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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Wounds that run deep
Can leave nothing but scars
Reminders of the past
The stories they tell
Can be of tremendous joy
Or of nothing but suffering and pain

We all have scars
They can be physical
For all to see
Or they can be something hidden away
In the back of your mind
Mental scars take longer to heal
Because the pain is always there

My scars tell a story
Of who I use to be
Of rocky roads and mischief
Of rough and tumble games

Of a battle with cancer
And one of scrapped knees
All of these are a statement that I display
A part of me from yesterday

It's the emotional ones
That take a toll
Things that one could never imagine
Something so trivial to someone else
Could mean the entire world to you
Ripping it out of your life
Leaves you with a gaping wound
A wound that time can only heal
The knife may be gone
But the scar remains

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