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Saturday, June 27, 2009

In Memory Of Michael Jackson

Do you remember where you were
The day the music died?
Did you fight back your tears
Or did you proudly cry?
Although he's no longer here
His legacy will live on
After all he was the legendary
Michael Jackson

For a few moments it felt like
Time had stood still
As we remembered his life and career
His courage and his will
He was to perform and entertain
For many more years to come
He was the King Of Pop
He was Michael Jackson

He was a musical genius
And a soft spoken man
Who created his very own
Never Neverland
With the highest selling album
That is second to none
It'll stand the test of time
And so will Michael Jackson

For a life to end
In such a tragic way
Makes us truelly appreciate
Each and every day
His greatest gift to us
Was his gift of song
A gift that spanned 50 years
He was Michael Jackson

And so we now say
Our final goodbyes
To a genuine legend
Who was just a little shy
A performer whose shows
Were always number one
We will forever miss you
Michael Jackson

1 comment:

  1. Nicely written Rei. Although I like to write too, I am not the poet so I just say: yeah, it pretty sucks he is gone. Things like this really shouldn't happen. Anyway, good luck with your writing career :).