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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Show Pony

After the adventure of being turned into John’s little pony in the barn, Erica had fantasized about it happening again.  She loved the idea of being paraded around, whipped and ridden hard by her man.  She loved the feel of the riding crop as it lashed across her firm ass as John pounded into her moist heat.

She had told him she wanted a repeat of that day and while John had seemed interested nothing had come of it.

One morning, as the sun shone brightly through the lace curtains, Erica yawned, stretching her arms above her head, eyes still closed.  Something was thrust into her mouth with such force that her eyes snapped open.  John was kneeling above her, his hands pushing a bit gag into her mouth.

Erica moaned, trashing her arms at him, but he pinned her before easily flipping her onto her stomach.  He fastened the gag behind her head and let her hair fall back into place before holding her wrists tightly behind her back. 

Wiggling in the most uncoordinated manner, Erica got to her knees, her nightgown falling back into place to cover her bare bottom.

John’s hand gripped her tightly, pulling her back against him.  With his free hand, he cupped her breast, feeling her nipple harden beneath the scrap of material that she called a nightgown.

“Who’s my little show pony?” he whispered, dipping his tongue into her ear, feeling her chest heave beneath his hand.  Erica whimpered, her excitement growing.

John nipped her ear, his teeth grazing it, smiling to himself when a shudder ripped through her.  He removed his hand from her breast and ripped her nightgown to shreds, watching with delight and satisfaction as it crumpled in a torn mess on the floor near the bed.  He would replace it later.  Right now he had more pressing matters to attend to.

He held her hands behind her back as he marched her downstairs and out to the barn.  Erica’s excitement turned to nerves when she saw his car had been hooked up to a horse float.

Holding her wrists behind her with one hand, John reached for the reigns that were proudly hanging inside the float.  He quickly attached them to the bit gag before fiercely telling her not to try anything.  To make sure she’d be good he tied the end of the reigns to a hook inside the float.

Erica stood there, rubbing her wrists, a string of drool dripping from her lips.  What was John planning?  She turned so she could watch him enter the barn. 

The air was crisp, despite the early morning sun.  She thought about reaching up and undoing the gag and running back inside to get dressed, or to have a warm shower, but thought better of it.  After all, it was her that had nagged John to do this.  She wanted to be his little pony again.  She just wished he hadn’t decided to do it during winter.

John returned, tying Erica’s hands behind her back as well as her elbows.  This way her breasts were pushed out further, inviting anyone to have a quick squeeze.  He then lifted one of her long, lean legs, placing her foot inside a specially made boot that looked like a horse hoof.  He zipped it up and placed the matching boot on the other foot.  The furry boots came to her knee but added to the fact that she was his little pony.

He held her hands to the side as he lined up the blonde horse tail.  Pressing the bulbous head of the tail into her rectum Erica clenched her teeth and bared down, refusing to relax.  She cried out as John pinched one of her nipples before forcing the anal plug deep inside her.

“Naughty pony,” he said, nipping her ear with his teeth.  He swatted her across the backside with his open palm.  Erica cried out, turning her head so she could see him.

He removed the reigns from the hook inside the float and pulled down the gangway that allows an actual horse to enter the float.  Inside, strapped to the floor was a large rubber dildo.  To the sides of it were eyelets poking up off the floor. 

“Kneel,” he instructed, holding the reigns in one hand while placing the other on her shoulder, forcing Erica to the trailer floor.  The tip of the dildo pressed against her pussy, teasing her lips, her legs sliding further apart.  She was soaking wet, her juices of excitement were seeping down her inner thighs.

He pressed down on her until the dildo slid half way inside her.  Erica groaned, eyes closing, a string of drool hanging from the gag.

John’s hand left her shoulder as he quickly began binding his little pony to the floor, looping rope around her thighs, tickling the insides of them, enjoying the wetness that seeped from her moist heat.

He secured the reigns and made sure that she couldn’t move in any direction aside from up and down slightly.  Once he was satisfied that she was completely secure, he left the float, closing the door behind him.

Erica shifted slightly.  She was very uncomfortable.  What the hell was he doing?

She didn’t have to wait long.  She tilted her head as the car’s engine roared to life.  The float lurched forward and Erica cried out.  She felt the dildo slide upwards as John purposefully drove down a ditch.

He’s mad, Erica thought, struggling to free her bound arms.  He’s actually taking me for a drive.

While she struggled, groaning every time the dildo slid in a little deeper, John was grinning to himself as he turned down the dirt highway.

He had a special surprise in store for his little pony and she would not be disappointed.

It only took him thirty-five minutes to locate the other farm, but for Erica it felt like hours.  Her knees were sore from kneeling on the cold floor.  Her pussy was wet with desire and she was on the verge of an orgasm from John hitting all the bumps along the dusty road.  Her hair kept falling in front of her face which was annoying her and her ass hurt from clenching at the tail.

The car stopped.

Erica held her breath as she listened.  She had half expected to see her own barn when John let down the gate.  Instead she saw wide open spaces.  John entered the float and untied her.  He helped her stand and allowed her to shake out her legs, letting the blood return to them.

“You’re going to love this,” he whispered in her ear.  “I’ve found just the place for a pretty little show pony like you.”

Grabbing hold of the reigns, John led Erica down the gate.  Erica’s eyes widened as she looked around at all the other women dressed up like ponies.  One woman was running around a paddock while her master whipped at her glorious breasts with a large bull whip.  A couple of girls were walking around on all fours while their male partners rode on their backs.  A young woman was tied to a fence while an equally young man whipped her perfectly rounded ass with a riding crop.

