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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I see you for who you really are
I won't be silent anymore
I can't hide the hurt I'm feeling
Especially when it's my emotions
That you're playing with
Just toying me around

The silence between us is deafening
I apologised for breaking our date
But I had to take care of me
And it was you who once said
That if I don't look out for me
Who will?

Still silent?
I'm sorry for not being able to conform
I'm sorry that something had come up
That was unavoidable
If you want to be mad then be mad  
But use your words not silence

The stress of it all is killing me
I messaged you this morning
And yet still no reply
Being silent doesn't mean I'll go away
It just means you're not that man
I thought you were

I will be there tomorrow
To apologise face to face
No amount of rain, hail or shine
Nothing will keep me from you
Nothing will keep me away
Except your silence

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