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Thursday, July 5, 2012

An Affair To Remember

Ashley tapped her foot as the elevator moved slowly up to the 24 floor.

She was meeting her lover for a romantic night away in one of the city's most gorgeous hotels. And after the day at work she had, she was looking forward to being pampered and having her needs taken care of.

The elevator stopped and Ashley got out. She walked down the hall, her heels sinking into the plush carpet as she made her way to room 2436.

Smoothing down her red dress and blonde hair, Ashley knocked, hoping against all hope she wouldn't have to locate the room key in her purse.

The door open and Nick stood before her, smiling broadly. 

“Hey, baby doll,” he greeted her, ushering her inside the room.

Ashley smiled and kissed him softly on the lips, the scent of her perfume lingering between them as they parted.

Ashley dropped her purse on the chair and placed her small suitcase beside it.

Nick wrapped his arms around her, feeling her curvaceous body writhing beneath his touch. He cupped her breasts, feeling her nipples harden beneath her bra. He kissed the back of her neck, squeezing gently, his already hard cock, poking her backside.

Ashley giggled, pressing her ass against him as he groped her, his lips brushing kisses all over her neck. Her head fell back as she groaned, feeling his hardness press against her. Nick grinned as his right hand snaked down her body and climbed high up her skirt. He could feel the heat rising from her and with one finger, he rubbed the crotch of her panties. It was damp.

Turning around to face him, Ashley licked her lips. Her blue-green eyes were more green than blue which meant she was ready. She pressed her hand against his chest, feeling his muscles as she lent in for a sensual kiss.

When they parted, Nick smiled, pulling Ashley into the centre of the room.

“I have a surprise for you,” he told her as he retrieved the red silk scarf from his pocket and covered her eyes with it. Ashley gasped, a shiver running over her. She reached up, automatically, her finger tips touching the soft silk.


Nick grabbed her hands, pulling them behind her. Ashley cried out in surprise as Nick's lips brushed against her ear. “No peeking,” he whispered. “It will ruin the surprise.”

Nodding, Ashley agreed not to peek. She was dying to see what he had planned.

She jumped a little when his hands brushed over her arms. She felt him unzip the back of her dress. The cool air of the hotel room teased her skin, sending shivers down her spine and causing goosebumps to raise on her arms.

He unclasped her bra, discarding it on the floor before dropping to his knees and removing her matching lace panties.

Nick smiled. She was beautiful. Her creamy white skin was soft to touch, her legs were long despite her 5'6 stature. Her long blonde hair was warm and inviting fingers to run through it while her lips formed the most perfect pout that was simply alluring.

Nick took her hands and lead her towards the bed. Ashley followed, feeling a little awkward as she trusted him not to walk her into a bed post.

He turned her around and pressed his hand against her belly, pushing her gently until she fell backwards onto the red sheets.

Ashley tilted her head as Nick pulled her into position so she was centre of the bed. Using two other red silk scarves, Nick began tying her hands to the posts so she couldn't move.

As he finished tying the final knot, the en-suite door opened. Nick raised his eyes at the Brazilian beauty that stood naked before him.

He and Ashley had discussed fantasies a few months ago while lying in bed after a marathon sex session. He was surprised to find out that his blonde beauty was bi-curious. Of course, the thought of her touching another woman got his engine revving. They had spoken at length of what she found attractive and eventually settled on her showing him a photo of Australian model, Samantha Steele.

After that night, Nick had saved enough money to rent a hotel room for the night and found an escort that fitted her desires perfectly.

Francesca was a gorgeous Brazilian woman with olive skin, dark almond shaped eyes and the most delicious pout. Her limbs were long and lean and her breasts were the same size as Ashley's. The only difference was, Ashley's were real.

Nick had made it clear when he found Francesca that he would only be involved with Ashley and that he was paying her to pleasure Ashley. “It's all about her and making one of her fantasies come to life,” he said. Francesca nodded and told him that she was willing to do anything that night.

Now, she was standing in the bedroom watching Nick tease Ashley's nipples with his tongue.

She rubbed her breasts, feeling her body respond. Nick motioned for her to move closer.

Nick kissed down Ashley's belly before linking his arms around her thighs, holding her in place while his tongue slid up and down her slit, teasing her clitoris, before diving inside her. Ashley's hips rocked back and forth, her mouth parted as she moaned loudly.

Her moans turned into a scream the moment Francesca's mouth clamped down over one of Ashley's nipples. Nick held his gorgeous girl in place with pure strength as she trashed about on the bed.

“Relax, Ash,” he said. “You're perfectly safe.”

Ashley whimpered a protest. She wanted to know who else was there.

Nick stood up while Francesca continued to fondle Ashley's breasts, feeling her nipples harden as her tongue tickled and teased the taut bud.

Francesca moved down the plain of Ashley's stomach as Nick removed the blindfold.

Upon opening her eyes, Ashley gasped as she caught sight of Francesca. Francesca gave her a stunning smile before sliding down in between her thighs and gently licking her clitoris while probing two fingers deep inside Ashley's aching sex, feeling her juices coating her digits.

Ashley's eyes rolled back in her head as she felt her climax come to head. Her hands gripped the scarves that held her in place as Francesca continued to lick her clit, her fingers pressing against her G spot, causing Ashley to cry out, arching her back high off the bed as she came hard.

Nick grinned as Francesca's tongue continued to probe Ashley's sex. He ran his hand through Ashley's golden hair, whispering soothing words to her as her body quivered with post-orgasm delight.

He untied her hands, freeing her from the bed posts. Francesca took that as a sign to move up from in between Ashley's thighs and kiss her with force and passion.

