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Monday, June 29, 2009

Midnight Fantasy

As some of you know, I'm a writer. I'm currently working on a fantasy novel called 'Ahlephia' but I thought I'd share some of my earlier works with you. To kick start the first of many, I present 'Midnight Fantasy' - a tale of lust and passion. It has been published by Cleo magazine and now it's here for all of you to read. Feedback is welcome :)

Brad Miller checked his watch for the millionth time in the space of five minutes. The woman he was waiting for was running late. He sighed and collasped onto the sofa.

"Relax, man," said Sam Thompson, friend and fellow model. "She'll be here."

Brad stared at the clock on the wall. He sighed again remembering his first encounter with Rachel.

Rachel Forrestor was an elementry school teacher from Australia who had just gotten out of a bad relationship. He had found her on, a striking blonde with a killer smile and gorgeous body. Brad was pleasently surprised about her personality; non-judgemental, witty and intellegent. He was more impressed when he learned of her passion for writing erotica.

He began to follow her, amazed that someone so beautiful could be so down to Earth. She would send intellegent tweets before replying to him with a dirty direct message. He loved how honest and open she was. Her twitter picture always made him smile.

They had spoken several times online before she gave him her number. When he called her the first time he was in awe of the sultry and seductive voice filled with an Australian accent that breathed down the phone line. A smiled played on his lips. He had a hard on just thinking about it.

They talked about everything from his line of work that many frowned upon to her erotic thoughts including her ultimate fantasy - to be kidnapped and used as a masked man's sex slave. Brad grinned as he remembered reading that message. He had invisioned her striped, tied to his bed and blindfolded while he worked his magic, making her moan in pleasure. He even e-mailed her, telling her exactly what he would do should she ever want him to make her fantasy a reality. She, in return, would respond with sexual escapades that would ignite the coldest of hearts.

Then one day, while reading a fetching e-mail from her, he discovered that she was coming to San Diego for two weeks. Her e-mail read 'My dearest Brad. Finally I have some time off from work and have decided to travel to San Diego. I want to meet the man that has kept my interests peaked for so long. Yours truelly, Rachel.'

Brad had read that e-mail a million times, each time decipering its meaning differently. He called her and was disappointed to learn that she wasn't meeting him for the sexual yerning they both had. She truelly did just want to meet him.

As the Australian accent flooded his thoughts, his jeans suddenly felt like they were one size too small. "I can make it worth your while," he said, running his hand through his hair.

The moment those words left his mouth, Brad wanted to kick himself. He was acting the way he had promised he wouldn't; desperate and needy.

"Really?" Her voice had changed. The seductive tone had gone, replaced by curiousity and excitement. He pumped his fist into the air. "Leave everything to me," he told her.

Once she had given him her flight information, he gave her his address and told her to arrive at eight that night. She agreed, excitement mounting in her voice. Brad glanced at his watch again. Eight-twenty. Where was she?

"Is she a blonde?" Sam asked, moving the curtains aside and peering out the front window as Brad snapped out of his thoughts. "What? Yeah, why?"

"Because a stunning blonde has just gotten out of a car and is headed towards the front door," he answered, letting the curtain fall back into place.

"Shit! Quick, go to the bedroom and remember the plan. When you hear the door slam, make a noise of some kind." Sam nodded and raced down the hall. Brad opened the front door slightly before ducking behind the couch.

Rachel approached the door, placing her keys back into her small bag. She knocked timidly and the door swung open. Brad watched as Rachel hesitated before poking her head inside his house. "Hello?" she called, taking a step into the living area. "Brad? Are you here?" She took a couple more small steps, giving her eyes time to adjust to the lack of light.

From where he was hiding Brad could kick the front door closed. Rachel let out a scream as the door slammed shut. Hand on her heart, her breasts rapidly rising as she came to terms with what had just happened. "Just the door," she breathed.

A loud bang came from the bedroom at the end of the hall. Rachel jumped, turning slowly towards the sound. Brad grinned as Sam made a couple of other noises.

"Brad? This isn't funny," called Rachel, hugging her body and creaning her neck to look down the hallway. Her back was turned to him so he stood up. Time to begin her fantasy.

He crept up behind her, slowing moving through the shadows. He had told her what he'd do should she ever find herself tied to his bed. He never told her how he'd get her there. He was certain the moment he grabbed her would result in screaming, kicking, punching and biting. He wasn't taking that chance. He removed a blindfold from his pocket as he crept up behind her.

"Brad?" she called again. He could hear the desperation in her voice. He tucked the blindfold up his shirt sleeve before wrapping one arm around her body and covering her mouth with his other hand. As predicited Rachel screamed. Or tried to. She struggled against him, unsure of what was happening.

She was shaking in fear, a single tear escaping from her eye. Brad felt it land on his hand which was still covering her mouth. "I'm not going to hurt you," he whispered, his lips brushing her ear. She shivered and her knees grew weak upon realizing who was speaking to her.

