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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jungle Fever

She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Her hair was black as oil, her skin was olive and her eyes were the most gorgeous shade of ocean blue he had ever encountered. And she was naked.

Jonas stood still, not daring to move. He had been hiking through the jungle for more than four days, convinced he was the only human to be wandering through the wilderness. Until now that is. 

He licked his lips, shifting his weight, his erection straining against his shorts, begging for release. He stood still, watching the naked beauty before him, his dark eyes studying her.

She was standing under a waterfall, facing him, no older than thirty, her hands exploring her body as she rinsed herself, fondling her supple, perky breasts and running her hands through her dark locks of hair. She was beauty in every sense of the word.

Jonas unzipped his fly, his eyes still trained on the young woman. She turned around, giving him a birds eye view of her perfect ass. He reached into his shorts and wrapped his hand around his cock, which jumped at his touch. He began to masturbate, stroking firmly, imagining it was her hand that was performing the hand-job.

He panted as he watched her bath under the beauty of nature. Everything was so erotic from the water that washed over her body, to the lily pads that floated beside her. Her hair was matted to her back, caressing the tender skin as her hands ran through it, getting tangled in the dark curls.

She then turned around again, eyes closed as the water washed over her, giving Jonas a spectacular view of her breasts. He licked his lips, wishing that he could close his mouth over her nipple and suckle, tasting her flesh, his tongue running rampant over her body.

Her eyes opened. Jonas ducked his head, peering out from the ferns and trees, hoping against all hope that she didn't see him. It would be bad enough having to explain what he was doing there watching her, but with his dick hanging out it was just plain embarrassing.

Her eyes lingered over the jungle growth, as though searching for something. Jonas stayed hidden, not daring to breathe. His hand was still wrapped around his cock as he watched the gorgeous native. He issued a sigh with relief when she dived into the water. He hadn't been spotted. 

He tucked himself back into his shorts before standing and making his way towards the lagoon. The trees swayed in the wind, sweat dripped down his nose and his cock twitched in his pants. He licked his lips, scanning the water for the beautiful woman.

As if on cue she bobbed up from under the crystal blue waters, shaking her head, spraying him. Jonas cried out in surprise. He knew she was there but the sudden reappearance of her shocked him. She gasped, her hands instinctively covering her breasts.

“I'm awfully sorry,” Jonas said, holding out his hand to show he meant no harm to her. “I didn't mean to frighten you.” She stared at him with her cool blue eyes, her head slightly tilted, her lips parted as though she were trying to understand him. Jonas paused for a moment before asking if she spoke English. She nodded, her hands still covering her luscious breasts. Jonas felt his eyes begin to linger a little too long. “I'm Jonas,” he said, extending his hand for a handshake.

She stared him curiously before dropping one hand from her breasts and shaking his hand. “Nala,” she replied. Jonas melted. Her voice was a gift from Heaven just like her body. Sweet, angelic, and gentle. “So, Nala, what brings you here?” he asked, looping his fingers into his belt hoping that she wouldn't look down and catch a glimpse of the bulge in his pants.

“Swimming,” she replied, her pink tongue darting out and licking her lips. “The question is, what is a British man doing in this jungle?”

Jonas smiled. Nala was very well informed of the outside world. She had picked up on his British accent quickly. “Research,” he replied, sitting down on a mossy rock. “I'm looking for a temple that has been hidden for centuries. The temple of -”

“Sarabi,” Nala finished for him, her eyes still focused on him. “You've heard the story?”

Jonas grinned. “Who hasn't? The temple of the native goddess Sarabi is legendary. It's location has remained a mystery for centuries and the power it supposedly holds...No words can express how powerful the temple is suppose to be.”

Nala licked her lips again, brushing a few water droplets away from her face. “You have come to find it?” she asked, her hands no longer covering her ample chest, but rather making small circles in the water that surround her thighs. Jonas nodded and gulped as he took in the sight of her body. Bronzed, toned, sexy. Her breasts were a handful, literally. Her deep brown nipples stood erect begging him to touch them. His erection was a painful reminder that he hadn't had sex since his girlfriend, Natalie, decided to leave him.

“And what makes you think you will be able to find it when all others have failed?”

Jonas shook his head, forcing himself to look upwards at her. Her face was perfectly symmetrical, her nose straight and narrow, her hair so long it reached the curve of her ass. Her eyes were evenly spaced and he caught a glimpse of a slight freckling across the bridge of her nose.

“Simple, my dear. I have something they didn't have. I have you.” Jonas smiled, his dark eyes twinkling wishing he could have Nala in more ways then one and they all involved the mossy rock under the waterfall. Nala giggled. Her laugh was like peeling bells, and he noticed how her eyes danced as she took in the stranger that sat before her.

“If I help you find the temple, what do I get in return?” She arched her eyebrow, an amused look crossing her face. Jonas fumbled through his pack, searching for something to give her. He pulled out a gold necklace that Natalie once owned.

He dangled the necklace in front of Nala and watched her eyes. She showed no interest in the jewellery. She pouted, her eyes flicking back to him. Jonas bit his lip, his brow creasing. She was no fool, he noted. She wanted something more than a pricey piece of gold jewellery.

Nala leaned in close, her wet hands resting on Jonas' muscular thighs. She pressed her lips against his ear. “If you want my help,” she whispered. “Then come on in.” With that she turned and dived back under the water.

Jonas sat there, stunned. It didn't take long for him to spring into action though, ripping his shirt off and discarding his shorts in rapid succession. 

