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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Road And I

Dedicated to a wonderful man who always makes me smile.  His love of cycling and his poetic soul helped inspire this.  To him, I say thank you and I hope you like it.

When I'm on the road
I have no fear of the unknown
Nothing distracts me
When I'm riding alone

It's just me and road
It's just the road and I
The sense of adventure
Never passes me by

Passing the lake
Up over the hill
Just me and my bike
Back on the training drill

Passing the joggers
Their feet pounding the street
They wave at me
Never missing a beat

Just me and my bike
All my worries are gone
As I zoom through town
I've discovered I can go on

It's just me and road
That's something I can't deny
Whenever I'm down I remember
It's always the road and I


  1. Thankyou love its really lovely and poetic

  2. Cute poem. Very sweet. Dating a cyclist now?

  3. I assume that this 'wonderful man with a poetic soul' is none other than your new bf who also happened to have great taste in music. That being said, based on the way you wrote this, if I didn't know any better (and if it wasn't for that little introduction) I could have sworn you were a cyclist yourself. Great work, Rhiannon. As usual, the depth behind the words is outstanding :)

  4. Anonymous, yes I am.

    Trent and Neil, Thank you both very much for your kind words. Reading these comments always make me smile.

    Thank you all very much for taking time out to read this.