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Saturday, April 28, 2012

13 Fun Facts About Rhiannon Irons - Horror Edition

Greetings gentle readers,

It's that time again when I divulge information on our favourite writer.  We all know that Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons love horror.  She makes no secrets about that.  But some of these facts might surprise you.  So without further ado, I present 13 Fun Facts About Rhiannon Irons - Horror Edition.

13) Rhiannon's love of horror came about when she was 12.  She had just seen I Know What You Did Last Summer and it had freaked her out.  From that night on, she has followed the horror genre when it comes to movies.

12) Rhiannon cannot watch I Know What You Did Last Summer at night as there's something still about that movie that freaks her out.  But she can watch it during the day.

11) Jaws 2 kept her out of the ocean when she was 7 after seeing the scene where the boat blows up after the shark ate the water skier.  It also kept her out of the bathtub.

10) It's not just horror movies that she loves either.  Rhiannon is an avid reader of Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, and Washington Irving.

9) We all know that Rhiannon Irons is a Robert Englund fan and would sell her soul just to shake his hand; but what you may not know is that Rhiannon's love of Robert isn't because of Nightmare On Elm Street.  It's because of Urban Legends, The Phantom Of The Opera, The Mangler and Dead And Buried.

8) Nightmares are part and parcel of the whole horror gig, however Rhiannon's nightmares steam from watching shark movies.  Quote, "Realism is the key.  If something feels real enough, like it could actually happen, then yes, I dream about it afterwards."

7) Rhiannon follows her Celtic roots and owns several books on witchcraft.  To this day, she still believes in the goodness of magic and balancing the elements and every so often tests the water with a simple spell (some of which can be found right here on this blog).

6) The tilting of the head and the intense stare that The Shape (Michael Myers) performs in Halloween (1978) is something that Rhiannon has perfected.  And I have to say, it's pretty unnerving when she does it. 

5) When it comes to horror books, Rhiannon has a few favorites.  Namely It - Stephen King, Carrie - Stephen King, Interview With The Vampire - Anne Rice and The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow - Washington Irving.

4) Rhiannon's dark poetry/song lyrics are inspired by Edgar Allan Poe.

3) Rhiannon has a skeleton in her closet.  Literally.  It's an old Halloween decoration that never found its way into the garage.

2) Rhiannon's mind is the darkest place this world will ever know.  Get her by a camp fire to tell scary stories and you better bring a change of underwear.

1) Rhiannon loves to watch horror movies by herself before subjecting them to her friends.  Quote, "Most of my friends aren't horror fans, so I watch the film first before deciding if it's suitable enough for them to watch." 

See, even behind that horror facade beats a heart of gold.

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