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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hunting Season 3: The New Pet Part 2

When Roxanne awoke, she was still locked in her cage.  Except her cage was now in the basement of the home she shared with her boyfriend.

Confused, she looked around.  The walls were dark stone and the floor was slate tile.  They had a spare bedroom and bathroom built into the basement when they first moved in but the remainder of it was to be his workshop and office which was off limits to her.

Now she found herself caged in what was suspiciously looking like a dungeon.

Out the corner of her eye she saw his feet.  Raising her glance she stared up at him.  His eyes were focused on her, his hands clasped in his lap and he was leaning forward slightly.  He smiled when she caught his eye.

“Did my little fox enjoy her nap?” he asked, arching an eyebrow.

Roxanne felt her mouth go dry.  Her hair fell in front of her face as she slowly lowered her head to see the fox tail had not been removed from her tight, well-rounded ass.  She felt her head and sure enough, the headband with the ears fixed to it was still there proudly adorning the top of her head.

She glanced back up at her boyfriend.  Beside him, sitting on her side, was the Brazilian woman, still wearing her fox attire.

The collar around her neck was made of leather and attached to it was a pet leash.  Roxanne wasn’t sure how to feel about what she was seeing.  She was his girlfriend.  She was his pet.  Why was this other woman allowed to sit at his feet?

He stood up, and moved over to the cage.  Roxanne narrowed her eyes at him and turned her head away as if to say “I’m not talking to you.”

Kneeling down, his finger slipped in through the bars and began stroking her shoulder.  “Come now, my pet,” he whispered, smiling at her.  “You’ll have plenty of fun with what I have in mind.  Now lie down on your back.”

Roxanne didn’t move. 

Sighing he took a riding crop from off the wall and slammed it against the bars.  The noised frightened Roxanne and she quickly obeyed. 

He grabbed the leash and led his other pet over to the cage, opening the side near Roxanne’s head.  “Get in,” he ordered, unclipping the leash and urging her in. 

“Stand over her,” he ordered, watching as the two pets positioned themselves, Roxanne on her back, her head near the other girl’s pussy.

“Good.  Now pleasure each other until I say otherwise,” he said, taking a seat back down in his comfortable chair.

Roxanne glanced over at him and caught sight of the large bulge in his pants.

Lifting her head slightly, Roxanne stuck out her tongue and began licking the moist folds of the other ‘fox’ while she in turn did the same to Roxanne.

Gripping her hips, Roxanne’s tongue explored the other fox.  Up and down, parting her lips and flicking ever so gently over her clit.  When the other ‘fox’ let out a low moan, Roxanne smiled to herself and continued to inflict more teasing of her clitoris.

Roxanne bucked her hips as the other ‘fox’ slid two fingers deep inside her as she sucked Roxanne’s tingling clit into her mouth.

The familiar feeling of an orgasm building swelled in the pit of her stomach as she continued to trace her tongue up and down the moist and highly aroused sex of the other woman. 

In unison both foxes tensed.  Roxanne felt her thighs contract, the muscles growing tight.  She bared down on the anal plug that had her tail attached as she gave into the wave of pleasure sweeping over her. 

As she let out a cry, the other ‘fox’ came hard, juices sliding out of her and dripping onto Roxanne’s face.

Roxanne’s eye caught her boyfriend’s.  He was leaning forward in his chair, watching with interest.  He hadn’t said stop, so as the other ‘fox’ continued to tremble due to the orgasm that washed over her, Roxanne continued to trace her tongue all over her soaking wet pussy, teasing her clitoris with soft laps.


Roxanne stopped and turned her head.  Her boyfriend had risen to his feet and opened one end of the cage, leading the other fox out by her hair. 

“Come on, pet,” he motioned.  Roxanne sat up and shimmied her body towards the opening.  She crawled out, aware that he was still holding the riding crop in his hand.  She certainly didn’t want that whipping across her backside.

Instead she crawled towards him, rubbing her naked body against the leg of his pants, licking her lips to remove any traces of the other woman that still might have been visible.

He lowered his hand to her head, patting her hair.  She was his pet and though at times she protested, she knew he was boss.

He removed the leash from the other ‘fox’ commanding her to stand.  She did, refusing to look him in the eye.  He handed her a wad of cash before thanking her for her time.  She smiled, thanked him and told him if they ever wanted to do something like this again, she would be more than willing.

Roxanne watched as the woman exited.

He knelt down and removed Roxanne’s velvet collar with her little silver bell.  He returned a few seconds later with a larger black leather collar which he promptly placed around her neck.  He clipped the leash to it and walked her around the room, admiring the way her tail swung from side to side with the movement of her hips. 

He asked her to stand.  Roxanne did, nervously chewing on her lip. 

Holding her tight, he bent her at the waist over the top of the cage, lining a large pillow under her stomach.  Carefully, he eased the tail out of her ass before replacing it with his hard cock. 

Gasping as she felt herself get filled, Roxanne wiggled her ass back against him, grinding against his shaft.

He moved slowly at first, getting her use to the sensation of him sliding in and out of her tight ass.  As she rocked back against him he upped the pace, his hands gripping her hips, his nails digging into her soft flesh.

Roxanne cried out, her body shaking violently as an orgasm ripped through her.  He grunted, feeling her body convulse around his cock, attempting to milk it.  He couldn’t hold it any longer.  Letting out a loud cry, he came, shooting his white, hot, sticky load up her ass.

He patted her back as he withdrew.  His come dripped from her puckered opening.  He replaced her tail and helped her to her feet.

“Enjoy that, pet?” he asked, his hand roaming over her ass, giving her a playful spank.

Roxanne nodded, unable to speak.

He smiled, tugging on her lead. 

“Come, pet,” he said, opening the basement door.  “Let’s go lounge on the couch for a while.  If you’re good then I might let you roam free for a while.”

Roxanne followed him up the stairs, a smile stretched out on her face.  This is how it was supposed to be.  She was his and he was hers.


  1. Oh wow. I admit I would love to do this. The way you write it makes it sound so sexy.

  2. ReiRei this is hot!

    One question though - how come you wrote two parts and not just doing this as one longish story?

    Either way, no complaints from me other than my jeans are too tight ;-)

  3. And there is the hot ending been waiting on, Very hot bunny.

  4. Wow. I would love to do this. Now I just need to find 2 willing girls.

  5. I enjoyed this. Very sexy, well written and it's open for another story to follow should you choose to write one. Job well done.

  6. I enjoyed the other chapter of this story more, but this was still cute. Will there be another one?

  7. I thought the last one was the final of the series and yet you create a sequel to it? Make up your mind.
    It was enjoyable but I liked the 1st part so much better.