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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Part Of Me

It was a part of me
To you it was just jewellery
But that small piece of bling
Was my everything
It was my confidence
And now it's gone
How can I stay strong

It's silly to be upset
Over something so trivial
When the world is in peril
But that small shining light
Got me through the darkest of nights
Knowing it was there
Gave me the ability to be
Whoever I dared to be

It was a part of me
That made me so happy
It was small
Hanging from my middle
Its absence is more than a niggle
It plays on my mind
All of the time
Especially when I look down

It was a part of me
Who I yearned to be
A confident woman with her head high
Unaffected by what passed her by
Everything would be alright
I had my guiding light
And now that it's gone
I'm shattered
Can I carry on?

In my heart I know I can
This is not the end
I can always get it back
Go through the pain again
Linking the jewellery with a chain
So it hangs proudly once more
Silly as it sounds
I want it back in leaps and bounds
Third time's the charm
Sound the alarm
I'm getting it done with positivity
It will forever be a part of me

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