John pulled on the reigns, but Erica didn’t move.  She was completely in shock at what she was seeing.  “Oh don’t be stubborn,” John hissed, his eyes darkening.  “I’ve already told everyone how well trained you are.  Perhaps you would prefer to be like that pony over there?” he said pointing to the girl tied to the fence.  “Oh would you prefer the bull whip?”

Erica shook her head vigorously.  She didn’t want to do anything that involved a bull whip.  Just the cracking sound the ripped from it was enough to send a chill down her spine and goosebumps up her arms.

“John, welcome.”

Erica turned to see an elderly man approach John and shook his hand.  He then turned his attention to Erica, feeling the curve of her hip and the swell of her breast.  “My, my,” he said, tweaking her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.  “What a fine filly this is.  I bet she’s a prance.”

“Oh yes, that she is,” John said, nodding and smiling at the old man.  “Come on, Erica.  Show the man how you prancer.” 

When Erica didn’t move, John produced the riding crop from the back pocket of his jeans and swatted her ass with such force that Erica jumped, yelping at the impact and her now stinging flesh.  She began prancing, lifting her legs high so the elderly man could see her muscles of her inner thighs and her gleaming wet pussy. 

The old man gave a hearty chuckle and patted her behind, running his hand over the red welt that had been produced by the crop.  “What a fine prancer she is,” he said with a wink.  “Feel free to put her with the others, or else take her into the paddock and give her a work out before retiring to the barn for a wash down.”

John nodded and pulled Erica in the direction of the large paddock where the man with the bull whip was. 

“Higher!” he shouted, cracking the whip above his head.  “Lift those legs higher!”

Erica shrank back, pulling slightly on her reigns, hoping that John would get the hint.  John stopped and turned back to her.  He walked over.  “You’re scared, aren’t you?” he asked, his voice soft, caring.  Erica nodded.  John slid a hand between her thighs.  “What a liar you are,” he sneered, sliding his fingers into her with such ease.  “You’re excited.”  He pulled his fingers away, holding them up for her to see her juices glisten and gleam in the sunlight.

He pulled her towards the paddock, hooking the reigns over the fence post.  He pulled on her hips so that her back was straight, her breasts dangling beneath her, her legs straight. 

John ran his hand over her body, cupping her breasts, feeling their weight.  He tweaked her nipples hard, pulling on them, feeling her body buck beneath him.  Laughing, he slapped his hand across her backside before unzipping his fly and releasing himself. 

He was hard.  The thought of getting Erica to this farm conjured up some amazing images in his mind that he was terrified of blowing his load too early. 

Carefully, he eased himself into her, feeling her body accept his quivering manhood.  John sighed, feeling her muscles clench at him, trapping him deep inside her.

Slowly he slid all the way out before slamming back into her, causing her to buck back against him.  His hips slammed against her as John grinded himself into her.  Erica’s moans got louder as her orgasm approached hard and fast. 

When John slammed back into her she came hard, quivering and with a cry that could be heard for miles.

As Erica was basking in the glow of her orgasm, John eased the tail out of her ass and replaced it with his cock.  He was surprised at how easily he slid in, but he grasped her hips, digging his nails into her sweaty flesh.

Erica pressed back against him, begging him to fuck her hard.  He started working himself in and out of her tight ass, reaching up and grabbing a fist full of her hair.  Erica’s back arched, her arms beginning to ache, as her body bucked back against John’s.

A large orgasm was building deep within her.  Sweat trickled down her nose, dripping into the dirt and grass beneath her.  The way he controlled her was enough for her to squeeze her eyes shut as her whole body shuddered as she came again, squeezing down on John’s rock hard cock, causing him to groan as his own climax took release.  He shot his entire load up her tight ass, his hand releasing her hair as they basked in the afterglow.

Pulling out of her, John replaced the tail, zipped himself back up and lead her back to the float. 

“John?  You’re not leaving already?” called the old man.  John waved him off and loaded Erica in, securing her the same way he had before.

As the car jumped down the dirt track, Erica felt every bump, grinding herself against the large dildo.  It felt good to be full again.  She enjoyed having something buried deep inside her pussy and ass at the same time.  Made her feel complete in a way.

The car came to a stop at their farm.  John opened the door, untied her and led her down the gate.  He removed the bit gag before undressing her.  He removed the tail last of all and stopped to watch his cum trickled down her flushed backside.

He lent down, his eyes no longer threatening. 


Groaning, Erica rolled over and slammed her hand down on top of her alarm clock.  Why did that thing always have to go off whenever she was having a great dream?

Grumbling about being woken, she headed downstairs to see John sitting at the breakfast bar, coffee in hand.

“Morning lazybones,” he said, jumping up and giving her a kiss.  “Why the long face?”

“I was having a great dream,” Erica replied, sitting down on the stool and running her hand through her hair.

“What kind of dream?”

Erica pursed her lips and stared at him as he handed her a mug of coffee. 

“One where I was your pretty little show pony,” she replied with a wink.


  1. Oh wow. This was steamy. I wouldn't personally put my Misses through that, but it's certainly a fun fantasy. Great writing as usual.

  2. I was wondering how long it would take for a sequel to My Little Pony. This was very enjoyable. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Oh God this is was hot. And naturally something rose to the occasion. ;-) Way to write ReiRei.