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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hunting Season Part Two

Roxanne stared out the window at the passing forest, watching the trees bend in the afternoon breeze. They hadn't seen another car for almost an hour and the further they travelled, the more nervous Roxanne was becoming.

She glanced over at him and saw his lip twitch into a smirk. “Where are we going?” she asked for the millionth time since they had gotten into the car. 

“You'll find out soon enough,” came his reply as he turned sharply on the steering wheel, sending the car up a narrow dirt road.


Roxanne was in awe as a large log cabin came into view, the afternoon sunlight reflecting off the windows, creating a stunning effect of light.

The car came to stop. He turned to her. “We're here,” he said, simply as he got out, expecting her to follow. Roxanne did, climbing out slowly, taking in her surroundings. The forest was dense, the tree trunks were huge. A few flickers of light shone through the leafy canopy, creating stunning beams of golden rays over the mossy ground. It was simply breathtaking.

When he had called her early that week to inform her that he was taking her on a mountain retreat, she had never envisioned this. Upon hearing the word retreat, she began mentally packing her bag. Warm clothing, sweaters, jeans, hiking boots. But he surprised her by telling her not to pack anything. Roxanne had protested, stating that there was no way he would be able to pack all his things plus hers into one suitcase. Eventually, to avoid an argument, he agreed to let her bring a small suitcase which he had promptly thrown into the trunk of the car the moment he picked her up.

His silence on the drive to the cabin had bothered Roxanne. She was getting chills down her spine as the thought of her previous encounters with him flooded her mind. Now, she was in the middle of no where with him, miles from anyone else.

When she turned around, Roxanne noticed he was already standing by the door of the cabin. A simple black duffel bag was in his hand. “You forgot my bag,” she told him as she approached the door. He smiled, his eyes roaming over her body.

“I'll get it once I get the place opened up,” he said. “Don't want this place smelling like moth balls.” He chuckled as the key turned in the lock, opening the door to the cabin.

The cabin was beautiful. Floor to ceiling windows, a large stone fireplace and gorgeous views of the lake and surrounding forest. Roxanne was in awe. She moved into the centre of the room, admiring the view.

She turned when she heard the door close. She smiled at him. “This place is spectacular!” she exclaimed, slipping her hands into the pockets of her jeans.

He nodded, not moving from the entry. “It is beautiful,” he agreed. “Now, strip.”

Roxanne turned her head. “I'm sorry, what?” she asked, her eyes flashing in defiance. 



He smiled, taking a step towards her, his black bag still in hand. “I thought I might have some problems with you,” he said, placing the bag on a small table. He unzipped it. “Now, you can either strip yourself, or let me do it.”

Roxanne folded her arms across her chest. She was not in the mood for one of his sex games.

He chuckled again. With one swift motion he had grabbed her wrist in his hand, pulling it behind her. Roxanne let out a surprised cry, pulling against his strength. She was no match for him. 

He manoeuvred her other hand behind her back, grasping her wrists tightly with his left hand as his right rummaged through his duffel bag until he found what he was looking for. 

Roxanne's eyes widened as he dangled the pair of black leather cuffs in front of her face. “Do you want me to use these?” he asked, his lips brushing against her ear.

Roxanne shook her head violently. He released his grip on her wrists, letting her go. She stood facing him. Without being told, she pulled her T-shirt over her head, discarding it. She kicked off her shoes, removed her socks and unzipped her jeans. She stood before him in her black lace bra and panties.

“Take them off,” he commanded, his voice thick with want and desire. Roxanne obeyed, discarding both bra and panties onto the pile of her clothes. Automatically, her hands covered her breasts, her legs crossing at the ankles.

He reached into the bag, a smirk on his face. “Now, that's better. If you haven't guessed, this week will be a continuous game. While we're here, you're not to wear anything except what's in this bag. You will refer to me as 'Master' the entire time. Do you understand?”

