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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Alice’s eyes fluttered open.  The room was quiet and dark.  The only light came from a bare bulb in the center of the ceiling.

She turned her head, blinking her eyes, letting them adjust to the dimness. 

She was lying naked on a bed.  A wrought iron bed with a simple mattress was all it was.  Nothing special about it.  Her wrists were chained to the bed head while her ankles were secured to the foot posts, leaving her spread open and vulnerable.

The door opened and Alice moved her head to see who it was.

He stood at the foot of the bed, still dressed impeccably in his navy blue three piece suit and crisp white shirt.  Alice stared up at him as he removed his jacket. 

“W-w-what do you plan on doing with me?” she asked, her nervousness not hidden in her voice.

He chuckled but did not reply.

Instead, he made his way over to a small work bench.  His hand grazed over the top of several items, all designed to torture her.  He grabbed a large vibrator and a simple ball gag. 

Alice repeated her question.  Again, he did not utter a single word.

Instead, he thrust the ball gag between her teeth, securing it behind her head, locking it in place.  Alice’s eyes widened as he showed her the vibrator.  She muffled a protest, but soon those pleas turned to moans as his tongue flickered across her clitoris.

He smiled, teasing her with his tongue, licking an invisible trail down her inner thigh before sucking her clit into his mouth.  Alice’s garbled cries of pleasure were music to his ears as he continued to torture her.  His tongue darted inside her, feeling her juices trickle past it, exiting her willing and aching flesh.

With ease, he pushed two fingers into her moist heat, feeling her body grasp the invaders willingly as they plundered her depths, causing Alice’s hips to grind against his touch.  Though restrained, her body rocked from side to side, deriving as much pleasure as humanly possible.

He pulled his hand away and inserted the large vibrator.  Alice squealed, feeling her dripping pussy stretch to accommodate the large intruder.

Once it was firmly buried deep inside her, he turned it on.  Alice gasped, feeling it pulse and buzz against her body, causing thrills of small tremors to run through her, shocking her right to the core.

He watched her for a few seconds as her hips bucked with her first orgasm.  Her cheeks were flushed as she drew in ragged breaths.  A small strand of drool dripped from her gagged mouth, coming to a rest just above her breasts.

Her breasts were the eighth and ninth wonder of the world.  Perfectly rounded with perky pink nipples, her breasts were one of her favourite features.  She loved how he’d roll her nipples around in between his thumb and forefinger feeling her excitement mount with each little tug.  Then he would tweak them hard causing a violent spasm to pass through her body, rocketing her towards an Earth-shattering orgasm.

He licked his lips as he watched her chest rise.  Her eyes were closed tightly and judging from the way her head was moving back and forth, she was on the edge of another orgasm.

Leaning over her, he placed his mouth over one plump, pink nipple, sucking on it until it grew taut in his mouth.  His tongue circled it the same way it had circled her clitoris, causing whimpers of delight to escape from his victim.

He lifted his head, pulling her nipple up with his lips, listening to her muffled curses as she stared at him through parted eyes.  His free hand groped her other breast, kneading the flesh, his fingers circling her nipple, teasing it by not actually touching it.

Alice swore, her hips rocking back and forth.  He chuckled, blowing cool air against her tight bud, watching it protrude even further.

He moved his attention to the other nipple that was as hard as a diamond.  His tongue swirled around it, flickering over it before he nipped at it with his teeth, grazing them along it before releasing it.  Just like before, he blew cool air onto it then proceeded to tweak it hard with his fingers.

He stood up.  All her thrashing about had caused the vibrator to slide out of her moist folds.  The tip of it was resting against her and the sensation it was providing was enough to drive Alice insane. 

He reached down, turning it off and letting it rest on the mattress while he moved to his work station to get something else.  He returned, and with a swift motion, secured two nipple clamps to her erect nipples.  Alice cried out at the shock.  Sure, he had tweaked them and pulled them before, but never had she worn specially designed clamps before.

