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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Fearful Encounter

I sit alone on an empty train
Watching the stations pass me by
My stomach is knotted
My fear and nerves have kicked in to overdrive

My phone beeps causing me to jump
It's just a message from you
Telling me that you are waiting
That you'll see me soon

My heart leaps in my chest
My hands tremble and shake
I wish the world will swallow me whole
With a powerful earthquake

It's hard to understand
You scare me with the words you say
You terrify me
Making me wish our meeting was delayed

I get to my stop and get off
I keep my head down
As I walk out of the station
Hoping that you're not around

I begin to relax a little
As I see my building is near
My relaxation is short lived
Replaced by extreme fear

I see you siting by the entrance
There's no where for me to hide
You glance up and see me
Smiling you open your arms out wide

Your smile is short lived
When you see the fear in my eyes
My body trembles in your arms
As you lead me inside

We take a seat near the window
You ask me if I'm alright
I refuse to look at you
But lie and say that I am fine

I get to my feet
I have to get going now
You tell me you'll wait for me to return
You're like a cat on the prowl

I nod and move away
Wishing the elevator would hurry
I've never met anyone like this before
And it has me a little worried

I get into the lift
My heart rate begins to slow
You're not aggressive just happy
And that happiness shows

I was worried about meeting you
Now that fear has passed
Replaced by glee and joy
I hope this feeling lasts

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