Roxanne nodded, her hair falling in front of her eyes. She was surprised by how his tone of voice had an affect on her body. She could feel her thighs tremble and a sudden dampness. She felt her cheeks burn as he approached her with the ominous bag.

She peaked inside and licked her lips. Staring back at her was her fox ears, tail and black collar with small bell. The same outfit she had donned for him a couple of months ago.

When they had spoken openly about it, she had told him it had been fun being his little fox and that she would love to do it again. He had agreed, but that was it. There was no other mention of it and their sex life hadn't suffered in the slightest. In fact, she had almost forgotten about that night she had spent as a fox. Almost...

Glancing up at him, Roxanne saw his eyes soften. “Our safe word will remain the same,” he told her, stroking her hair. “If at any time you want to quit this, just say the word and I'll remove the tail and ears.” She nodded, reaching her hand into the bag, pulling the ears out and placing them on her head.

He removed her necklace and replaced it with the collar before pulling out the tail. Since that initial introduction to it, they had experienced anal sex. And while it was something that Roxanne wasn't use to, and at times it did hurt her, it wasn't completely unpleasant. But still, the thought of anything entering her body through her ass caused her to tense up.

He turned her around so her back was to him. She felt his fingers trail down her spine. The touch was light, sweet. She felt the fur of the fox tail follow the path left by his fingers. She turned to look at him, her blue-green eyes wide as she saw him rub some lubricant onto the plug end of the tail. Then he squirted some onto his hand and massaged her butt, slipping two fingers into her.

"I don't know if I want to do this," Roxanne said, looking over her shoulder.

He smiled. "Of course you do. The only problem you have is that you won't admit that it excites you. Sexual satisfaction can be arrived in many ways, and these are just some of them. You're naturally submissive, Roxanne. It's about time you accepted that." With those words, he pressed the tip of the plug against her anus, pressing hard until it slipped inside her, creating a surprised cry from her as she felt it filling her.

He reached into the bag one more time and produced a pair of black heels. He knelt before her and told her to lift one leg at a time. As she did he got a good eyeful of her body, the fox tail swishing over her flesh, causing goosebumps to rise.

Once he had slipped her feet into the heels, he stood up and looked at her, his eyes dancing with delight. Her newly blonde hair made her red ears stand out even further. The blush in her cheeks matched the fur. He jingled her collar, feeling the coolness of the bell against his palm.

She stared at him, quizzical as he circled her, admiring the view of the gorgeous creature before him. He tapped his chin, his eyes darkening as he stared at her. “Run,” he commanded.

Roxanne's eyes grew wide as she shrank back against the wall, the tail pressing into her body further causing a surprise gasp from her. 

He nodded to the door. “Run,” he told her again.

“B-b-b-but I can't!” she cried, protesting that she was naked.

He held up his hand, bringing it down on her ass. She yelped and took off, pulling open the front door of the cabin and sprinting out into the woods as best she could in the impossible heels he had her in.

He followed slowly, keeping her in his sights as she climbed over logs, rounding bushes and trees before leaping over a small creek. She stopped to catch her breath, leaning over a fallen tree when he came up behind her, wrapping his arm around her body, feeling her nipples harden beneath his hands as he tweaked them, pulling them taut so they were hard like diamonds. 

Roxanne moaned, grinding her hips against him as he continued to play with her. 

“It occurred to me that foxes don't have hands,” he whispered in her ear as she placed her hands atop his, guiding his to squeeze her breasts the way she liked.

Before she had time to say anything, he had secured her hands behind her back and bent her over the log. The bark from the tree rubbed against her nipples, causing a new sensation to sweep through her. The roughness felt different and she could feel each individual ridge in the wood as she squirmed.

His hand slid in between her legs, rubbing against her moist centre, feeling her juices seep onto his fingers. She groaned as he traced a single finger over her clitoris, teasing her, feeling her hips buck against him, bumping his erection.

