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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I regret that time we were caught
Smoking in eighth grade.
I regret that time I was caught
Drinking underage.
I regret that time I told a lie
To the cops about where we were.
I regret sleeping with a man
Whose name I don't remember.
I regret falling asleep
During that final exam.
I regret having unprotected sex
With my latest man.
I regret knowing that
Some of the things I've done
Have affected us in more ways than one.
I regret how we danced naked in the moonlight
On a public beach.
I regret how my trust
Was something he breached.
I regret ending things so quickly
And not having a proper goodbye.
I regret watching him leave

And not being able to cry.
There are so many things in life
That I ultimately regret.
Some things I forgive
But none I can forget.
But when it comes to you and I
I know I can continue to smile.
For I regret nothing of what we've done
And I love every minute that we have fun.
Nothing about meeting you
I regret.
You've touched my life in a way
That I can never ever forget.

1 comment:

  1. Part of me thinks there's something you regret that you're not ready to admit yet.

    The other part of me says these are just words and have nothing to do with your current state.

    Whatever the reason for this, I liked it.