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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Enchantress

Adam stumbled through the dark forest, his feet sinking in the mossy ground.

He had been at the tavern, drinking ale, when a mad man had burst in through the door, blood seeping from his stomach. 

“The Enchantress!” he cried. “She lives.”

Adam gasped as the man fell to the floor, the wound claiming his life.

Adam turned to the bar keep. “The Enchantress?” he questioned. “What is that?”

“Not what, who,” the bar keep replied.

Adam leaned in closer as the bar keep's voice dropped into a whisper.

“The Enchantress is a witch who lives in the forest. Her home is an old woodcutter's cottage in the glen, deep in the central woods. Legend has it that she has a voice of a nightingale. It's that voice that traps a man.

'According to legend, if her Heavenly voice is heard by a man, they are trapped under her spell. They follow the sound of her voice until they stumbled across the cottage. From there, she appears. Her hair of sunshine gold, with lips that shame the reddest rose. She is beautiful. 

'She will invite you in before seducing you and before you have a chance to have her, she will strike, turning into a demonic creature and taking a vital organ from your body in order to stay young and beautiful forever. Be warned, you do not want to seek her out.”

The bar keep stood up and began polishing the wooden bar with an old cloth.

Adam finished his drink, stunned by the story. Surely, in every kingdom there was a story like that. A wood sprite or nymph that controlled men by sound.

Stumbling around outside, Adam began walking until he had reached the outskirts of the woods. Cupping his hands around his mouth he called out “Hello?” letting his voice echo through the thick trees, the sound bouncing off the bark until it couldn't be heard any more.

He scoffed when there was no response. “Enchantress,” he sneered. “Yeah right.” And with that he stepped into the woods.

Now he was pushing past vines and trees, listening to the sounds of nature.

He had played in these woods as a child and had never heard of any Enchantress before. And he certainly did not believe the story despite the man falling dead in the tavern.

Suddenly there was a noise drifting through the trees. 

Adam stopped cold. It wasn't just a noise. It was a voice. A woman's voice. And she was singing.

In a hypnotic state, Adam moved towards the sound. A tree branch smacked him in the head, but he continued to walk through the woods, stepping over berry bushes, passing by a couple of deer.

He reached a clearing. A stream trickled past him and centre of the stream was a woodcutter's cottage.

Adam sucked in a deep breath as a beautiful vision in white appeared. Her hair was golden like the sun and her lips would indeed shame the reddest rose. Her eyes were like two sapphires planted on her face. Stunning blue that could be seen from afar.

Adam was mesmerised by how beautiful she was. How could something so stunning be so gruesome and kill a man?

As he pondered these thoughts, her head turned towards him. A faint smile played on her lips as she stared at him. Her eyes were beckoning but she never moved.

Adam moved closer to the stream, his erection growing painfully in his pants. He leapt over the babbling stream, his feet landing softly in the bed of clovers on the other side.

He looked up at her. She looked too beautiful to be real.

She smiled at him, flashing her perfect white teeth before discarding her flowing white dress revealing her shimmering milky white skin. She was luminescent.

She motioned for him to come towards her. He did, fumbling with his own pants. He wanted to feel every inch of her being, to feel himself plunging into her body, staring into those enchanting eyes.

She pulled opened the door to the cottage, looking over her shoulder so that he'd follow her. And he did.

Adam looked around the room, his eyes searching the interior of the cottage. The cottage was built around a large redwood tree and it's trunk was the main feature of the cottage itself. There was a small fireplace with a large pot of water boiling over it. There was a bed made of redwood branches and there was a small table with a couple of chairs also made from the limbs of the redwood tree.

She motioned to the chair with her hand, asking him to have a seat. Adam did, his suspenders fall down his arms, hanging loosely by his side.

She turned her back to him, still naked as the day she was born. Adam took this opportunity to check her out, his eyes scanning over her body from the luscious curve of her hip to her supple breasts. He wanted to feel her nipples tighten and harden in his mouth. He licked his lips as she turned back around, a pot of ale in hand.

“You have come a long way,” she said, her voice sweeter than the morning sunrise. “You must be thirsty.” She placed the ale down on the table in front of him.

Adam grabbed the jug and swallowed it in one gulp.

