitive and erect buds before giving a chain that linked them a tug.

As Emily’s body began to shudder with the onset of another hard orgasm, he turned his back and went back to his game.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Clown Statue

Amy Hunter was sixteen years old with gorgeous long chocolate brown hair and big brown, doe-like eyes.  She was quite petite, although very athletic.  She was a swimmer for the Crystal Falls High School swim team and was head of the yearbook committee. 

She was also the most trusted babysitter in the entire town.

More often than not, Amy spent her weekends and Friday nights looking after the children of Crystal Falls, with the exception of when a swim meet fell on one of those nights, in which case, the parents often cancelled their plans to go and cheer Amy on.

Everybody loved her.

Amy stared at her Algebra book.  The numbers and letters blurred.  She glanced up at the clock, checking the time.

It was nine o’clock one Friday night and she was babysitting the Craven children, Dawn and Whitney.  For the last three hours, Amy had played every kind of board game the Craven’s owned, read the last Harry Potter book aloud and had created a home for the girls’ Barbie dolls that would have had architects hanging their heads in shame.

Now the girls were asleep in their rooms, snoring softly, while Amy was trying to complete her homework.  But she couldn’t concentrate. 

Getting up from the kitchen table, Amy moved to the fridge and searched the contents before deciding on a diet soda.  She popped open the can when a creaking noise overhead caught her attention. 

Thinking one of the girls had woken up and was going to the bathroom, Amy shrugged it off, sitting back down and tapping her pencil against her textbook.

The creaking noise returned.

Sighing, Amy stood up and made her way upstairs to the bedroom.  Quietly, she opened the door and poked her head inside.

The two girls were sound asleep.  Their pink princess nightlight lit up part of the room.  Amy’s eyes scanned the room.  Toys littered the floor along with a couple pairs of shoes.  A sweater that belonged to Dawn was draped over the desk chair while Whitney’s teddy bear had fallen from the bed.

Amy tiptoed into the room and picked up the bear.  Placing it back in Whitney’s arms, she turned back towards the door and let out a startled gasp.

Standing next to the door was a clown statue that Amy had never seen before.  It was hideous, and its horrible painted smile, with jagged teeth, sent shivers down Amy’s spine. 

She had always hated clowns, ever since her sixth birthday when her parents had hired one.  Nothing traumatic happened to her that day it’s just that Amy didn’t like him.  She didn’t go near him at all and refused to accept a balloon animal from him.

That was always the issue whenever she babysat the Craven girls; Dawn loved clowns.  She collected dolls, figurines and stickers.  Now, Amy guessed, she had moved onto statues.  Large ones at that. 

Shaking her head in disbelief over the size of clown and how Mr. and Mrs. Craven agreed to buying it, Amy walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Back downstairs she tried to focus on her homework, but her mind kept drifting back to Dawn’s latest collection addition.

Amy had never seen a clown statue like it before. The red velvet jumpsuit with big orange buttons was most unusual, especially when paired with large floppy orange and black shoes.  Its hair was stringy, dyed bright blue and combed out to the side of its head.  The eyes were black and expressionless.  And that smile.  Amy shivered, running her hands up and down her arms to warm herself as a sudden chill crept over her. 

Glancing up at the clock, she saw it was only 9:07PM.  She sighed.  This night seemed to drag on.  Mr. and Mrs. Craven had told her that they would aim to be home by nine.  Where were they?

A noise upstairs had her jumping, and just like the responsible babysitter she was, Amy flew up the stairs, taking them two at a time. 

Poking her head in the bedroom, she didn’t notice anything different, other than the girls had changed sleeping positions and that Whitney’s teddy bear was back on the floor.

Creeping into the room, trying not to make a sound, Amy picked up the bear and tucked it in beside Whitney.  Dawn snored loudly, causing Amy to stifle a giggle.  She pulled the blankets up over Dawn, tucking her in tightly before turned and walking out of the room.

Once she was back in the kitchen, Amy packed up her textbooks.  She wasn’t really getting any decent studying done, so she might as well watch some TV until Mr. and Mrs. Craven returned home.

Loading her books into her bag, Amy picked up her drink and made her way into the living room.  She plonked down on the couch and began channel surfing.

Just as Amy drained the remaining few drops from her soda can, the phone rang.  Jumping slightly, Amy scrambled to answer it.

“Craven residence,” she said, breathlessly.

“Amy?  Is everything alright?”

Amy sighed.  It was Mr. Craven.

