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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Training Day

Sasha stood in the center of the room, arms folded, her brown eyes studying him with interest as she wet her lips with her pink tongue.  Was he serious?  Had she heard him correctly?

“Are you deaf?” he demanded, his dark eyes narrowing. 

“You want me to what?” Sasha questioned, unable to hide the surprise and disgust in her voice.

With two quick strides he had crossed the room and grabbed a fist full of her hair.  “I said ‘Suck it’” he snarled, his lips brushing against her ear as he began applying pressure, forcing her downwards, until she found herself resting on her knees before him. 

Her hands trembled as she unzipped his pants, releasing him to the coolness of the room.  She glanced back up at him and caught the look in his eye.  Licking her lips, she stared at his swollen member, her hand stroking it.  With a soft sigh she engulfed it, her tongue running around the head as she forced as much of his shaft into her mouth as she could.

Sasha bobbed up and down, one hand holding the base of his rock hard cock while the other played with his balls, cupping them before squeezing them gently. 

His hand was still entangled in her hair.  Sasha could feel the force of his palm on the top of her head.  She moaned softly, pulling away from him. 

Her tongue tickled the underside of his cock, teasing the tip of the head before taking his full length into her mouth.  She could hear his startled gasp as she worked her magic, teasing him.  She finally had control of the situation.

Sasha cried out as his grip on her hair tightened as he pulled her away from him. 

“Naughty girl,” he said with an arrogant tone. 

Still holding her hair, he pulled her over to the bed.  He reached out and flicked the corner of a sheet revealing toys and restraints.

Her mouth felt dry as he forced her to stand before he removed her clothing.  Once she was naked, he reached down and grabbed the black leather collar.  Carefully he placed it around her neck, fastening it closed and, just so she couldn’t remove it, he locked it with a small padlock.

Grabbing matching leather cuffs, he repeated this movement for her wrists and ankles.  Sasha’s eyes never left the mattress as he fastened the final cuff closed, locking it so she would be unable to remove it.

He stood behind her, admiring her body.  Her soft, supple skin was creamy white.  Her hair was like a chocolate waterfall cascading down her back.  Her eyes were large and inviting, filled with innocence.  Her body was curvy; her breasts full and luscious, her hips perfect to grab a hold of while he pounded into her tight body.  Her ass was nothing short of perfection.  His fingers traced along it, causing her to shiver with anticipation.


Sasha let out a surprised cry, turning around.  He grabbed her, forced her to look away from him and stuck her ass again.  Again, Sasha yelped.

Chuckling to himself, he made his way back to the bed and picked up a ball gag.  When he turned back to Sasha, a smile formed on his face.  She was rubbing her bottom, feeling the warmth of the flesh beneath her hands.

Thrusting the gag into her mouth and securing it behind her head, he bought his lips back to her ear and whispered, “Looks like I have to train you.  Slave.”

Sasha shook her head furiously as his hand wrapped around her neck, pulling her back against him.  Her naked ass bumped into his fulsome erection as he held her tight.  Her head rested against his breast bone.  She could hear his heart beating at a rapid pace.

He nipped her ear, his fingers tweaking her nipples, rubbing the delicate buds until they stood to attention.  Sasha’s protests soon turned to whimpers of lust, her eyes closing as her body responded to his manipulations.

His hands roamed over her body, feeling her responding to his touch.  His fingers brushed lightly over her thighs before gently smoothing over her glorious ass.


Sasha’s eyes flew open as his hand struck her again.  The gag muffled the surprised scream that escaped from her.  She tried to swat him away, flailing her arms about in an attempt to stop the spanking.

He frowned, his brow creasing.  He didn’t like that.

Grabbing a hold of Sasha he moved her over the bed.  He positioned her on her knees, center of the mattress before taking her hands and linking a small, but sturdy chain in between the cuffs, securing them behind her back.

Pressing his hand down in between her shoulder blades, he made sure her head was down on the pillow.  He could see her fighting the restraints, tugging on them. 

Sasha’s eyes scanned the room, hoping for an indication of what was to come.  She felt something drag across her back, running down her spine before lightly caressing the cheeks of her bottom.  Craning her neck, Sasha tried to see what it was.

