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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Future

People always say
Look to the future
It hasn't happened yet
And anything is possible
But I know what my future hold
Disappointment and tears
Because that's how you always make me feel

I feel so invisible
But when you do see me
You only see my bad qualities
And point out all my flaws
I want you to understand
That with good comes bad

But in the end
I'm always who I am

The future is supposed to be bright
Full of wonder
Full of dreams
But my future is something I dread
Wondering if I'll live to see tomorrow
Wondering if it's all worth it
Because that's how you make me feel

Yes I drop subtle hints
Afraid to say what I'm thinking
We don't speak like we use to
Why can't we return to the past
The past made me feel special
Like I was worthy of your time
My present makes me depressed
And thinking of the future
Makes me sick to my stomach

I feel like you don't care
I feel like everything I do
Isn't good enough for you
That all the time and energy I use
Should have been put to a better use
The future is tomorrow
And now all I can say
Is I hope it's happier and brighter
Then it is today

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