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Monday, April 1, 2013

My Little Pony

Erica stared out the large window of her study.  Rolling hills of lush grass stared back at her.  The gum trees swayed in the gentle summer breeze.

She glanced down at her laptop, the words of her story blurring together.

Erica was a writer and a very well known one at that.  When she sold her first book, even she was surprised by the response that it got.  Pretty soon she was able to afford to purchase a large block of land in the countryside, build her dream home and gain inspiration by her surroundings.  She had the dream home and the land in the country, but sadly the inspiration lacked.

Sighing, she got to her feet and made her way to the kitchen.

Just as she was staring at the contents of her fridge, her boyfriend, John, burst in through the door.  “You’ve got to come see this,” he cried, panting, his hands resting on his knees as he struggled to get his breath back.


“Just come on.”

He grabbed her hand and dragged her outside.  Erica squinted in the bright side, shielding her eyes with her hand. 

It was hot and the humidity was almost unbearable as they raced across the grounds of Erica’s estate until they came to a large barn.

John had been building it for the last few months and he was excited to show off the final product.

“Ta-da!” he cried, standing with his arms wide open in front of the large barn.  “So, what do you think?”

Erica’s mouth hung open.  “It’s amazing,” she said, stuttering.  “I can’t believe it’s finally done.”  John grinned and told her that she hadn’t seen anything yet.  He pulled open the door and ushered her inside. 

There were ten stalls, perfect for holding horses or cattle as well as a small powder room complete with shower.  There were stairs that led to an office style room upstairs which could double as a guest room should anyone want to sleep in the barn. 

Erica entered one of the stalls, her feet crunching on the fresh hay that had been laid out on the ground.  Several bundles of it were stationed in the corner and on the gate was a hook to hold the horse’s reins as you groomed them.

“John, this is amazing,” she said.  She really meant it.  She was in awe at the amount of work he had done.

John lent on the gate, staring at her.  Erica was gorgeous.  She had long blonde hair, the same colour as the hay.  Her body was curvy, her breasts full and perky.  Her stomach was taut with a simple diamond belly ring dangling from it.  Her long legs climbed up her skirt, causing John to lick his lips with lust.

He quietly walked off, closing the barn door and locking it.  He knew he wouldn’t have been able to resist Erica so he had a little plan for her.  A roll in the hay she would never forget.

He climbed the stairs to the office, retrieving a bag he had left there while he was building the barn.  Unzipping it, he pulled out a small blonde tail attached to a simple vibrating butt plug, a vibrator, a horse bit gag with reins attached and leather cuffs for her wrists that were separated by a small chain and padlocks.

Erica liked it rough and was certainly willing to try anything once, more than once if she really enjoyed it.  When she originally started talking about building a barn she would often tease him by saying things like “Before we actually get horses, we should take a roll in the hay ourselves.”  John’s blood boiled with desire as he spent weeks hunting for a pony tail that he could use on her, making her his little pony for a day.

He crept back down the stairs, keeping an eye on her as she ran her hands across the wooden walls, feeling all the effort he had put into creating this perfect barn for her.

Sneaking up behind her and placing the items from his bag on a hay stack, John wrapped his arm around her, pulling her closer to him.  Her butt bumped his erection and he groaned.

Erica gasped when she felt his lips on her throat, his hand cupping her breasts, squeezing her nipples through her T-shirt and bra.  He could feel her body respond so he quickly removed her clothes, leaving her in just her baby pink thong.

He told her to close her eyes.  When she wouldn’t, John wrapped her T-shirt around her head, covering her eyes completely. 

John took his time sucking and flicking her nipples with his tongue and mouth, making sure to keep her on the edge but not quite take her over it.  He secured her wrists behind her back, ignoring her pleas before he placed the gag firmly in her mouth, securing it behind her head.  He removed the blindfold and held up the blonde tail.  He draped it over her breasts, teasing her sensitive nipples with the hair before pressing the plug against one and turning the vibrator on.  “Know what this is?” he asked, running his hand through her hair.  Erica shook her head, eyes wide.

He turned her around and dropped her panties to the ground.  He wrapped his arm wrapped around her chest as he rubbed his other hand across the curve of her backside.  Erica felt the tip of the plug press against her ass and she tensed.  Closing her eyes and feeling John’s tongue tickle her earlobe caused her to relax, allowing him to slip the vibrating intruder into her tight body.

