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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Message From Rhiannon

Hi everyone!

Just a quick little message to let you know what's happening in my life.  Firstly, I am still writing for so if you want to see my works just type in Ahlephia in the search box (you can also type Rhiannon Irons)

Secondly, I want to thank everyone for the warm reception of James Thompson to this blog.  His amazing short stories are literally lighting up this blog and your comments have been encouraging and fantastic.  Thank you for all the love!

Thirdly, James and I have decided to team up to bring one of my horrors to life.  The Roommate is currently undergoing James' treatment from story to script to which then I will film.  Getting very excited for that and you should be too because it will be posted on here FIRST!!!

A busy life in writing and all your support means the world.  As requested, Trent will be back with another Q & A so keep your questions coming.  You can send them directly to or else, leave them down below in the comments box.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you!  You are all amazing people.


Rhiannon Irons!


  1. Whoohoo! A new Q & A. Now I just have to think of some really hard questions for you hahahaha. Also I can't wait to see what The Roommate will look like once it's completed. Yay, so excited!

  2. Cool. I love seeing these little messages from you, Rei. They add such a personal touch.
    James told me in a post earlier that you two were colaborating together to bring us The Roommate in movie form. Can't wait to see that.

  3. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Rei personally for allowing me to contribute to the blog. She is a huge inspiration and I am really looking forward to collaborating and making her visions a reality!
    Keep up the good work Rei!!

  4. Aww James, thank you. You've made me blush : )

    My blog is your home too so if there's anything you want to post whether it be a story or an idea for one, please feel free to do so.

    Dom and Nat, you two are some of my most avid commenters and I love you both for that more than I can say.

    As I type this I'm currently working on a new short story that will be posted here later this evening so please stay tuned.

    Much love to you all - Rei

  5. Sweet!

    Can't wait to see the vid version of The Roommate.

    Will this new Q & A that's happening involve James too? Because I certainly would like to know more about him and about his writings

  6. Drew,

    Yes, if there is a demand for it, then I will forward some questions over to James for him to answer too. He is now a much loved member of our Final Curtain family. Of course, ultimately, it's up to him as to whether or not he wishes to be involved.

    As for the Rhiannon Irons part of the Q&A, I'm setting up a time and place for this to happen which will involve me back on a plane to Australia before Christmas. Hoping to have it up mid December, otherwise it will be the first post for January 2012