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Monday, December 5, 2011

Divine Angel

Hello everyone!
Today I want to post a couple of poems from another guest writer, Gabriel-A D.  These poems hold a special meaning for him and are quite powerful. Please read, enjoy and feel free to leave a comment or two for him.
Rhiannon Irons

No words can describe my profound despair
Since the dim devil swallowed my last breath
With dark sorrow, I hurled myself nowhere
Close enough to hear the rough scream of death
Since you disregarded my last feeling
And sadly let my last hope fall in ruin
Your blind ignorance should be kneeling
If you could realize my deep rune
Once a divine angel saved me from doom
Guiding me trought gloom with graceful able
Blinded by her charming smile, we left my tomb
When I realised you were this sweet angel
Through misery it was now clear to me 
That you're the only one who could save me

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