Eric shuddered as she felt the powerful vibrations course through her.  She glanced down at herself and realized what he had really done to her.  Forget buying a pony for herself, John had turned her into his little pony.

Her chest heaved as she wondered what he had in mind.

She didn’t have to wait long.  Grabbing hold of the reins, John pulled her out of the stall and into the centre of the barn where he had positioned bales of hay so he could lie her down on them and do, what Erica imagined, would be unspeakable things. 

Erica pulled on her restraints, feeling the coolness of the concrete beneath her bare feet.  He hooked the reins over one of the hooks before running back upstairs to grab a riding crop and small whip from his bag.  Erica watched with both fear and interest as he returned, slapping the crop against her backside, causing her to jump.

“Easy, girl,” he said soothingly, tracing the whip over her delicate skin.  “Easy.”  He flicked it expertly over her nipples.  Erica’s eyes closed.  Though her nipples were stinging from the attention John was giving them, it felt so good.  She wanted to beg him to throw her down and fuck her, but this was his game.

Once he tired of whipping her, John removed the reins from the gag and led her over to the bales of hay, positioning her so she was lying on her stomach.  Her legs were spread and she waited, feeling his hands running up her thighs, teasing her clitoris with his fingers.

The horse tail he had inserted into her, hung down, covering her dripping wet pussy.  He could see her excitement trickling out of her, down her thighs.

Grabbing hold of the vibrator, John lifted the tail and plunged into her moist mound.  Erica moaned loudly, feeling John sliding it in and out, fucking her with it before he turned it on and leaving it buried inside her.

The pulsations from both vibrators caused Erica to shake as she climaxed hard.  Sweat dripped from her brow as her eyes rolled backwards, her breathing growing more rapid.

She watched through parted eyes as John held up her reins, reattaching them to the gag and lifting them over her head so he could reach them once he decided to plow into her.  He watched her face as she struggled to regain some control, trying to delay her second orgasm.

John laughed, rubbing his hand over her shoulder, down her back before cupping her ass.  “Who’s my pretty little pony?” he asked, slapping his hand down over her backside, leaving a red mark on her sweat-soaked skin.

Erica didn’t have time to reply as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body.  John’s hand rubbed over the red mark he had left on her ass before reaching down to remove the large vibrator from her soaking wet pussy.  He let it linger on her clitoris for a couple of seconds, teasing her further, before he plunged his rock hard cock into her quivering body.

One of his hands gripped the reins tightly, pulling her head back, arching her back, while his other hand gripped her hip, digging his nails into her flesh.

John pounded into her, feeling her body tighten around him, gripping his cock and milking him.  The hair from the horse tail tickled his shaft, but he loved the way it looked as she wiggled her ass back against him, begging him to thrust hard and deeper into her.

He obliged, his hips bucking against hers, sweat dripping down his nose.  He was on the verge of coming himself when Erica let out a surprised gasp as a third orgasm ripped through her.  John could feel her inner muscles clench at his manhood.

With a cry of delight, John threw his head back as he shot his load deep inside her, filling her completely.  He could feel her twitch as he withdrew, his juices mixed with hers sliding down her thighs.

Still holding the reins, John helped Erica to her feet.  She was shaking and barely able to stand.  He led her to the back of the barn where he had set up a horse grooming centre.  He tied the reins over the bar he had installed before turning the hose on her.

Cold water blasted over Erica’s naked body, chilling her to the bone.  She tried to scream, plead with him to stop.  John just laughed, hosing her down until she was clean.  Wet, but clean.

He walked her back to the first stall, tying her reins over the hook on the gate.

“Be good, my little pony,” he said, running his hands over her ample breasts, tweaking her nipples one last time before turning on his heel and walking back to the barn door.  “I’ll take you for another ride later.”


  1. Oh wow. This was pretty hot. I've never considered pony play before but I think I may have to give it a try now.

  2. Wanna come over and help me build a barn? hehehe

  3. Ok when I saw the title was My Little Pony, I thought this would be a cute story. Not one that would send me running for a freezing cold shower and then to the computer to look for farm houses with an already established barn.... ;)

  4. Nice. I want a pony just like this!

  5. I have a barn on the family farm. Care to come visit?

    Brilliant, steamy, erotic tale that shows off a darker side while keeping the story light and fresh. Great job.

  6. This is going to keep me up tonight. And I don't just mean awake. Fantastic story. Better then Hunting Season I & II

  7. Based on a true story? If so why can't my sex life be like this?!