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Friday, December 16, 2011

Confessions Of A Slave

She stood before him, naked. Her left arm draped over her ample breasts while her right hand lingered near her shaved pussy, hiding it from his view. 

He was topless, his erection straining against his pants.

“Drop your hands,” he commanded. She licked her lips, her body shaking slightly. She shook her head as her nerves finally set in. She could feel her cheeks burn as his dark eyes lingered, taking in the site of her curvaceous body.

He smiled sweetly and turned his back from her. When he turned back he held in his hands a pair of purple leather cuffs, a small chain linking them together. She opened her mouth to protest, but he silenced her with a kiss. 

His tongue tickled the tip of hers and she sighed, dropping her guard – and her arm – for just a moment. Quickly, he fastened the leather cuff to her wrist then, breaking the kiss, pulled her arm behind her back. Just as he had anticipated, she tried to swat him with her right hand. He grabbed that, fastening the other cuff to her wrist and securing them behind her back.

He watched as she tugged at the restraints before looking over her shoulder at him. He kissed her neck, sucking and nipping at the tender flesh. She whimpered. He always knew what turned her on.

His hands roamed over her body, feeling her curves, before cupping her beasts, tugging at her nipples. He moved around her so he was facing her. He lent down, taking one of her nipples in his mouth, his tongue rolling around it, feeling it stiffen in his mouth. He repeated the procedure with the other one.

She closed her eyes, her breathing ragged, uneven. She could feel herself becoming aroused, her juices seeping down the inside of her leg. 


She cried out as his hand swatted against her ass. She hadn't excepted that. He did it again. Her reaction was the same.

He chuckled to himself as he walked away, returning with a ball gag. “Can't have you crying out,” he said, thrusting it between her teeth and securing it tightly behind her head. She swore, or at least she tried to. It came out all muffled as he circled her, his hand raised, preparing to strike.


She cried out again. She couldn't help it. Her butt was beginning to sting and she knew her cheeks had turned red from his hand. She pulled at her restraints, eyes wide as he turned his back to her again.

A wicked smile played on his face as he turned back to her. He wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him. He sat on the bed and perched her on his knee. He pressed something small against her breast. She glanced down.

What she saw made her eyes grow wide. In his hand was a small butt plug. She squirmed on his lap, bumping his erection, but he held her firmly. He switched it on and it began to hum. He pressed it against her nipple causing her to whimper in protest. 

Carefully, he laid her across his lap, her ass in the air. He gave it a gentle rub, feeling the heat that rose from where he had smacked her. She glanced over her shoulder as he parted her cheeks, his fingers slipping between her thighs, sliding into her aching flesh with ease.

Coating the plug in her juices, he then proceeded to press it against her anus. She cried out, feeling it enter her body, the vibrations powerful, her body shaking in response to the invader.

He gave her playful tap on the butt before pushing her onto the bed. She stared up at him, unable to read his thoughts on what he had planned for her. Her mouth felt dry, a slight string of drool dripping out the corner of her mouth.

He pulled her legs apart, cuffing her to the bed, completely spread, her body open to him to do whatever he wanted.

He ran his hand over her body, feeling her firm breasts, rolling her nipples around in his fingers before running his hand across her belly, down her thighs and legs before tickling the bottom of her foot. She groaned, struggling to free herself.

Taking her left foot in hand, he kissed each toe before running his tongue over them, sucking on them. He watched as she wiggled on the bed. He could tell by the way the sheets had creased that she was gripping them with her fists.

He continued to lick and suck her toes before moving onto the other foot and repeating his movements. 

Kissing. Sucking. Massaging. Licking. To her it was torture. She wanted him to touch her moist pussy. She wanted him to circle his tongue around her clitoris, probing it inside her. She was aching for his hard cock inside her. But this was his game. Her body was his and he was playing it like a harp. He knew all the right strings to pluck.

She wiggled her hips, hoping to send him a message that she was dying without his touch. He got the message alright and leaned up between her legs, blowing warm air onto her, causing her pussy to twitch. It glistened from her moisture and he couldn't help himself. He had to taste her.

His tongue darted out, catching her clitoris ever so lightly. She jumped, eyes rolling back in her head, a moan of delight escaping her gagged mouth.

Holding her thighs, he flickered his tongue across her clit again, feeling her muscles jump. His tongue probed inside her, slurping up her juices, causing more to flow. He inserted two fingers, watching them slide into her warm body with such ease. He sucked her clitoris into his mouth, feeling it swell as he thrust his fingers in and out of her, torturing her body to the point that she couldn't take it any more. 

Arching her back, she came with a muffled cry, her nails gripping at the sheets of his bed, her skin soaked with sweat, her long blonde hair stuck to her skin, matted with perspiration.

