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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Boogyman Is Coming

Late last year (2008) I was humming a tune that I couldn't get out of my head. Before I knew it I was singing some made up song in reference to Halloween (1978) - you know the horror movie with the villain known as Michael Myers. The one with the white mask who likes to stalk babysitters? I happened to have watched it before heading off to work that night. Yes, well that song turned into something that I look back on fondly with a smile. The lyrics are printed below. Enjoy and feel free to comment.

Verse 1: It's Halloween night in
A small town of Illinois
A town synonymous with
Death, destruction and decay
Local authorities panic when I come to stay
And they say

Bridge: What's this all about?
How did he get out?
What's this all mean?
Our town in quiet, peaceful
Very serene
And I say

Chorus: The boogyman is coming
He's coming for you
Michael Myers is coming
What ya gonna do?
I say we stand and fight
And try to survive the night
Or else we better start running
'Cause the boogyman is coming

Verse 2: Driving through the quiet
Haddonfield streets
When the silence is broken by
A sudden scream
Get out of the car
And into the dark
The sight of the body
Sends fear to your heart
And they say

Bridge: We know what this is about
How could you let him out?
You know what this means?
He's not here
He's already been
And I say

Chorus: The boogyman is coming
What ya gonna do?
Michael Myers is coming
And he's coming for you
I say we stand and fight
And try to survive the night

Or else we better run
'Cause his game has just began

Verse 3: I wanna check out his home
But boys
I wanna go alone (I say)

Chorus: The boogyman is coming
As you can plainly see
Michael Myers is coming
But he's not after me
Looks like I've won this fight
I'm the sole survivor tonight
You should have run
When the killings begun
Why then?
'Cause the boogyman is

1 comment:

  1. You like to stay up till late :). I agree on this "mirror thing", unfortunaltey self-criticism is for many mission impossible. thank god for good movies so one can escape from this here from time to time.Have you seen Knowing?I heard a lot of bad criticism about it but I actualy liked that movie a lot,there was very clear message,that nothing in our lifes is for granted.