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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

A week after my father-son fishing trip, I was channel surfing when a breaking news report flashed across my television screen.  Ten of the so-called super criminals were being transferred to Grimsville Prison on July fourth.

I froze, staring at the mug shots on TV.  These men were the most dangerous the city had ever seen.  They had raped, tortured and murdered their way to the big house and were now being transferred for their own safety.

I narrowed my eyes.  I had killed a lot of people, and yet I never got any recognition for my plans or my executions.  I had to step my game up a notch or three.

Later that evening, I pulled out a map I had of the city.  There were six hospitals within our city limits.  I circled them all with a red felt-tipped pen.  I knew that wouldn’t be enough to entice the police so I began cutting letters out from magazines.

By three o’clock in the morning I was still sitting on the floor of my living room, surrounded by cut out letters and a glue stick.  At the top of the map, directly over where my apartment block was, I began leaving a sinister message, warning the police that a ‘big bang’ was coming.

Smiling as I viewed my work, I couldn’t help but feel proud.  I was finally going to make a name for myself.  I was tired, my eyes dropping as I left the map on my coffee table to dry.  I stretched out on the couch before dozing off, having a wonderful dream of the city fearing me and my name being whispered on street corners.

When I woke, I carefully folded the map and placed it in an unmarked envelope before sealing it shut with my glue stick.  No way was I stupid enough to lick the seal.

I addressed it to the local police before writing From Anonymous at the top.  The cops would have a field day with this, guessing as to what I would do.

I walked down the street and dropped the letter into the post box on the corner.  Then entered the coffee shop nearby and got my usual.

Every night I sat by the TV, hoping and giggling with glee that tonight would be the night I was finally on the police radar. 

Almost a week had passed before I made the news.  The report spoke to the chief of police who was very worried about what was mentioned on the map.  They even showed my little gift to them on the air, hoping that someone would come forward with some information in regards to what was on their TV screens.

“We have no leads other than this anonymous tip that a madman by the name of Calendar Killer has threatened to plant a bomb in one of the six hospitals within the city limits,” the chief of police said, fiddling with his neck tie.  “All we know is that there has been a threat made against our hospitals for this coming Fourth of July.”  He paused before adding, “We will find you and we will stop you.”

I fought back laughter.  “I’m sure you’ll try,” I said to the TV as it flashed across my threatening message.  “You won’t succeed.”

As the Fourth of July drew closer, police stepped up their tactics.  Snipers were in high rise buildings overlooking hospitals.  No one went in without being scanned for explosives.  It was an amazing effort by the police force.  They even bought in outside forces to aid them in their desperate search for me.  It was all so very touching.

Before I knew it, the day was upon us.  I woke up extra early that morning.  I had so much to prepare. 

Licking my lips as I packed my bag with fireworks, I couldn’t help but smile.  The media already knew of Calendar Killer but I was still lost among the other news stories.  I had to be top priority.  After the Fourth was over, I would be the most feared thing since Ted Bundy.

I ran downstairs and climbed in my rickety old car.  It rattled and rumbled as I turned the key in the ignition and trundled down the street.

I followed the highway for almost sixty miles before turning off at an old abandoned camp ground.  I couldn’t remember why it had been abandoned; I just knew it was the perfect spot to execute my plan.

Shutting off the engine I climbed out of the rust bucket.  I grabbed my backpack off the passenger seat before making my way through the thick woods.

I reached a small clearing at the top of a cliff that overlooked a small country road.  I checked my watch, making sure I had the correct time.  Yes, only an hour to go.

Unzipping my bag, I began pulling out my fireworks and launcher, positioning it so it was aimed directly at the curve in the road.  Then I sat down to wait.

Sure enough, twenty minutes later, a faint rumbling of car motors assaulted my ears.  I sat up, straining my neck to see around the corner.  “Right on schedule,” I muttered to myself.

A cop car rounded the curved road followed by the prison van which was then followed by another police car.  Inside the van were the ten most dangerous super criminals this city had seen. 

I smiled as I checked the trajectory of the launcher.  It was perfect.  I loaded it and waited for the van to move into the correct alignment.  My finger squeezed on the trigger as the large rocket shaped firework shot out of the launcher and impacted with the side of the van.

There was a large explosion as the firework burst into a colorful array of flashing lights.  The van rocked so I fired another firework at it.  That did the trick.  I smiled in satisfaction as it rolled down the embankment.  The screams of the men inside were music to my ears.  The two cop cars were also dinted in the explosion but I had only managed to kill one officer.

The other three looked around wildly, their guns drawn.  The Prison Van had exploded as it reached the bottom of the ravine.  I wasn’t completely sure if all who were aboard it perished.  My main concern now was the cops on the road. 

I aimed a smaller rocket shaped firework at the three of them crowding behind a car door.  Even from a distance, I could see their hands shaking in fear.  I pulled the trigger and watched as the cops began running for cover. 

Too late.  The firework exploded into a sea of purple and yellow, setting the police officers on fire.

I placed a sour candy ball into my mouth and watched as they ran around the empty road, flapping their arms wildly as the fire swept over them.  It’s amazing how none of them stop, dropped and rolled. 

Sucking on the sour ball, I noticed they fell down the embankment, tumbling like the little fireballs they were.

I walked down the side of the cliff, being careful not to drop anything.  I reached the road, enjoying how close I was to the carnage.  It was beautiful.  I walked towards the edge of the road and looked down.  The fire was still roaring and I could make out the scent of burned skin.

To show how festive I was feeling, I launched another three rockets at the car, enjoying the colorful light show it put on.  Screams of pain and fear flooded my ear drums.  The explosions were musical, drowning them out.  It was beautiful.

I turned my head back to the cop cars that were stationed on odd angles along the road.  Reaching into my bag, I removed my second map along with my second note.  I placed it on the windshield of the car and made sure it would stick before walking off towards my car, whistling Small Town by John Mellencamp.

I got home just in time for the evening news.  Not long after I had fled the scene had the police discovered the grisly crime and had alerted the media hoping they might be able to shed some light on what had happened and why the ten most villainous mastermind criminals were now at the bottom of an embankment, charcoaled beyond all recognition.

The chief of police made a special note that I was toying with them as I had left a message for them to find.  I watched with glee as they unveiled my message of doom to the media.

I had warned you that something big would happen.  Freedom is what we celebrate today.  I freed these men from their chains and sent them to hell where they all belonged.  Now I am the one you should fear.  I will return soon enough.  Until then, I just want to enjoy today.  After all, what is the Fourth of July without a barbeque and a firework display? – Calendar Killer


  1. I love how you always reference past chapters in this series. It helps tie them altogether.
    I was a bit worried as to what he would do with hospitals but now I get it; it was a diversion. Very Die Hard With A Vengeance :-D
    Fantastic story. What's next for this guy?

    1. Dom if you want a clue look to a Calendar and find the next holiday to come hehehe

    2. The USA calendar right? I don't know of any holidays in August that would be used as a theme for this series. But thanks for the tip :-)

  2. Freaky. Great story.

  3. Wow, I did not see that coming at all. Love the fireworks as the killer though. Very creative :D

  4. Oh wow this guy is nuts. I love this series :D