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Sunday, January 13, 2013


I sat online
Waiting for you to speak
Waiting for you to notice my presence
Then as I typed the words "Hey again"
You signed off
Without so much as a "Good night"
Or "Bye"

That hurt me more then you will ever know
I sent you a message to let you know
That I was there
That I had messaged you
And I got nothing in return
I got ignored

Ignored by someone who I love
Ignored by someone who owns my heart
I hate this feeling that causes pain
Causing the tears to stream down my face

I know our conversation earlier
Wasn't the stuff of dreams
But I wanted to talk to you
To hear your voice again
To feel your words washing over me
Making me feel loved again

Why can't the shadows of the night
Pull me into their darkness?
Why can't I sleep
Without hearing your voice?
Why does it hurt me so much
When you don't return my calls?
Or my messages?
Why does it hurt when I feel ignored?

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