Naked, he stood on the muddy banks of the lagoon, scanning the water with his eyes, searching for Nala. Her head appeared near the waterfall, her eyes locked onto him. He waded into the lagoon, before diving under the water.

The water was cool against his hot skin. The jungle heat had gotten to him. Of course, watching Nala for the past twenty minutes had added to the heat.

He emerged, breaking the surface. Nala was smiling at him, her eyes dancing with delight. “Follow me,” she said, diving beneath was the rippled water. Jonas obeyed, following the beauteous creature down into the depths of the lagoon.

Nala was a fast swimmer and Jonas found himself struggling to keep up with her. His eyes focused on her glorious backside while he struggled to hold his breath. 

Nala turned back, making sure he was still following before leading Jonas into a cavern. Nala began to swim upwards, heading for the surface. Jonas eagerly followed, unsure of how much longer he could hold his breath.

Jonas kicked his legs powerfully. His head broke through the surface of the water and Jonas gasped. 

They were inside a cave, its walls lined with gold and jewels. Emeralds, rubies, diamonds, sapphires and amethysts covered the sandy shores. “What is this place?” Jonas asked, freestyling his way over to the shore where Nala was sitting.

“You wanted to find the temple of Sarabi and here it is,” she replied.

Jonas climbed out of the water and took in the marvellous sights. He had never seen so much treasure in his life. He knew the temple was hidden but he would never have guess it was located under the waterfalls of the jungle.

Nala watched him carefully. She admired his toned body, the way his muscles rippled underneath his tanned skin. She watched as a single bead of water slid down his back. She licked her lips. It was now or never.

She grabbed his arm as he reached out for a large ruby that sat along the shore. Jonas looked at her with confusion before she kissed him. Her tongue massaged his, her hands running through his blond curls. Her body was pressed against his, her breasts crushed against his chest, his hands on the small of her back.

Nala felt Jonas sigh into her mouth, his hands pulling her closer, his erection bumping her leg. He was so hard that it hurt her. Releasing his hair from her fingers, Nala reached down, wrapping her slender hand around his cock and began stroking him. At first the pace was tender and slow, but she soon quickened her movements, causing guttural grunts to come from him.

Jonas wasn't sure how much he could take. He grabbed Nala, bending her over what seemed to be an alter and drove himself into her fiercely, causing a cry of surprise to escape from her lips.

Nala gripped the alter, her knuckles turning white as Jonas continued to pound into her like a man possessed. His hands gripped her hips, his nails digging into her flesh, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Nala craned her neck, turning to look at him. His eyes were closed, his lips parted. His body was in control, driving him forward with each thrust of his hips. 

She gasped as one of his hands left her hips and began to stroke her clitoris. She rocked her hips a little, matching his intensity.

Jonas felt the build up in his lower abdomen. His body had that familiar tingle that started with his toes before shooting up his spine to the very tips of his hair. With an animal cry, Jonas felt his body serge, his cock exploding inside Nala. Her head shot back, her mouth open in a silent cry as her body shook from the force of his orgasm combined with hers.

Nala smiled as she felt Jonas collapse on top of her, his weight covering her, trapping to her the top of the alter. 

Jonas' chest heaved. His eyes fluttered open. Nala was gone.

Confused, Jonas sat up. A canvas tent greeted his open eyes. There was no gold, not riches beyond his wildest dreams. No emeralds, or rubies or diamonds. Jonas rubbed his eyes. Sweat fell from his forehead, trickling down his nose, his hair drenched from perspiration.

Throwing off the covers, Jonas scrambled to his feet, emerging from the tent. The jungle loomed before him, taunting him with its secrets. People scurried back and forth, chatting to themselves.

“What's going on?” Jonas asked.

All eyes turned to him. “Ahh Jonas, you're awake. How do you feel?” asked an elderly man, his grey hair and beard peppered slightly with black streaks.

“Fine. Confused. What's going on?”

The elderly man smiled and ushered Jonas back inside the tent. Once they were seated, the elderly man told Jonas that he had been suffering from jungle fever for three days. “We found you near a crystal blue lagoon, naked as the day you were born, talking to yourself about the greatest treasures you had ever seen. The local doctors said you had gone mad. They said you were suffering from jungle fever.”

Jonas shook his head. “Nala?” he asked. “Did you see Nala?”

The elderly man shook his head. “Son, you keep asking for her, but we found you alone. There is no Nala and according to the village residents, Nala doesn't exist. Not physically anyway.”

Jonas stared up into the man's eyes. “What do you mean? I was with her. I touched her! She was real!”

The elderly man shook his head again, sighing. “No, Jonas, you couldn't have. The only Nala that exists in this jungle is in the spirit world. According to the locals, Nala is the descendant of the goddess Sarabi.”

“What?” Jonas couldn't believe his ears. 

“The legend states that Nala is Sarabi's daughter. That's all she is. A legend. A protector of the jungle. Jonas, my boy, you couldn't have possibly seen, or touched, Nala.”

But Jonas wasn't listening. His eyes were focused on a couple of small palms outside the clearing. Leaning against the tree, the sunlight playing on her naked, bronzed body, was Nala.


  1. That was a rather interesting story. It started out as an erotica tale, then moved into an adventure, then back to erotica the finally something a little twisted in that Nala was the goddesses daughter. Wow.
    Rhiannon Irons you are a sensational writer. While this story was a little weird, I enjoyed every minute of it. Don't let no one tell you any different.

  2. Wow, what a story. I liked it. Very different to what you normally write : ) Nice job.