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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ahlephia - Prologue

Ten years ago . . .

The rain pelted the front of his car.  His eyes refocused on the building in front of him.  He gripped the steering wheel, his knuckles turning white.  They thought he didn't know.

He turned his attention to the passenger seat.  Her eyes stared back at him, scared, almost pleading.  He used his middle finger to push his glasses up his nose as he chuckled to himself.  "Come my dear.  It is time," he said, reaching for her.

Braving the rain, he raced towards the building, using his ID card to open the door. 

It was quiet inside.  The low lighting created an eerie feel to the sterile environment.  White walls and white tiles.  The only sign of life was the potted plant near the reception desk.

He slowly walked down the corridor, his footsteps echoing throughout the walls of W. Laboratories.  He shoved his hand into his pocket, feeling the revolver's barrel.  A smile crossed his face. 

Reaching his office, his smile faded.  Through the small window on the door he could see a pair of crossed legs.  He knew his partner, Professor Jeremy Jones, was inside waiting for him and his 'important crisis.'  He took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

"About time, Gray," Jeremy said, uncrossing his legs and standing to meet his old friend. 

"My apologises," Gray replied, extending his hand and shaking Jeremy's.  Jeremy returned to his seat while Gray moved over to his desk, placing atop it a large unmarked box.

"So what's the big emergency that couldn't wait until tomorrow?" Jeremy asked, folding his hands in his lap, his dark eyes studying his old friend.

Gray's smile was unnerving.  Rather then answering, Gray made a gesture to his partner.  Jeremy rose and made his way to the desk.  "Go ahead," Gray said, sliding the box over to him.  "It's not going to bite."

Something about his tone made Jeremy look twice.  His voice was cold, gravely.  Very unlike Gray. 

Licking his lip, Jeremy opened the box.  Upon seeing the content he flew backwards, knocking the box off the desk.  His back hit the wall, his hand over his mouth in shock as the head of his lover tumbled onto the carpet.  His lover, and Gray's wife.

Gray's laugh broke Jeremy out of his thoughts.  He struggled to breathe as Gray advanced on him.  

"You didn't think that I'd ever find out, did you?" Gray accused, balling his hands into fists at his side.  Jeremy stuttered, frozen to the spot in terror.  He knew he had to move but he simply couldn't get his legs to co-operate with his brain.

Gray reached into his pocket, producing the revolver.  "Now, I'm sorry that it has to end like this, Jones.  But you know how things are."

Jeremy's body seemed to act on impulse, ducking as Gray pulled the trigger.  He charged at Gray, knocking him to the ground.

Seeing this as his chance to escape, Jeremy took off, sprinting down the hallway to the reception.  He swiped his ID card, but the doors didn't open.  He tried again.  Nothing.  He reached for the phone just as Gray entered the lobby.

"You can't get out that way," Gray said.  Jeremy jumped, dropping the phone and turning to face his foe.  Gray stood before him, still holding the revolver.

"Gray, I'm sorry.  It just happened.  Emma and I clicked.  I knew it was wrong and thought about breaking it off . . ." his voice trailed off, his eyes darting back and forth looking for an escape.

"But you didn't!"  Gray's voice bellowed throughout the empty lobby.

He raised his gun and Jeremy took off running in the direction of the laboratory that he shared with Gray.  It was closer then his office and if he could make it to the laboratory he could use the phone to call the police. 


Jeremy hit the tiled floor.  He felt the blood trickle down his back.  A sensation of cold swept over him.  He tried to stand, failing miserably.  He rolled over, breathing hard.

Gray stood above him, gun pointed at his chest.  "You should have known not to doubt me, Jones," Gray said, waving the revolver at his fallen prey.

Jeremy swallowed hard, his eyes refocusing on the mad man before him.  "Go ahead and shoot me," he said.  "Kill me!  Without Emma, my life isn't worth living."

Gray glared at him, his face twisted into a menacing smirk.  "Oh, I'm not going to kill you, Jones.  I have something much more exciting in store for you."

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  1. OMG this is sooooo good! Can't wait to read more