"I'm going to take my hand away, but you've got to keep that pretty little mouth of yours shut," he added, thumb rubbing her arm in a loving, caring mannor. She nodded, still breathing heavy. He removed his hands, letting her go. "Don't turn around," he warned.

Rachel stood still as he blindfolded her. He removed her jacket and took her bag from her hand, leaving both lying on the sofa. He pinned her wrists behind her and lead her down the hall towards his bedroom.

Sam had lit several candles that created an eerie glow throughout the room. Brad gave Rachel a gentle nudge and she fell onto the four-poster bed. She reached for the blindfold but was promtly stopped by Sam, who held her hands while Brad removed her tight-fitting jeans. Sam removed her tank top to reveal a lacy white bra with matching panties.

Brad felt himself harden as he stared at the beautious blonde. He nodded at Sam who unclipped her bra, tossing it to the floor. Rachel let out a whimper of protest as Brad layed her down on his bed. Sam got to work tying her hands above her head to the posts. Brad kissed her neck, running his tongue across her collarbone before kissing his way down over her ample chest. The scent of musk and desire filled the air.

Brad kissed her stomach, licking around her bellyring as he pulled down her panties. Rachel felt a hot breath and, out of instint, clamped her thighs together. Sam pulled her legs apart, tying each ankel to a bedpost while Brad lightly sucked and bit her nipples.

He stopped long enough to remove his own clothes. Sam took up residence, licking her breasts, flicking his tongue across her already sensative nipples. He pushed his cock to her lips, pinching her nipple when she turned her head away. Rachel opened her mouth to say something but Sam inserted his penis.

She sucked and did little swirling actions with her tongue that had Sam's eyes rolling back in his head.

Brad moved in between her legs, studying her. "Beautiful," he whispered, his hot breath landing on her pussy, causing a moan from Rachel. He closed his eyes as he licked the length of her. Rachel wiggled slightly, pulling at the restraints. Her muscles contracted. Brad inserted two fingers as his tongue circled her swollen clitoris. He didn't dare touch it for fear of sending her over the edge too early. He wanted her to enjoy this, to beg for release.

He thrusted his two fingers inside her, over and over again. He blew onto her pussy and watched with intrest as her body reacted. Her hands gripped the restraints, her cheeks tinged with pink.

Sam pulled out of her mouth and switched places, inserting himself into her dewy mound. She let out a low moan as she came. Sam stayed burried inside her until her convultions stopped. Every nerve was tingling. Brad placed his cock against her lips and she opened her mouth like the obediant girl she was. His eyes rolled back in his head as her tongue swirled around his head.

Sam thrust inside her, gaining momentum with each thrust. Rachel's encouraging noises made both men feel like they were about to blow their loads. Brad ran his fingers through her long blonde hair, giving it a gentle pull every now and then. Rachel sucked him like a pro. It made him wonder how she'd go if her hands weren't restrained.

He glanced up at Sam and gave the signal to switch places again. Both men pulled away. Rachel's chest heaved as she drew in ragged breaths. Sam turned her head and she opened her mouth. He ran his fingers over her breasts, pinching her nipples which caused her to cry out in surprise.

Brad entered her, sliding into her with ease, filling her. She was slick, wet with desire. Sweat formed on his brow. He could tell she was close to coming for a second time. Her back was arched slightly, her hands balled into fists, toes curling, gripping the bed sheets. He smirked. He licked his thumb before reaching down to rub her clit. It was destined to make her come.

Rachel's head was spinning. She was in heaven. She could feel the heat rising from her, the pleasure too much for her to handle. She gave into it, coming again, this time along with whoever was pounding into her. She could feel his volcanic erruption oozing through her, filling her completely.

She shuddered as the last moment of her orgasm passed. It took her a moment to realize that she had been holding her breath. She sucked in a deep breath when Sam sprayed her mouth and face with his load. She coughed, nearly choking on the thick, sticky substance that had sprayed her 'pretty little' mouth.

She felt the bed move then nothing. She tugged on the restraints to find that they were no longer tied to the bedposts. She sat up, removing her blindfold. The first thing she noticed was the bathroom light was on and a towel had been placed beside her.

Rachel stood up, shaking. Her legs wobbled as she made her way to the bathroom. She was pleasently surprised to find a hot bubble bath had been drawn for her. She climbed into the tub, her body sore from the pleasure she had experienced.

After her relaxing bath, Rachel donned a robe that her 'kidnappers' had left her and emerged from the bedroom. She walked down the hall, her feet cool on the wooden floorboards. She entered the living room to see Brad and Sam sitting, fully clothed, on the sofa, glass of wine in hand. She blushed when she saw how handsome they were.

Brad gave her a warm smile and made his way over to her. She avoided his eyes, embarrassed. He cupped her chin forcing her to look at him. He studied her blue-green eyes. "Satisfied?" he asked, his hands running up and down her arms. She nodded, her eyes glassy. "Very," she replied.

He smiled wickedly. "Good, because we're not finished yet . . . "

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