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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Angel Of Seduction

I am an angel, with the legs of Elle Macpherson and the mind of Madonna. My name is Seduction. I am flying over the city tonight, looking for my prey.

Two million years ago I had a lover, his name was the Prince of Lust. He was Michaelangelo's David, strong limbs chiselled from stone. We made love across the centuries of clouds, grass and ocean. Our orgasms shook the world in earthquakes and tidal waves. But the frigid angels banished us from heaven for our wanton ways. They cursed us never to be able to touch or love each other again. But we found a way. We learned to use mortals as our mediums, possessing their bodies so that we may once more drown in our desire.

I see your bathroom light is on, and land lightly on your rooftop. My silk coat unfurls to the night as I glide down the drainpipe and look in the window. You are standing in front of the mirror, admiring yourself in your satin and lace nightdress. I slide one perfect leg in the window, then the other dropping gracefully to the floor. For a second you feel my presence as a chill runs down your spine. Seeing the window is open, you snap it shut. I laugh a laugh you do not hear.

I stand behind you and brush my golden fingers over your bare shoulders. The goosebumps on your bosom reach a cresecendo at your nipples, making them hard as diamonds. Warm love juices begin to trickle between your thighs.

"Will you be long, honey?" he calls from the bedroom.

"Just a minute," you call back, surprised at the extent of your own desire.

I lift your nightdress and spread your tembling legs. My fingers circle your sex, wet in musky milkiness. I pull back the hood of your clitoris and tickle the delicate jewel. You stifle a moan and lean on the handbasin. I rub in a steady rthythm until the shockwaves run down your legs and cosmetic bottles tip over with your climax.

I climb out from under your nightdress. You are smiling at your flushed reaction, and I know you are ready. I change form and step inside your body, and we become one. For a moment you see me shine in your eyes, then you become the seductress.

You open the bedroom door and glide like a fiery ghost to the bed. The movement of your nightdress on your tingling skin feels like the hand of a lover. Your whole body is burning with desire. He looks up from his book, about to say something but you silence him with a look . . . the book falls to the floor with a thud. "Honey, you seem so . . ." You tear the sheet from the bed and his erection strands before you. Smiling, you lean over and take him in your mouth. He moans and clutches the back of your head. You look up into his eyes, allowing me to see that the Prince of Lust has possessed your lover's body. His piercing blue eyes gaze into mine, and we smile wickedly at each other.

You slide your tongue along the length of your lover's penis, making little circles on the tip. He thrusts deep into your mouth, imagining the feel of things to come. His breathing becomes short and his hand grips the side of the bed. A spasm passes through his body, and you quickly sit up, clasping the head of his penis tightly between your fingers. "Not yet," you whisper.

He looks at you with yerning eye, powerless in your grasp. You caress his smooth chest with kisses and lick the soft skin inside his elbows. He groans and grabs hungrily at your nightdress, peeling it away.

Pinning your arms above your head, he sucks at your breasts, sending little thrills of pleasure down your body. His warm kisses move along your quivering skin, then he sits back and slides his hand underneath your ass, pulling your sex to his mouth like a taste peach. You open up to him like a flower.

"Not yet," he whispers, as he kisses the ticklish skin of your inner thighs. You sigh with pleasure and move his hand towards your sex. He traces the moist lips with his fingers before thrusting two of them inside. You writhe wth delight while he pushes them in further, twisting and twisting until you cry out. "I want you," you moan. His erection is straining to full length as he takes out a condom. You shudder in anticipation with the sound of the packet ripping. He starts to roll the condom on but your greedy hands take over and quickly finish the job.

He moves into you a little at a time, torturing you with expectation. Your hands dig into his back begging him to thrust in further. He wraps his arms around you and pounds into you to the hilt, harder and harder as the beat becomes more rapid. Your bodies strain for release. The sweat of your stomachs mingles together and runs down your thighs until it's impossible to distinguish the different types of wetness. His hard chest pushes against your breasts,as you bruise each other's hips with your desperation. All your muscles stretch and pull you to climax until the room explodes into white sparks of light.

As you and your lover collapse into each other's arems, the Prince of Lust and I can touch briefly before fleeing into the night.


  1. This girl is an incredible writer. And, what a babe.

  2. Wow!!! I love the story and even moreso the idea behind it! The whole love but unable to be together theme! Amazing!!!