She felt his weight atop her.  “You will learn,” he said, his hand sneaking beneath her and tweaking her nipple. 

Sasha gulped and tensed, wondering just what he had in store for her.

Something smacked her across the backside, causing her to yelp.  She could feel the warmth of her skin as he continued to strike her.  Her ass was stinging, but in a good way.  She could feel her body respond, juices seeping down her thighs, her pussy twitching with anticipation.

He could smell her arousal.  Placing the riding crop on the nightstand, he slipped a hand in between her legs, feeling her excitement coat his fingers.

“Not much of a punishment, is it Slave?” he said, his voice light with a joking undertone.  Sasha didn’t care.  She wanted him to touch her, to bring her to a powerful orgasm.

The bed shifted and his hands drifted away from her swollen sex.  She let out a muffled protest, begging him to return to touching her.  She felt his hands on her hips.  “Now, I’m going to fuck you,” he said.  “And you’re not allowed to come.  If you do, you’ll be punished.  Got it?”

The man was insane.  Sasha was right on the edge and he wanted her not to leap over into the world of pure bliss.  He was totally insane.

She felt the tip of his cock rub the outside of her, teasing her clit.  If he kept that up, she would come.

Sasha’s breath hitched as he sank into her.  She felt his hips pressed against hers as he gently rocked back and forth, his hand holding her wrists.  His rhythm quickened, his balls slapping against her clitoris.  Sasha moaned, eyes closing.  She wasn’t sure how much more she could take.

His cock slid in and out of her, filling her with his length.  The tip of his member teased her clit before pounding back into her.  Trying hard to ignore the sensations building within wasn’t helping her at all.  Sasha let out a muffled cry as her body began to shake with the power of her first orgasm for the day.

He withdrew immediately, causing a mini aftershock.  He clucked his tongue in annoyance.  “Naughty girl,” he told her, slapping his hand against her hip.  “Now you have to be punished.”

He helped her into a sitting position and removed her gag, his cock standing to attention right in front of her face.  He knew how much she hated the taste of herself, so her punishment for disobeying him was to suck him clean.

Sasha sighed, realizing that she couldn’t overcome him.  Wrapping her lips around his swollen member, she began cleaning him with her tongue.  Skillfully she swept over his engorged cock, teasing the head of it with just the very tip of her tongue.

Once he deemed himself to clean enough, he released her wrists from behind her.  Before she had a moment to comprehend what was happening, he fastened them to the bed head, allowing her some wiggle room.  He tied her ankles to the far corners of the bed, keeping her completely spread.

Sasha gulped as she watched him pick up the crop again.  He rubbed it softly across her sensitive nipples, watching with glee as they perked up forming two stiff peaks.  He placed his mouth over one, flicking his tongue across the tight bud, feeling her squirm with pleasure beneath him.  He moved across to the other nipple, taking it in his mouth, sucking on it.  Sasha’s eyes rolled back, closing as she concentrated on breathing.

A sudden slap bought her back to reality.  He had stuck her lightly on her clitoris, teasing her with the tip of the riding crop.  He rubbed it against her, watching her body twitch, before bringing it back down on her engorged clit.

Surprised cries suddenly turned into moans of desire as she edged closer to an orgasm.  Her moans became groans of frustration when he stopped.  He watched as she thrashed about on the bed, begging him to touch her again.

As her body cooled back down, he began his manipulations again, spanking the crop against her clit while sucking on one of her nipples.  Just as her hips raised, he ceased.

Groaning loudly, Sasha shot him a murderous look. 

He licked his lips, admiring her gaze.  “This time you’re to come when I say so,” he told her, dragging the tip of the crop over her soaking wet pussy.

“What if I don’t?” she asked, her eyes widening.

He sighed, retrieving the gag from the nightstand.  “Then you’ll be punished,” he said, as he thrust the gag back between her teeth, roughly turning her head on the side so he could fasten it.

His attention returned to dragging the riding crop across her swollen clit.  Sasha’s breasts rose and fell with each shallow breath she took, waiting with anticipation for the first strike.  When it came, her body tensed, forcing herself to leap for it, to come when he asked her too.

“Come,” he commanded, rapidly striking her.