Ashley felt herself sigh loudly as Francesca's lips pressed against her, their tongues intertwining, massaging each other as their hands roamed over each other's naked bodies. For the first time in her life, Ashley felt another woman's breasts, tweaking the nipples hard between her fingers and feeling the reaction as Francesca rocked her hips, begging to be touched and bought to her impending orgasm.

Ashley rolled over allowing Francesca to lie down. Very gently Ashley placed her legs either side of her body and began sucking on Francesca's nipples, her tongue flickering over them, her teeth nipping at them.

Francesca writhed with ecstasy as Ashley kissed her stomach before parting her thighs. She had never touched a woman before and her nerves were beginning to set in.

Nick appeared beside her, his hand running through her hair. “Just do what feels natural,” he whispered, sucking at her neck as he stroked himself. Ashley glanced up at him. Natural was sucking his erect cock into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it until he exploded in her mouth. Instead she looked at the gorgeous woman lying before her.

Tentatively, Ashley leaned forward and licked Francesca's slit from top to bottom. The scent of arousal flooded her nostrils and Francesca's moans of delight were music to Ashley's ears. She did it again, this time flicking her tongue across her clitoris. Francesca's hips rocked back and forth, her pussy grinding into Ashley's face as she continued to explore.

Nick couldn't take it any more and pulled Ashley's hips up so she was presenting herself to him. With one swift thrust he was buried deep inside her. Ashley groaned as he filled her and began stroking himself in and out, his hands grasping her hips as she continued to run her tongue along Francesca's tight pussy.

Feeling bold, Ashley pushed two of her fingers deep inside as she sucked Francesca's clit into her mouth. Sliding her fingers in and out, Ashley curled the tip of them so they were stroking Francesca's G spot.

Francesca cupped her breasts, rolling her nipples between her fingers, her moaning getting louder as her orgasm washed over her. Her body quivered as Ashley continued to trace her tongue over the delicate little bud.

Nick pulled her up, resting his cock deep inside her while Francesca moved, turning herself around so that she could suck on Ashley's clit while Nick pounded into her. Nick lowered Ashley back down so that her head was directly over Francesca's tight, warm, wet pussy. Ashley went straight back to sucking her clit while Francesca returned the favour, her tongue catching Nick's cock as he stroked in and out, his nails digging into Ashley's milky white hips.

Nick withdrew from Ashley, watching with interest as the two girl began pleasuring themselves. He grabbed Ashley's hips again, pressing the tip of his hard cock against her ass. After a little resistance, he was in, grinding his hips against hers, feeling the length of his cock slide into her ass.

It took twenty minutes before the moans became louder as both girls shuddered into an orgasm. Nick couldn't hold out any longer and shot his load deep inside Ashley's ass. As he withdrew, his come leaked out, trickling down her ass and thighs.

Francesca climbed off the bed and motioned for Ashley to follow. Ashley stood up, her legs shaking. Francesca kissed her passionately as she lead her into the bathroom.

Nick followed and watched as Francesca began running the bath, pouring scented oils and bubbles into the tub. “Get in,” he urged Ashley, nudging her.

Stepping into the water, Ashley gasped at the heat. Francesca climbed in and immediately began washing Ashley's body, soaping up her breasts, pinching her nipples. Ashley's head fell back as Francesca kissed it, her tongue tracing an invisible trail over her collarbone then back up to her jaw.

Nick decided now was the perfect time to take a quick shower and watch the show. He's dark hair matted to his forehead as he watched through the glass as Ashley began massaging Francesca's breasts, tweaking the nipples between her fingers before sucking on them. He watched with desire as his girlfriend slipped a finger into Francesca's waiting pussy. Nick began stroking himself as he watched both girls play and explore each other's bodies. He groaned as he watched them kiss. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

Francesca stood up, the soapy suds dripping from her bronzed flesh. “Looks like our time is up,” she said, her accent lingering in Ashley's ears. She lent down, pressing her lips against Ashley's one last time before grabbing a towel and making her way back into the room, leaving Ashley alone in the bathtub.

Nick followed, handing Francesca the money for her time. “Thank you,” he said as he watched her get dressed. “I know neither Ash or I will forget this.”

Francesca smiled and kissed his cheek. “You're welcome any time,” she replied. “I enjoyed myself and I know she did too.” With that she left the hotel room, cash in her purse.

Nick returned to the bathroom to see Ashley's hand caressing her breasts, tweaking her nipples which were still hard as diamonds and snaking one hand down her thigh to play with herself.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” he asked, running his hand through her hair.

Ashley nodded. “I did,” she replied, taking his still hard cock in her hand. She began to stroke him before flicking her tongue across the sensitive head.

“It's an affair to remember.”


  1. Wow. This is certainly different. Sensual, sexy, two women! What I wouldn't give to be Nick right now. Hot.


  3. Very, very sexy story, although when it comes to Rhiannon Irons, do we expect anything else?

    A new topic certainly adds some steam. Based on real life experience, ReiRei? ;)

  4. Oh wow. I've never had a threesome, but you make it sound so hot. Fantastic story.

  5. Why couldn't I be a fly on the wall for this?

  6. Very sexy. Sounds like you had a fun night ;-) ha-ha. Great story. Without a doubt one of my favourites from you, Rhiannon :-)

  7. ReiRei, my surfing goddess. Who would have thought you could write something like this. Hot!

  8. Sultry, sexy, steamy, enticing, titillating, erotic, and down right hot. Pure joy just by reading it. This is you absolute best work yet. I salute you! (pun intended) ;-)

  9. Wow!!! Amazing! Yet again you've managed to outdo yourself!!! You're a gifted writer!!!!