“Yes, Mr. Craven, everything’s fine.  Just a little jumpy.  Are you going to be long?”

Mr. Craven sighed, explaining that they were on their way home when the car got bogged down with a flat tire.  “We’ve rung Triple A and are just waiting for them.”

“What?  You didn’t carry a spare?” Amy teased.

Mr. Craven laughed.  “No, we took it out when we picked up Dawn’s birthday present.  Damn thing was so large that it didn’t fit in the trunk.”

Amy’s mind flashed back to the large clown statue.

“I can see that,” she mused.  “But how did she talk you into getting it?  I mean, I know she loves clowns but that one just looks so evil.  It’s a wonder she and Whitney don’t have nightmares.”

Mr. Craven paused.  “What do you mean, Amy?” he asked, his voice filled with confusion.

“The large clown statue that’s in their room?” Amy said, chewing on the ends of her hair.  “The creepy one with the sinister smile and the hair that’s sticking out in forty-five different directions?”

Mr. Craven drew a deep breath.  “Amy, get the girls out of the house.  Run next door and call 911.”

“But…” Amy protested, not understanding what was going on.

“Do it, Amy.  Now!”  Mr. Craven sounded hysterical, yelling at his wife that they had to get home now.

“But, Mr. Craven, the girls are fine.  I just checked on them.  They’re asleep.”  Amy was confused, and now a little concerned with the way her employer was acting.

“Amy, listen to me,” Mr. Craven said, trying to calm his voice.  “We didn’t get Dawn a clown statue.  We got her the trampoline that’s in the backyard,” said Mr. Craven.

Amy’s eyes widened as the phone fell from her hand.

Out of instinct, she turned her head towards to the stairs.

Standing behind her, covered in blood, grinning that sinister grin, was the clown statue.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Alice’s eyes fluttered open.  The room was quiet and dark.  The only light came from a bare bulb in the center of the ceiling.

She turned her head, blinking her eyes, letting them adjust to the dimness. 

She was lying naked on a bed.  A wrought iron bed with a simple mattress was all it was.  Nothing special about it.  Her wrists were chained to the bed head while her ankles were secured to the foot posts, leaving her spread open and vulnerable.

The door opened and Alice moved her head to see who it was.

He stood at the foot of the bed, still dressed impeccably in his navy blue three piece suit and crisp white shirt.  Alice stared up at him as he removed his jacket. 

“W-w-what do you plan on doing with me?” she asked, her nervousness not hidden in her voice.

He chuckled but did not reply.

Instead, he made his way over to a small work bench.  His hand grazed over the top of several items, all designed to torture her.  He grabbed a large vibrator and a simple ball gag. 

Alice repeated her question.  Again, he did not utter a single word.

Instead, he thrust the ball gag between her teeth, securing it behind her head, locking it in place.  Alice’s eyes widened as he showed her the vibrator.  She muffled a protest, but soon those pleas turned to moans as his tongue flickered across her clitoris.

He smiled, teasing her with his tongue, licking an invisible trail down her inner thigh before sucking her clit into his mouth.  Alice’s garbled cries of pleasure were music to his ears as he continued to torture her.  His tongue darted inside her, feeling her juices trickle past it, exiting her willing and aching flesh.

With ease, he pushed two fingers into her moist heat, feeling her body grasp the invaders willingly as they plundered her depths, causing Alice’s hips to grind against his touch.  Though restrained, her body rocked from side to side, deriving as much pleasure as humanly possible.

He pulled his hand away and inserted the large vibrator.  Alice squealed, feeling her dripping pussy stretch to accommodate the large intruder.

Once it was firmly buried deep inside her, he turned it on.  Alice gasped, feeling it pulse and buzz against her body, causing thrills of small tremors to run through her, shocking her right to the core.

He watched her for a few seconds as her hips bucked with her first orgasm.  Her cheeks were flushed as she drew in ragged breaths.  A small strand of drool dripped from her gagged mouth, coming to a rest just above her breasts.

Her breasts were the eighth and ninth wonder of the world.  Perfectly rounded with perky pink nipples, her breasts were one of her favourite features.  She loved how he’d roll her nipples around in between his thumb and forefinger feeling her excitement mount with each little tug.  Then he would tweak them hard causing a violent spasm to pass through her body, rocketing her towards an Earth-shattering orgasm.

He licked his lips as he watched her chest rise.  Her eyes were closed tightly and judging from the way her head was moving back and forth, she was on the edge of another orgasm.

