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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dream Demon

It's late at night
And the moon is full
It casts an eerie silhouette
Over the grounds

The shadows come to life
Playing with your mind
Frightening you
As the mist begins to rise

A chill runs down your spine
You tell youself everything's alright
Shadows are just shadows
Dancing in the pale moonlight

As you walk through the grounds
You feel your hair stand on end
You turn slowly around
Wondering if it's your friends

A creature steps from the shadows
Its eyes trained on you
You feel frozen to the spot
There's nothing you can do

It appraoches slowly
It's jagged teeth in an evil grin
It's claws so sharp
It's feet are fins

You open your mouth
And let out a scream
As the creature grabs you
Its eyes sparkle and gleam

You sit up in bed
Soaked in sweat
The creature is gone
There is no more threat

You swing your feet out of bed
"It was all just a dream"
You walk to the bathroom
Laughing with glee

But your glee is short lived
When you see what's staring back
In the mirror you see
A face that causes the glass to crack

"This can't be real"
You cry out loud
As the full moon disappears
Behind a storm cloud

As the lightning flashes
And the thunder rumbles
You drop to your knees
Your life has crumbled

For you're no longer you
And nothing is as it seems
You're now the dream demon
That haunts people in their dreams

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