He let out a primal groan, closing his eyes briefly. He could feel her hips making small circles on his palm, in an attempt to get herself off. His eyes fluttered open, his lip twitching upwards into a grin. What a naughty girl she was.

He spread her sex, sliding in two fingers. He felt the warmth of her body greet him as he rubbed his fingers deep inside her, causing soft groans of approval to escape from her. He grinned as he continued feeling her body quiver beneath his own. To test her, he slid another finger in. She gasped, eyes opening wide as she felt the third invader probe deep inside her. 

Roxanne rocked her hips back and forth, lightly tugging on her restraints, the bark rubbing against her nipples. If he kept this up, she would come. It was inevitable.

He could feel her body respond. Her clitoris pulsed against his thumb as his fingers probed deep inside her. He could feel his hand growing slicker with her wetness with each thrust of his exploring digits.

As he added his forth finger, stretching her, she began to shudder, convulsing as her orgasm washed over her, consuming her. Roxanne let out a strangled cry as she fell against the log, scraping herself against the rough bark.

Her eyes were closed, her breathing hard, as he unzipped himself, freeing his pulsing manhood to the world. He picked her up in his arms and took a seat on the log, impaling Roxanne with his quivering member.

Roxanne's eyes shot open as she felt his full length disappear inside her. He held her hips firmly as he waited for her to begin to rock from side to side. When she didn't move, he took one of her nipples into his mouth, rolling his tongue around it before nipping at it, sending a shiver down her spine.

Slowly, Roxanne began to rock back and forth, her hips making slow figure eights. She wanted to rest her hands on his chest, to feel his muscles as she rode him. With them behind her back she felt more awkward than usual.

She felt his hips buck, forcing himself deep inside her. Her groans were becoming more audible as she stopped moving and let him take over. He placed his mouth over one of her nipples, gripped her hips with his hands and began lifting her on and off. He teased her by pulling her right off and only having the tip of his rock hard cock buried inside her, before plunging her back down on him, his hips rising to meet hers.

Sweat dripped from his brow as he stared up at his sexy fox. Her head had fallen back, her hands still behind her back, pressing her breasts forward and her tail fell between his legs. He loved the feel of it as he thrust deeply into her. Releasing one of her hips, he reached down and grabbed the tail, pulling it slightly, causing Roxanne to moan louder.

That familiar feeling stirred in her belly. She could feel another orgasm approaching. He could feel it too. Her body began to tense. Sweat slid down her neck, in between her breasts. He dropped her tail and slid his hand in between their grinding bodies, rubbing her clit until she let out a monstrous cry of pleasure as she came hard.

He couldn't hold it any longer and thrust upwards, filling her completely as he shot his creamy, thick load deep inside her. Her muscles, clenched, tightening around his cock, milking him until he was completely drained.

She collapsed against him, breathing hard, her hair matting against her skin.

They sat there, still, catching their breath for a few moments. Carefully, he lifted her off him. He watched as both his come and hers leaked out of her.

He placed her carefully on the log while he fixed himself up. He unchained her wrists and watched as she rubbed them in an attempt to get the circulation back into her arms.

Licking her lips, she glanced up at him. “Do I really have to wear this all week?” she asked, shivering slightly as the cool evening air brushed over her naked flesh, causing her nipples to harden further. He smiled slyly, watching her body react to the environment. 

“Yes,” he replied, helping her to her feet, their combined juices trailing down her leg. His hand brushed over her tail, tugging it teasingly, watching her reaction as she backed into him, eyes closing. 

The breeze washed over them again. Roxanne shivered, rubbing her arms. He gave her a hug, his arms wrapping around her. “B-b-b-but it's cold,” she stammered, as he picked her up and began carrying her back to the cabin, her tail swishing about in the chilling wind as he walked.

“Don't worry, my little fox,” he said. “I have plenty of ways to keep you warm for the week.” 

Roxanne felt a shiver of excitement spread through her body as she caught his eye and he winked as he carried her back to the isolated cabin.


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