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Thursday, May 10, 2012


I fear the nightmares that are set upon me
I fear the darkness as it surrounds me
I fear that my life will be sucked out of me
I fear the shadows that come to life

I fear the heights of mountains before me
I fear the path in which to follow
I fear the words spoken by demons
I fear the grasping hands of you

I fear the powers that you possess
I fear the way I hold on and repress
I fear the troubles that I have caused
I fear that my life has been paused

I fear all of life's normalities
I fear the weirdness that it brings
I fear the you walking away from me
That fear pulls on my heart strings

I fear the night as it fills the sky
I fear that if you leave I will die
I fear that everything will come to an end
I fear that you'll only want to be my friend

I fear that love will leave me be
When it was suppose to set me free
I fear that nothing is as it seems
I fear that this is all just a dream

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