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Friday, November 6, 2009


Due to popular demand I'm placing a breif summary of my soon-to-be-released novel Ahlephia up on my blog for everyone to read. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Every town has a haunted house and in Rockwater, Louisiana it belongs to Professor Issac Grey.

Roxanne Summers may only be sixteen but she has had a hard life. Being raised by her mother who, in the past, has been more attentive towards her drug dealer then her own daughter, Roxanne looks to her two best friend for support.

But when her mother is murdered, Roxanne discovers that her two best friends aren't really that great. She enlists the help of the five richest kids in Rockwater (a group of kids whom she refers to as 'The Snob Squad') to find her mother's killer.

All clues point to Professor Issac Grey, a reclusive man whose only passion is for science. Upon investigating his mansion atop Rockwater's cliffs overlooking Dawson's Beach, Roxanne and her friends discover a portal to an alternate reality.

Grey catches them snooping through his house and take vengence, transforming each of them into a mythical creature before sending them through the portal to a world known to its residence as Ahlephia.

Upon awaking in Ahlephia, Roxanne and the others have just 72 hours to find the antidote to change themselves back into regular human form. However, it's easier said then done as Ahlephia has many dangers around every corner including the all-powerful Shenzi and Jafar.

Will they make it out of Ahlephia alive or be trapped forever?

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