Her bright blue eyes stared down at her chest, her hands clenching into fists as she saw him reach for the vibrator.  She garbled a plea that he wouldn’t insert it back into her.  She wasn’t sure she could handle much more of that.

He chuckled, his hand rubbing her outer lips, feeling her warm juices coat his digits.  Bringing his fingers to his mouth, his tongue flicked out, tasting her.  Even in the dim lighting, he could see that the vibrator was soaked with her desire. 

A wicked smile played over his lips as he sat next to her on the bed.

“You’ve been a naughty girl, Alice,” he said, tracing the tip of the vibrator over her hip bone, dipping it into her bellybutton then running a line down her leg.  “And naughty girls need to be punished.”

Alice’s eyes widened when she felt the tip of the vibrator press against her rectum.  As the head of it entered her, her eyes scrunched closed, her head turning on the side, her breathing becoming uneven as she forced her body to relax.  It would hurt less if she relaxed.

Once its whole length was buried inside her, Alice opened her eyes, becoming use to the sensation of having her ass full.

He reached down and turned it on.  Alice jumped, her body instinctively pulling at her bonds as it pulsed inside her, giving her a new pleasure she had never felt before.

She turned her head to look at him as he undressed.  His lean body was nothing shy of perfection with toned muscles, a chiseled chest and sculpted abs.  His thighs were muscular and his cock was long, thick and just simply perfect.

He climbed on the bed in between her outstretched legs and watched as her thighs quivered at the sight of him stroking his member.  Pre-cum glistened on the head of his cock as he lined his hips up with hers.  With one quick thrust, he was buried fully inside her, the vibrations of the vibrator that was embedded in her ass coursed through his cock, causing it to twitch.  If he wasn’t careful, he would come too early.  And this was one cheeky minx that he wanted to pound into for a while.

He reared back on his knees, pulling completely out of her before slamming his hips against hers, impaling her on his throbbing appendage.  Alice grunted and cried out as he began fucking her faster, slamming into her with a powerful force that she didn’t know he had.

He slowed down, feeling the pulsing sensations of the vibrator.  Her pussy clenched at him, gripping his cock as the vibrations shot straight down his shaft.  He groaned, rocking back slightly, leaving just the tip of his quivering member inside her.

He had to come and he had to come now.

Reaching out, he gripped the chain that linked the two nipple clamps and gave it a gentle pull.  Alice squealed, her body convulsing, her nipples feeling like they were on fire.

As she concentrated on the feeling of them being pulled and tweaked permanently, he concentrated in slamming into her, rapidly, his body grinding against hers, his hips bucking.

With a loud groan, he came, shooting his load deep inside her, pulling the chain once more, causing her to come with him.

Exhausted, he rolled off her.  It took him a few moments to calm himself before sitting up.  Alice’s eyes were still closed, the vibrator still buzzing away in her ass.  He reached down and turned it off, leaving it inside her.

Carefully, he moved her sweat matted hair and undid the gag, tossing it onto the bed beside her.  Her chest rose as her breathing became normal.

He removed the nipple clamps and watched as the blood rushed back into her nipples, causing them to become erect, begging for his tongue to circle them once more. 

He grabbed his discarded clothes and made his way to the door, leaving Alice, once again, all alone in the dungeon.


  1. Oh my gosh. That was soooo hot. I would love to experience something like this, although I don't think I'd like to be left alone afterwards. Great story!

  2. Wow. Haven't read one of these stories from you in a while. That was amazing. Well done.

  3. Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons is back. Was a bit worried we had lost her to the horror side of things, but she's back with a vengeance. Loving this new story, Rei. No doubt, you've been having some wild experiences of late ;)

  4. Holy shit chicka! You've been busy since you haven't been in the waves! Fuck me. I'm serious, if you're doing this shit, fuck me. ;)

    See you in the surf ReiRei.

  5. Please let there be more. That was sooo hot.

  6. An intense masterpiece of erotica and domination! BDSM never sound so good! Congrats on another sexually charged short story! But it is me, or is this the start of a whole new series?