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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I can't say what's on my mind
Because I'm afraid of what you'll say
You've got me walking around on eggshells
And now the time has come
I hold my tongue
Afraid to speak
Because everything I say
Somehow comes back to haunt me

When did things get like this?
When did I have to watch what I did
And what I said
Scared that you'll use it against me later on

We use to be so open
Talking about anything
Now things are so tense
That one false move could be my last
You no longer use my nickname
Instead just opting to say "Hi"
No "Baby, honey or lovely" follows
Makes me feel like I'm so alone

Now I feel like I can't say
Exactly what's on my mind
Because it'll start a fight
I'm walking on eggshells

Why can't we be like a movie?
A romantic comedy where everything works out
Instead of laying doubts
We live happily ever after
I don't want what I say today
To come back to haunt me tomorrow
I don't want to find out that
You've simply replaced me

You've got me walking on eggshells
Afraid to speak my mind
Because everything I say
Comes back to haunt me someday

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