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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sinful Shower

She had been awake for four days. No sleep. Her eyes felt heavy as she discarded her black satin robe, revealing her creamy white skin.

She turned on the shower. Steam filled the room. Her long blond hair was braided, the golden curls falling majestically down her back.

She undid the braid and climbed into the shower, wincing slightly at the temperature of the water. Turning the taps she adjusted the temperature to her liking before standing under the forceful jet of water. Her eyes were closed as water dripped down her nose. The droplets bounced off her body, running over her supple breasts, down the plain of her belly and the length of her legs. She ran her hand through her hair, feeling it matt against her back. Her hand lightly caressed her breasts, her nipples hardening as she pinched them delicately.

The door opened. Her eyes fluttered open, and she smiled. There he stood naked as the day he was born, his chiselled body taunting her. She licked her lips, his dark eyes watching her as her hands continued to caress her body.

He opened the glass shower door and stepped in. He smiled as he watched her eyes go from grey to green as they lingered on his cock, which was rivalling the Empire State Building in proportions.

“Need a hand?” he asked, his voice rich and smooth. Her knees grew weak as he placed his hands on her hips, his large hands gripping her flesh. She opened her mouth but couldn't make a sound as one of his hands fell from her waist to between her legs, running along her pussy lips before sliding a single finger inside her.

She gasped, her nails gripping his shoulder, her eyes closing as he plundered her body with his invasive finger. He felt her hips rock gently, allowing her to find the right rhythm. He added a second digit, feeling the curve of her body as he held her tight.

Her eyes flew open as his mouth enclosed over one of her nipples, flicking his tongue against it before biting down gently.

Her hands spread across his shoulders, feeling his muscles moving beneath his skin.

He moved from one nipple to the other, circling the delicate bud with the tip of his tongue, eyes watching her as she threw her head back and let out a low moan. A wicked smile played on his face as he began kissing her neck, pulling her towards him, his cock pressing into her leg.

As he kissed her sensitive neck, he withdrew his fingers. His hands gripped her hips, pulling her legs apart, then with one swift motion, he thrust his hips upwards, his cock sinking into her warm, wet flesh.

She let out a startled yelp as he sunk his teeth into her neck. It was a gentle bite, but still, it caught her by surprise.

He lifted her, holding her in his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist as he continued to drive himself into her. Her back was against the cold tiles, her breasts in his eye line, her eyes closed, mouth parted as she bucked her hips at him, desperately trying to maintain that steady rhythm that had her so close before.

As she gyrated her hips, grinding against his, his lips found the curve of her breast and began kissing and sucking the hot flesh. He circled her nipples again with his tongue, refusing to touch them. Her hand raked through his hair, pulling at it. He looked up into her eyes, which were glazed over. She blinked her long, black lashes at him, pleading with her eyes for him to to play with her breasts.

He flashed her a winning smile, shifting his weight slightly.

The steam from the shower rose as did her cries of pleasure. They got audibly louder when he began sucking on her nipples again while his thumb began to rotate small circles on her clitoris.

Her body began to shake, her head thrashing back and forth, her nails digging into his flesh. He winced as he felt her claws grip his shoulder, shredding his skin, but he didn't let up.

With one final thrust he exploded, shooting his hot, creamy load inside her, his thumb still rubbing her clitoris in small circles. It was too much for her to take. Her inner muscles gripped him, convulsing around him as she uttered a guttural moan and came with an Earth-shattering orgasm.

Whispering soothing words, he lowered her to her feet, his hands gripping her tightly until she was able to stand on her own.

She smiled in satisfaction, her eyes glassy, her body weak. He held her in his arms, his hands caressing every inch of her body in a loving manner. He kissed her deeply, his tongue intertwining with hers.

“I'm sorry I scratched you,” she said, her voice barely a whisper. He said nothing as he began to wash her body. Their love juices, mixed together, dripped down her inner thighs. He ran his hand over her, leaving soapy bubbles on her porcelain skin.

She felt like she was on fire. She watched as he dropped to his knees, rubbing the loofah across her belly, down her thighs and legs before retracing his steps. She felt that familiar fire in the pit of her stomach as she stared at him, lustfully.

He glanced up and watched as her eyes turned from blue to green. He smiled delightfully, his cock springing back to life at the thought of more sinful shower time.

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  1. Rhiannon Irons does it again. Very sexy story. Just remind me from now on to have a shower before you :-)