The ale hit him fast. His head began to spin as The Enchantress sat on his lap, her lips on his neck, kissing him before her fingers ripped open his shirt. Her fingers trailed over his chest hair, lightly grazing his nipples as her tongue traced a line down his collarbone before kissing him fully on the mouth.

Adam groaned as her tongue swirled around, meeting his. His hands crept up, feeling her back, running through her golden hair, feeling her body as her hips writhed against his.

She broke the kiss, her eyes studying his. She could feel his erection pressing against her. She slid off his lap, her hand reaching for it, rubbing the outside of his pants.

Adam's eyes fluttered closed as her hand slid into his pants, gripping his quivering member, stroking him up and down. Her touch was so much different than his own. She knew exactly what she was doing as she bought him closer to the edge.

She stopped touching him, withdrawing her hand from his pants. Adam's eyes opened. She stood before him, motioning for him to move to the bed. 

Tripping over his boots, Adam followed, stripping off the remains of his shirt and discarding his pants as quickly as humanly possible.

He laid on the bed, stretching his full naked frame out, watching her. She sat on top of him, gliding her body over his, feeling his goosebumps rise as her juices slid across his belly. 

She bought her body down so that her nipple was in line with his mouth. “Suck them,” she commanded. Adam obliged, eagerly placing his lips around the taut buds and sucking on them as though his life depended on it.

She arched her back, her hands splayed out against his chest, feeling the rippling muscles beneath her fingers.

She felt his hands on her hips. He was trying to guide her towards his waiting erection that was beginning to throb painfully.

The Enchantress slapped them away. She moved out of his reach, breaking the hold his lips had on her nipples.

“You want me to pay attention to this?” she asked, touching his shaft, her hand gliding over it playfully. Adam groaned in response as his cock jumped at her touch.

The Enchantress smiled and leaned over to take him in her mouth. 

Her tongue swirled around his head, tickling the most sensitive part of his shaft before taking it fully in her mouth. Lapping at the underside of his cock, she moaned, the vibrations and warmth of her mouth sending shivers of sensations through him.

Then Adam let out a surprised cry. His eyes flew open and he stared down at her.

There was blood. Lots of it. She glanced up at him, her sapphire eyes no longer blue as the ocean but rather black as coals. Her face was no longer soft and sweet, but shrivelled and wrinkled. Her teeth were no longer perfectly straight or white but rather yellow and jagged.

A trickle of blood fell down her chin and it took him a minute to realise that she had castrated him with her teeth.

Adam screamed, pulling away from the bed, blood pouring from where his cock use to be. 

He backed up to the door of the cottage, shaking and crying as he held his hands up to the bloody mess. 

She stood up, gliding over the floor towards him, her teeth coated in his blood, the remainder of his cock in her hand.

She moved towards him, her arm outstretched. Adam shrank back against the wall. He was getting dizzy from the loss of blood. 

The Enchantress lent over him, her eyes locked on his. She was feeding off the fear of his impending death. With a cry befitting a banshee, she shot her arm out, straight through his chest and removed his heart.

The last thing Adam saw was it pumping away in her hand before his body slumped to the floor.

The Enchantress smiled to herself as she moved over to the pot of boiling water. She dropped the heart into it, her eyes closing as she began to chant.

Her body began to shimmer and sparkle as she aged backwards. Her hair was no longer silver, nor her teeth jagged and yellow. She had returned to her natural beauty.

She moved outside, picking up her dress and slipping it back on. She tossed Adam's penis into the stream and watched with joy as it followed the current towards the large lake and waterfall that overlooked the kingdom.

She returned to the cottage and picked up Adam's body. She struggled to carry it back to the stream, tossing it into the shallows and watching the current move him.

“I told you not to seek her out,” she said, her voice angelic as though she had fallen from Heaven. “I warned you.” 

With a wave of her hand, The Enchantress returned to the form of the tavern bar keep, ready to lure her next victim back to the woodcutter's cottage hidden in the glen.


  1. Such a great story again Rei wow and that twist at the end with her being the Bar Keep as well wow i certainly crossed my legs when she went the chomp

  2. Please keep your mouth away from my private area. Ouch.
    Great story hun! Nice twist ending.

  3. I'm crossing my legs now. Interesting story.