Sasha willed her body to comply.  The urge was there, but she couldn’t do it.  She bucked her hips, meeting his crop, strike for strike.  She groaned, feeling the urge growing.  She just needed a push.

The strikes stopped.  Sasha’s eyes opened. 

“You failed.”

Tears brimmed in her eyes as he released her ankles.  For the faintest of moments she thought about kicking him fair in the chest, but thought better of it.  She was in enough trouble with him for failing his orders.  She was certain that kicking him would result in her never seeing daylight again.

He rolled her onto her stomach and secured her ankles again.  He raised her hips, leaving her legs open as she knelt before him, her head down, hands still chained to the bed head.


She cried out.  Her ass was stinging.  That was the hardest spank she had gotten that night. 


He smacked her other butt cheek with an open palm.  Sasha began to shake, muffled pleas begging him to stop escaping her mouth. 


Sasha squirmed.  She didn’t know what was worse; the stinging sensation that now engulfed her ass or the fact that this was turning her on.  She could feel her excitement mounting as between her legs grew damper.


OK, that spank missed her ass completely and got her pussy.  A mini orgasm passed through her as his fingers landed directly on her clitoris.  If he did that again she was in danger of coming without his permission.

As if he could sense it, his fingers slid into her, coating themselves in her arousal before rubbing her clit and the outside lips of her moist sex.

He alternated between spanking her ass and stroking her pussy.  Her body reacted every time he lightly brushed over her clitoris.  She was on the verge of coming and he knew it.

“You’re going to come,” he told her, holding his hand directly underneath her quivering pussy.  “You’re going to grind yourself on my hand until you do.”

Nodding her head, Sasha began grinding her hips, feeling the palm of his hand graze against her mound.  She could feel herself getting closer and her movements became more aggressive.  She wanted to come. 

She could feel his hooked fingers teasing her as she moved up and down, rotating her hips.  She pressed down hard against his hand before rising and lightly brushing herself against his flesh. 

The familiar tingle rose within her and soon her back arched as she shuddered.  A second powerful orgasm washed over her.

As she collapsed on the bed, she felt him unchain her wrists and her ankles. 

She opened one eye to see him smiling at her.

“Good, slave,” he said, helping her into a sitting position and removing the gag.

“Can I please you some more, sir?” she asked, staring up at him with her big brown eyes.

For the first time that evening he looked pleased.  “You can,” he said, holding the base of his erection.  “Suck me until I come.”

Greedily, Sasha wrapped her lips around his cock, taking his entire length into her mouth.  Her tongue worked him over, her eyes stared up at him.  She moaned, the vibrations of her throat sending shivers down his spine.  She was good. 

Her hand pumped his cock while she continued to tease the tip of his shaft.  She stroked and fondled his balls, cupping them and giving a gentle squeeze.  It was enough to cause him to throw his head back and let out a cry of ecstasy. 

Sasha’s eyes closed as he shot his load down her throat.  She was gagging on it, but didn’t want him to know it.  She swallowed every drop before giving his cock a farewell kiss.

He glanced down at her, his hand under her chin, forcing her head upwards.  He lent down and gave her a lingering kiss.

“I knew I’d be able to train you,” he said, giving her a wink.


  1. O.M.G. I SO want to do this. But only if its in a safe environment :-D

  2. Sounds like you've had fun ;) LOL. This is such a great role play/game to do. But as CiCi said as long as it's in a safe environment and you have a way of communicating a safe word or gesture.

  3. Very hot. I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight. You're such an amazing storyteller. I could see that being played out in my mind. That might explain the erection lol

  4. Trust me to read this when I'm on a camping trip with 4 other men and no women in sight. Certainly pitching more then one tent tonight ; )

    Once again, fantastic job. A devilish story that's set to ignite beds (or in my case, tents) all over the world. I expect nothing less from Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons. Great job.

  5. Not my type of story but it was well written. Like someone else said, I could see it in my mind. That's usually the sign of a great writer.

  6. Very hot. My fantasy is to be someone's master. Might have to follow this to the tee ;)

  7. Is this a rape roleplay story?

  8. No, it's a slave/master roleplay. No rape involved. Rei doesn't condone rape.