Her body shook violently as he continued to suck on her clit, prolonging her orgasm, forcing another one from her. His fingers continued to slide in and out, feeling her whole body twitch as though ever nerve was on fire.

She began shaking her head from side to side, begging for him to stop with muffled pleas as a third orgasm ripped through her. Never had she come in such quick succession before. Forget that, never had she had multiple orgasms before. Her eyes were closed, sweat dripping down her nose, between her breasts, down the plain of her belly. 

He withdrew his fingers, his tongue giving her clitoris one final flicker goodbye. She felt the bed move and slowly opened her eyes when she heard his pants unzip. 

She was spent. She was convinced she couldn't take any more pleasure from him. Hell, at this point she couldn't remember her own name. 

The bed moved again as he climbed back on. He undid the restraints holding her legs wide apart. Leaving the leather cuffs on her ankles, he reattached a chain between them, causing her legs to come together. 

Breathing hard, her breasts rising with each deep breath she took, she looked up at him, her green eyes glassy. He lifted her legs, resting them on his shoulder as he entered her.

He watched as her eyes closed again, her hips grinding against him, her body writhing before him. With her ankles secured together, the feeling of him inside her became more predominate. She could feel every inch of his quivering member as it stroked in and out of her at a steady rhythm that threatened to send her over the edge again.

Sweat fell from his brow, his eyes darkening as he felt his own orgasm build. He wanted to come with her. He could feel her muscles tighten but knew it would take a little extra encouraging. He licked his thumb and began rubbing her clit in a slow, circular manner. His thumb became slick with her juices. 

He maintained his rhythm, gliding in and out of her, rubbing her clit, watching her body for signs that she was close. Her cheeks were flushed, eyes closed, nostrils flaring. Her breasts began to rise quicker, her breathing becoming uneven. Her inner muscles began to clench at his cock as that familiar feeling began to swell in her belly.

Her hands gripped the sheets, her head tossing from side to side as her fourth orgasm came to head. He smiled in satisfaction as he felt her body convulse around his throbbing appendage. She was shaking as he came, shooting his thick, hot, white cream inside her.

Smiling, he reached out to her, moving her hair from in front of her face. With trembling fingers he undid the gag, removing it from her mouth. She gasped, stretching her jaw as he dropped it next to her. He rolled her on her side, switching off the vibrating butt plug and removing it from her body. 

He kissed her passionately, his tongue dancing with hers, his hands roaming over her breasts. She wiggled a little, wishing she could press her hands against his firm chest, feeling his body beneath her fingers. 

He pulled away from her, getting to his feet. 

Struggling in her binds, she managed to get herself up into a sitting position, a combination of his come and hers leaking out of her, running down her thigh and pooling on the sheet beneath her. “Aren't you forgetting something?” she asked, breathlessly, hinting at her restraints.

He just smiled. “I've got so much more planned for you,” he replied with a devilish wink.


  1. Fuck me! I'm serious, Rei. Fuck me! This was so hot. Such a turn on. I like seeing this kinky side to you and your writing. It's fun, adventurous, flirtaious and sexy.

  2. Oh whoa, you weren't kidding when you said you were going to be a little adventurous with this story. Fun and flirty.
    I love how you can be slow and sensual the be able to produce something like this. Great job, Rhiannon!

  3. Wow. That's all I can say. Wow.

  4. Who knew you could be so kinky Rei! Unbelieveable story and I'm super happy for you :-) I have to say, kink isn't my thing, but with your words, it sounds like a lot of fun. You left your comfort zone way behind with this one and I think it works well. Great story.

  5. Please tell me this is going to be a series. You can't leave it open like this. What happens next? Unfuckingbelieveable story, ReiRei. Got me so fucking hot. How the hell am I ever going be to able to look at you in the way when we surf now. Hot! Hotter! Hottest story to date! Keep it up! I mean the writing, not the 'throbbing appendage' lmao.

  6. This is certainly different for you. But different in a good way. I liked it, I just wish I hadn't read it at work. Might have to sit at my desk a little while longer ;)

  7. I don't normally like this style of erotica but somehow you made it work to your advantage. It was a turn on, very hot and made me wish I was her, getting pleasured by a man who was more concerned about her than himself. Of course, those type of men only exist in stories like this.

    Very well written Rhiannon. You are a fantastic writer. Amazing. Truly amazing.

  8. I'm so use to your sensual and slow 'making love' tales - this was a nice change of pace. Very erotic and loved the toe sucking/licking etc. Foot fetishes are so popular and I know the only way you'd be able to have someone do that to you is if you're tied down.
    See you in the surf, kitten.

  9. Very erotic! Loved it!

  10. What I wouldn't give to do this to you right now

  11. Not like anything you've done before. I liked it. Nice work.

  12. Intense, but enjoyable. I wouldn't mind my hubby do that to me ;)