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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blood Wars: A Brother's Redemption: Update

It’s been a busy few months for me but rest assured I am finally back to bring you an update on my Blood Wars: A Brother’s Redemption story.
I must admit, it has been some time since I revisited this idea I posted a long time ago and, after I wrote down pages of notes on the idea, things went a little flat. In between I have written the screenplay for Rei’s amazing story The Roommate and I’ve been posting reviews and articles on my own blog and brilliant UK film site, Filmoria.

Finally, I have an idea of how Blood Wars is set to open. Take a look at the description below and please let me know your thought, your feedback is what keeps me going, thanks!

Firstly, let me divulge my idea for the confirmed plot of the film.

A war between humans and vampires has raged on for years, with a treaty finally agreed between the two, culminating in a confirmed blackout happening each night, where vampires can roam the streets whilst humans stay within the safety of their own homes. Despite this curfew put into action, there are many defiant humans believing they should not be living in fear when the night comes. With danger looming for these select individuals, it is down to Raven and Simeon, vampire hunters, to protect their own kind and restore peace. But with a vampire uprising coming in the form of the evil Nexaddo grouping together a mini revolution against humankind, a routine night of surveillance ends in tragedy when Raven is bitten and turned into a vampire, soon becoming Nexaddo’s sidekick. Simeon, enraged by the loss of his brother to the enemy, groups together with the small gang he and his brother have been working with and aims to seek out a rumored antidote for his brother’s condition. Will he be able to find the solution to turn his brother back to his previous human form or will they collide and war break out once again?

We open the film on a stormy, rain-engulfed night. As the lightning strikes and the rains falls violently, we pan through a series of narrow streets and finally reach what appears to be a secluded industrial park and head towards a domed building. Heading down steps at the side of the building we look through a small circular window to find a scientist working strenuously on a liquid formula. In the laboratory a whiteboard and pinboard are visible behind the scientist, each containing details of DNA strands as well as photos of different parts of the anatomy that appear less than human.

Wiping sweat from his forehead, the scientist slowly works with a number of colored substances, combining them and typing on a computer after each is combined. Filling a number of vials with different concoctions his eyes suddenly light up and he grabs a syringe, taking in part of one substance and carefully dripping it onto a small glass block before sliding it underneath his microscope. Lifting his glasses and taking a deep breath, he looks directly down the scope, clearly looking for a good result. After a moment of viewing, he looks away from it and stares at the DNA information and the formulas written by it. He suddenly thrusts up from his seat and lets out a huge ‘YES!’ and punches the air. Grabbing a mobile phone from his jacket pocket he finds a name in the phone book and starts calling.

“We’ve done it! We’ve got the formula perfected, we have a serum that we can finally confirm as a cure!”

“I know, I’m heading to you now. I’ve memorized it so don’t panic, no-one will know anything about it other than us”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got the car, I will see you in ten minutes.”

Putting the phone back in his pocket, he grabs the vial filled with the antidote and securely inserts a lid into the top, as to avoid any spillage. Placing it in the pocket of his trousers, the scientist clears up any further evidence of his experiment and clears the two boards full of evidence. Wiping off the board-marked formulas and grabbing every piece of evidence hanging on the pinboard, he grabs a lighter from his jacket pocket and proceeds to set them alight, placing them into a waste paper bin. Once destroyed he ensures the fire is put out and heads towards the door of the laboratory, ensuring that it is locked upon exiting. He walks down the dimly lit corridor towards the exit of the building as the thunder claps become louder the close he reaches the final door. Realizing the weather is dreadful, he rapidly shuts the door behind him, locking it with a key and heads toward the car park, already becoming drenched.

With the blackout in effect it is difficult to navigate through the rain and only the brief flashes of lightning reveal the position of the car in the car park. Heading towards the car he suddenly sees a glimpse of a dark figure standing by the driver’s door before another lightning strike reveals nothing. Wary of what he has just seen, he rushes at a quicker pace to the car and finally reaches the door. As he looks set to open the door, a dark figure grabs him from behind and thrusts him across the floor, engulfing him in water. Struggling to regain himself, the scientist looks up to the tall looming figure as the stranger kneels beside him. Another flash of lightning hits to reveal a grin and a pair of sharp fangs poised for the kill. Before he can do anything the stranger plunges the teeth into his neck until the life is sucked out of the scientist. Throwing the white coat off him, the vampire carries the body and places it in the car, eventually driving away. As the camera begins to pull away from the rain soaked car park, we see the coat’s pocket open and the vial still contained within as well as the phone vibrating, showing the name ‘Simeon’.

Cut to black – Blood Wars: A Brother’s Redemption.

Admittedly this is the first draft idea for the opening and will be elaborated on more but I feel it gives a good introduction about a key element of the film.
Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. 


  1. Wow. James, as I told you Twitter, and I'll tell you now, this is fantastic. I would love to see this become a reality. Actually, I could see this becoming a novel, especially with that opening, I feel it rivals my Ahlephia perfectly.

    Great job! I hope we can see more from you in the future. Loving it!

  2. I was wondering how this was going. Sounds like it's coming along nicely.
    Agreeing with Rei, I love the opening. It really captures the mind. Would totally pay to see this repeatedly. Nice job.

  3. sound very cool. not just another vamp flick. sweet.

  4. So is this the full concept or do you plan on changing it? Because I think that it's fine the way it is. Agreeing with Rei, I could see this being a book as well as movie. I hope it gets made.

  5. like the opening. Very cool story.

  6. I like this idea and the opening is amazing. Very creative, James. Has the idea changed much from your initial post?

    I personally wouldn't change a thing. I've seen first hand your script work so I know it's going to be brilliant. Good luck with it and don't forget to let us all know how it goes.

  7. Thanks for all your kind words, I think with your positive responses, the synopsis and opening will not be altered and I'm looking forward to carrying on with this project. Additionally, I will be posting the second part of my New Years Nightmare in the near future.