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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Skin On Skin

Bodies writhe and gyrate together. From the upper level, the dance floor seems a mass of people lost in the music, sharing the pulsating rhythm as their sweaty bodies push and move as one. Flesh touching flesh; rubbing, twisting, flexing. The pounding beat of the music soars and quickens in its intensity, lights project a rainbow of colours across the dance floor, and the dancers move with it in elated uniformity. Glittering gold, bare shoulders, heat, energy. Skin on skin.

He watches her from the balcony. She is alone, eyes closed and lips parted as she sways, letting the rhythm of the music wash over her body and take her over. His hand grips the rail as he watches her slide her hands over her full, firm breasts and slowly down her taut stomach. She presses her hands on to her thighs, rubbing slowly up and down, letting the silk of her black skirt rise and crumple. He begins to breathe harder, feeling the warmth in his groin and beads of sweat form on his upper lip. Tighter, tighter he fastens his fingers around the cold steel of the rail and presses himself against it. Her hips rise and fall with the throb of the music; moving in a controlled and steady rhythm. Her fingers dig into her fleshy thighs and she smiles, oblivious to the throng of those dancing together in ecstasy around her.

He descends the stairs. Feathers, silk, lace, sequins, latex and skin brush past. People smile curious, knowing smiles. He stares at her, watches her grow more excited with the frenzied pace of the beat, as she bites her lip and turns her back to him, her hands passing over the small of her back. She does not see him. He slips his hands under her skirt and feels the defined curve of her hips, pulling her into him. He lets his mouth close on the back of her neck, flickering his tongue over the delicate skin, biting her gently.

Head back, mouth open, she lets a slow moan escape from her lips. She begins to guide him into her rhythm, her hands firm against his buttocks, pushing him harder, harder. She can feel him, hear him. His hardness presses into her back, his chest heaves and falls, and she can hear his steady, heavy breathing escalate. His hands coil around her legs, stroke her burning inner thigh and she can feel her own wetness - hot, yearning.

The music throbs around them in a wild frenzy. She places her hand over his, leading it to her moist softness. He lets a finger slip into the silk of her panties, running his fingertips over her mound, smelling the musk of her neck as she digs her nails into the back of his thighs. Teasingly, he begins to stroke her clitoris, gently, rhythmically. She squeezes her thighs together and gasps; he licks and sucks her neck as she writhes, turning to face him. She takes his wrists and holds them together, pushing him against a wall. Her eyes, determined and intense with desire, look long and steadily into his. Her lips, swollen, wet and open, meet his. She bites and sucks his lower lip, then their tongues, moist and warm, move together, echoing the rhythm of their grinding hips. She begins to kiss his chest with her open, firm mouth. She lets her tongue spiral down, sucking his hard nipples and caressing his inner thigh with her hand. He lightly passes his fingertips over her breasts, circling her nipples, then cupping them in his hands.

She unzips his pants, biting the zip and tearing it downwards. He moans as she runs her tongue over his hardness which is smooth and hot to the touch. She envelopes it in her warm, soft mouth, sucking as she glides her tongue around it, harder and faster around the head. His hands run through her hair, massaging, stroking, gripping. She rises to her feet, and he bends to his knees, running his hands down the entire length and curve of her body. Every nerve is alive, tingling.

He pushes her legs apart, tearing at her panties with his teeth, until he probes inside her deeper and deeper, with his hot tongue. Her back moves against the wall to the throb of the music surrounding them, guiding them. His hands caress her stomach, sending flutters of excitement shooting though her groin. His tongue slides in and out of her slippery wetness, as he flickers it over her clitoris in a steady rhythm; she can feel the fire inside her beginning to rise up until it almost consumes her. He pulls away, and standing up to meet her glazed eyes, he licks and kisses her stomach, her breasts, letting his hands caress the curve of her firm hips and buttocks. He kisses her mouth - she can taste herself on his warm lips and tongue, smell the muskiness of her own scent.

The music pulsates, beginning its ascent into the final climax. A sharp gasp - he hoists her up onto the wall, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. He enters her - the consuming wetness of her, the tightness of her. He is so hard now. He drives himself into her again and again, she moans and pushes herself against the hardness of him, deeper and deeper. The sweat and heat between them escalates as they rock back and forth; insane, hot, wet, the music climbs higher. She is burning up, the fire twists and spreads inside her. The heat is almost too much to bear, he bites and sucks her neck, she claws his back with her nails. The music climaxes as they do - an explosion of sweat, heat, lust, animal passion.

Sweet relief, exhaustion.

All is quiet.

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