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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Air We Breathe

Give in to your body
Give in to me
Feel the sensations sweeping over you
Let yourself be free

Give in to the temptations
That surround you
Feel the light caress
Give in to what I want you to do

Give in to the feelings
Of fullness and pleasure
You know with me you can
Reside in the lap of leisure

Give in to what you crave
Give in to what you need
Give in to the wanting
Lust is the air we breathe

The air we breathe
Is thick with want
The air we breathe
Can never stop

Filling our minds with lust
Filling our minds with desire
Filling our souls with passion
Setting our love on fire

Give in to what you want
Give in to me
Give in to desire
Give in to the air we breathe

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