Leaning over her, he placed his mouth over one plump, pink nipple, sucking on it until it grew taut in his mouth.  His tongue circled it the same way it had circled her clitoris, causing whimpers of delight to escape from his victim.

He lifted his head, pulling her nipple up with his lips, listening to her muffled curses as she stared at him through parted eyes.  His free hand groped her other breast, kneading the flesh, his fingers circling her nipple, teasing it by not actually touching it.

Alice swore, her hips rocking back and forth.  He chuckled, blowing cool air against her tight bud, watching it protrude even further.

He moved his attention to the other nipple that was as hard as a diamond.  His tongue swirled around it, flickering over it before he nipped at it with his teeth, grazing them along it before releasing it.  Just like before, he blew cool air onto it then proceeded to tweak it hard with his fingers.

He stood up.  All her thrashing about had caused the vibrator to slide out of her moist folds.  The tip of it was resting against her and the sensation it was providing was enough to drive Alice insane. 

He reached down, turning it off and letting it rest on the mattress while he moved to his work station to get something else.  He returned, and with a swift motion, secured two nipple clamps to her erect nipples.  Alice cried out at the shock.  Sure, he had tweaked them and pulled them before, but never had she worn specially designed clamps before.

Her bright blue eyes stared down at her chest, her hands clenching into fists as she saw him reach for the vibrator.  She garbled a plea that he wouldn’t insert it back into her.  She wasn’t sure she could handle much more of that.

He chuckled, his hand rubbing her outer lips, feeling her warm juices coat his digits.  Bringing his fingers to his mouth, his tongue flicked out, tasting her.  Even in the dim lighting, he could see that the vibrator was soaked with her desire. 

A wicked smile played over his lips as he sat next to her on the bed.

“You’ve been a naughty girl, Alice,” he said, tracing the tip of the vibrator over her hip bone, dipping it into her bellybutton then running a line down her leg.  “And naughty girls need to be punished.”

Alice’s eyes widened when she felt the tip of the vibrator press against her rectum.  As the head of it entered her, her eyes scrunched closed, her head turning on the side, her breathing becoming uneven as she forced her body to relax.  It would hurt less if she relaxed.

Once its whole length was buried inside her, Alice opened her eyes, becoming use to the sensation of having her ass full.

He reached down and turned it on.  Alice jumped, her body instinctively pulling at her bonds as it pulsed inside her, giving her a new pleasure she had never felt before.

She turned her head to look at him as he undressed.  His lean body was nothing shy of perfection with toned muscles, a chiseled chest and sculpted abs.  His thighs were muscular and his cock was long, thick and just simply perfect.

He climbed on the bed in between her outstretched legs and watched as her thighs quivered at the sight of him stroking his member.  Pre-cum glistened on the head of his cock as he lined his hips up with hers.  With one quick thrust, he was buried fully inside her, the vibrations of the vibrator that was embedded in her ass coursed through his cock, causing it to twitch.  If he wasn’t careful, he would come too early.  And this was one cheeky minx that he wanted to pound into for a while.

He reared back on his knees, pulling completely out of her before slamming his hips against hers, impaling her on his throbbing appendage.  Alice grunted and cried out as he began fucking her faster, slamming into her with a powerful force that she didn’t know he had.

He slowed down, feeling the pulsing sensations of the vibrator.  Her pussy clenched at him, gripping his cock as the vibrations shot straight down his shaft.  He groaned, rocking back slightly, leaving just the tip of his quivering member inside her.

He had to come and he had to come now.

Reaching out, he gripped the chain that linked the two nipple clamps and gave it a gentle pull.  Alice squealed, her body convulsing, her nipples feeling like they were on fire.

As she concentrated on the feeling of them being pulled and tweaked permanently, he concentrated in slamming into her, rapidly, his body grinding against hers, his hips bucking.

With a loud groan, he came, shooting his load deep inside her, pulling the chain once more, causing her to come with him.

Exhausted, he rolled off her.  It took him a few moments to calm himself before sitting up.  Alice’s eyes were still closed, the vibrator still buzzing away in her ass.  He reached down and turned it off, leaving it inside her.

Carefully, he moved her sweat matted hair and undid the gag, tossing it onto the bed beside her.  Her chest rose as her breathing became normal.

He removed the nipple clamps and watched as the blood rushed back into her nipples, causing them to become erect, begging for his tongue to circle them once more. 

He grabbed his discarded clothes and made his way to the door, leaving Alice, once again, all alone in the dungeon.