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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Lighthouse

Hello everyone!
Today I want to post a couple of poems from another guest writer, Gabriel-A D.  These poems hold a special meaning for him and are quite powerful.  Please read, enjoy and feel free to leave a comment or two for him.
Rhiannon Irons

My life is like a sailboat that sails over the oceans
With the wind in my wings that blows in my sails
I floated through life
Then came upon the night the dark storm
My distress was deep as the ocean
Ready to take my pitiful life
In the imminent darkness I couldn’t find the way
Then I saw you as the sailor see the lighthouse
Guiding me on the hopeless sea
Your wise words finally calmed my despair
Since the sun chased the storm
I could see the light of hope once again
Your kind words were comforting
Your proverb were the water that quenched my thirst
When I needed you the most; you were there for me
Like the sailor who needs the lighthouse to return to shore
You taught me a way to let go my despair
Like the sailor who got rid of his ballast
I can now fly away on the wind of hope
Without loosing the beautiful sight of the lighthouse.

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