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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ode To You

The way you look at me
Always makes me smile
Just knowing that you're there
Always makes my day

I love nothing more
Than waking up in your arms
Snuggling up close to your chest
Always makes me feel safe

I love the feel of your breath
Lightly teasing my neck
Your lips pressed on my skin
Always make me melt

You always know just what to do
To make me feel like a princess
You say the things I long to hear
But your actions speak louder than words

For years I had hoped for a prince
To finally come my way
And here you are on a noble steed
Sword drawn at the ready

You are the reason for my smile
You are the reason why
I still believe in love
After many years of doubt

If it wasn't for your love
I probably wouldn't be here
You keep me safe and sane
When the world around me is crazy

From the bottom of my heart
I say thank you
There are no words left to say
Except I owe you

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