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Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Need

I need someone who will hold me
When I'm feeling down
I need someone to love me
Not push me around

I need to feel love in my life
Where there was none before
I need to know that nothing I say
Will make you walk out that door

I need someone who can handle me
When I'm happy and sad
I need someone who sticks by me
In both good and bad

I need to feel protected
Your arms holding me tight
I need to hear your voice
Sending me off to sleep at night

I need to know that you love me
Everyday of my life
I need someone who will prevent
Me slicing my arm with a knife

I need to be told
"Everything's OK"
I need to know
That you'll never stray

I need to feel secure
Protected from harm
I need to feel safe
When I'm wrapped in your arms

I need to feel happy
With who I am
I need someone
Who understands

I know this list is long
That there's so much I need
Knowing you fulfill this list
Gives me reason to breathe

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