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Monday, January 14, 2013


Her wrists were secured in front of her
Her ankles wore leather cuffs
She was on her knees, resting on her forearms
Wiggling her ass at him
Enticing him
Begging him to play with her

She didn't utter a word
The gag saw to that
She couldn't see his face in the mirror
For her eyes were covered with a thick cloth
She was in darkness
She was bound

She felt his hands on her hips
Digging his nails into her flesh
She let out a low moan
As he body rested against hers
Filling her completely
Making her happy

His hand snaked around her
Resting against her throat
He pulled her head back
His lips against her ear
His tongue tickled
As he reminded her she was his

He let her fall to the bed
As he took her hard
His hand pulled her hair
Arching her back more
Her eyes closed as she pulled against her binds
She was bound

As his climax drew near
His sweat dripped from his brow
Her skin was covered in a glossy sheen
And her nerves were alive like they were on fire
They came together and collapsed in satisfaction
And he smiled for the first time

He removed her blindfold
So he could see her eyes
He brushed back her hair
And rolled over onto his side
As he went to sleep it dawned on her
He had left her bound

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