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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Secret Of Finley Hall

You stay away from that place Tom, there’s nothing but trouble behind those gates.

Tom’s mother’s voice rang through his mind as he peeked through the bushes to the overpowering image that was Finley Hall.
Standing for over two centuries now, the old building was certainly looking its age, the rain of years gone past slowly working its way through breaking down the structure and the dirt and grime clinging to it as if its appearance was always meant to look dark and dingy.

As always in the small town of Finley, the rain poured down and the wind howled through every street and straight into the path of Tom, composing himself for what he saw as the ultimate adventure. For years now he had walked past Finley Hall with his friends gazing as those steel gates wondering what lie beyond them. His friends were possibly the wise ones, refusing any such offerings of a scouting expedition, which left Tom alone in his intrigue.

Following the passing of his father, Tom had gained a new sense of life, realizing that it was way too short and that every opportunity for an adventure or something out of the ordinary should be taken, no matter the risks. His mother had noted this and, despite her constant opposition to Tom’s newfound dynamic side, she was powerless and was resigned to the fact that her son had embraced a new curious side. Of a dinner time she would attempt to rattle home the importance of his safety but to no avail, he wanted to live life to the full and that was exactly what he was going to do, risky or otherwise.

Enter his latest venture, and the prospect of exploring Finley Hall was within his reach.

Wearing his trusty red hoody and a pair of old jeans, Tom found himself drenched in the current weather conditions but this did not deter him from his great mission. Having walked past the place every day on the way to school, he knew exactly how to find a way through those gates and peered through the shrubbery at the left side of the metal fencing and found his entry point. A piece of earth burrowed through just enough to fit his body underneath had been created, whether by man or animal he didn’t care, but it was the perfect start to his exploration. Being a Sunday, Tom knew that the streets would be empty, Finley very much an oldy-worldy town sticking to Sunday traditions of shops being shut and people remaining at home – but tradition had to be broken for such an opportunity.

The street clear and vision slightly impaired by the blitz of rainwater, Tom sprinted across the road and quickly found himself on the water-engulfed mud that led to beyond the barriers of safety. The mud clung to his red hoody like a child clings to their favourite blanket but Tom cared little for the state of his clothing, in favour of a level of excitement he had never felt before. Clambering to his feet, Tom’s heart pounded faster than a boxer who had just won the world title and he felt his body perspiring at a rapid rate – this was his chance to unlock the secrets of a place he had been fixated on for so long.

Reaching into his pocket, whilst still crouching in case of any security, he picked out his father’s trusty pen knife and found the attachment most likely to forge his way through the big wooden gate that lay in his wake. Approaching the door Tom took a deep breath as he reached towards the lock, only to find the door open upon his touch. Taken back by the ease of the task, his next task was to open the door avoiding any alarming noises. Knowing that his frame was slight, he opened the door as little as possible and slid his way through before closing it behind him. 

What met his eyes was even more shocking as to how easy it was to infiltrate what he thought would prove to be an impenetrable fortress. A mass hall lit with eons of candles dangling from chandeliers met his eyes, the orange burn so bright it could have singed through his pupils. For a hall he had thought empty and haunted for years it was a staggering sight.

His instant thought was to escape; clearly someone was residing in the great hall and he would be seen as a trespasser. Turning, he grabbed the door only to find it had somehow locked behind him. His hands became clammy, his pulse raced and sweat began to pour down his forehead as he wiped his brow.

With no choice left, he walked down the empty hall lit so brightly and surveyed the premises. Doors at either corner of the huge room met the corner of each eye as he took the decision to go left. Walking up to the wooden door he felt a sudden brush of heat on his neck and took a massive gulp as he delved further into the realms of this unknown building. Through the door was a swirling staircase heading downwards towards what looked to be yet another fire-lit room. The flames flickered as they created shadows on the wall, yet not signs of anyone whatsoever.

Tom's knees were at the point of shaking as he proceeded into unknown territory and walked into an almost identical grand room. This time his eyes met with something very different; smoke filling the air and fire waving, surrounding a dark and ominous figure upon a stage of some sorts.

"So you've finally arrived. We have been waiting for you Tom." The voice boomed and echoed through the room and hit the very blood within Tom's veins.

"W-What do you want with me? How do you know my name? I just wanted to see what this place was like, I never meant any harm..."
Tom's voice fluttered and his heart raced even faster, sensing he was in for a world full of trouble.

"Tom, it is no coincidence that you stand here before me, it is fate. The treatment you give your family is nothing short of sinful and for that you must feel the consequences."

Tom attempted to take a gulp but found his throat so dry he could not, almost allowing no exit for his words.
"I love my family and they love me. How can you question my love for them when you don't even know me you bastard?!"

Turning, Tom realised he had no escape from this mysterious stranger who seemed to know him so well - his fate was seemingly sealed at the hands of this ominous figure. He faced back round to the dark, omnipotent individual and began to walk towards him. Almost hypnotised by the emerging sight of this 'man', Tom began to peer at the demon-red eyes that graced him and approached a stage filled with fire-lit candles.

"Embrace your fate Tom and you will be rewarded."

Tom's eyes lit up like the flames before him and he reached his hand out, somehow possessed by the emerging sight of this person who seemed to know everything about him. He almost felt uncontrollable in his new-found desire to approach this clearly threatening being but still he edged closer.

Finally reaching the stage, Tom could not believe his eyes, for in front of him stood a vision of eternal menace and death. Standing some 7 feet, the figure possessed eyes blacker than the night sky, and a face paler than the clear moon lighting that sky. Wearing an oversized cloak that hid his body and only revealed his face, the figure felt even more overpowering and overwhelming at closer reach.

His hand embraced that of the stranger and revealed a bony structure, hands that unveiled little indication of inducing further fear, ye Tom remained hypnotic in state.

"The time has come Tom, come with me and your family will forever be saved from the future horrors you will serve them. Curiosity brought you here and how you must follow through to find what you truly desired. Come with me, come with me to the depths of Hell..."

With that, the ground beneath their feet opened up and Tom was swept to even fiery depths as he took the path to the underworld with Death...  


  1. I have chills. That is such an amazing story, James. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  2. Wow, this is amazing. Welcome back, James. Miss you on here buddy

  3. Fantastic story, James. It really drew me in. Welcome back. I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  4. We all have an adventurous side that leads us astray at some point. But I think from now on I'll keep mine in check.

    James, this story is amazing. Chilling and intriguing. Welcome back to The Final Curtain.

  5. Thanks for the feedback, I promise there will be more stories to follow. Huge thanks to ReiRei for keeping the faith in me and allowing me to share my visions.