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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rhiannon Irons' Top 13 Most Iconic Disney Movie Moments

No matter how old you are, you're never too old to enjoy a Disney movie.  We all have our favourite movie or princess.  We all have our favourite song and villain.  Now I've compiled a list of the most iconic Disney movie moments.

13:  The Battle Between Simba And Scar 

Without a doubt everyone who has ever seen The Lion King remembers this battle.  It was furious, ferocious and memorable.  This epic battle showed exactly which lion had what it took to be king.

12:  Snow White Eats The Poisoned Apple

Who can ever forget the moment when Snow White takes that fateful bite of the apple the Wicked Queen created?  Her lifeless body slumping to the ground, the apple rolling from her hand. Traumatising to a young child but a brilliant Disney moment to forever be remembered.

11:  Ariel Gets Her Legs

When Ariel signed Ursula's scroll and found herself struggling for air beneath the waves, it was up to Flounder and Sebastian to get her to the surface.  There Ariel gets a good look at her legs for the first time.  A little shaky at first, she soon fits in with the human world and eventually becomes human permanently.

10:  The Beast Vs. Gaston

"Are you in love with her, Beast?" taunts Gaston as the battle atop the castle roof escalates into a fight to the death.  Gaston pulls a knife and plunges it into the Beast's side before losing his grip and plummeting to this death.  The Beast has a chance to say goodbye to Belle before he succumbs to the wound.

9:  Beauty And The Beast

It is the dance to end all dances.  This is the moment when we realise that Belle is in deed in love with the Beast.  Their waltz as Mrs. Potts sings softly is truly a memorable Disney moment.

8:  Touch The Spindle

Maleficent showed her true colours, leading the Princess Aurora up the hidden flight of stairs in a hypnotised trance before demanding her to touch the spindle that would result in the princess' demise.  A chilling scene aided by the music of Tchaikovsky is the reason this moment lands in eighth spot.

7:  Aladdin And The Lamp

When street rat Aladdin enters the Cave Of Wonders he's looking solely for the magic lamp.  Watching him climb the massive staircase while his pet monkey Abu eyes off a large forbidden ruby was tense.  He picks it up slowly and turns back to see Abu grab the forbidden treasure and the entire cave goes into meltdown mode.  Thrilling, climatic and loaded with Disney magic, this scene is certainly iconic.

6:  Pocahontas Says Goodbye

Watching the ship sail off while she stands on the cliff and watches is heartbreaking and brings tears to the eyes.  The funny part is that it's such a beautiful moment captured by the amazing Disney artists.  An iconic moment for this film.

5:  Long Live The King

Watching Mufasa save Simba from the stampede was beautiful.  But then we see Scar lurking on the edge of the cliffside.  As Mufasa calls for him to help, Scar extends his claws and digs them into Mufasa's paws.  He leans down and whispers "Long live the King" before hurling Mufasa backwards into the stampede.  Seeing Simba's reaction when he discovers his father's body just shows how despicable Scar really is and how powerful this scene is.

4:  Maleficent Shows Her Inner Dragon

As Prince Philip battles his way through the thorns that surround his princess' castle, Maleficent completely loses it.  She lands in front of him before declaring "Now you shall deal with me, O Prince - and all the powers of HELL" before transforming herself into a really pissed off dragon.  Maleficent's transformation is enough for her to get the number four spot on this countdown.

3:  The Circle Of Life

This may cause some debate but in third spot it's the moment that Simba is raised up in the air by Rafiki as the sun shines down upon the young prince of the Pridelands.  The fact that movie ends the same way, this time with Simba's daughter, just proves how iconic this moment truly is.  Hell, even The Simpsons knocked it off once.

2:  If The Shoe Fits...

When Cinderella rans down the stairs and pleads to try the glass slipper on, her wicked stepmother trips the man carrying the shoe and it shatters into a million tiny pieces.  As the Grand Duke begins to cry and Lady Tremaine smiles wickedly, Cinderella pulls out the other glass slipper.  Hey, if the shoe fits....

1:  The Kiss

The number one most iconic Disney moment goes to two pups in love.  Sharing a plate of spaghetti while Tony dances around and sings "Belle Notte" Lady and the Tramp find themselves chewing on the same piece of spaghetti which leads to the ultimate Disney kiss.  An unforgettable moment in Disney history.

So what do you think?  Have I missed an iconic Disney moment?  Have your say below.

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